International Women’s Day

Writing by Imogen Woods // Photograph by Elodie Mosley

Today’s International Women’s Day, a day that’s been celebrated since the early 1900s and the theme this year is Make It Happen. Perhaps it would be far fetched to suggest you win two Nobel Prizes like physicist and chemist  Marie Curie, or write a revolutionary book like Alice Walker with the critically acclaimed novel The Colour Purple.  Or be the first woman in space like Valentina Tereshkova. But here are a few suggestions to celebrate International Women’s day inspired by some of my favorite women.

Write poetry on the back of envelopes like Emily Dickenson (1830-1886)

Emily Dickenson wrote nearly 1800 poems during her lifetime, which she mostly spent in seclusion, only corresponding with people through letters. Her unedited poetry only became available as late as 1955.  Use dashes to punctuate and themes of life, death and the limits of language to channel Dickenson vibes and check out Button Poetry for some more accessible feminist slams to inspire you.

Make Fanzines like punk queen Kathleen Hanna, pioneer of the 90s feminist punk movement Riot Grrrl and lead singer of the band Bikini Kill. She started doing spoken word before starting the band Bikini Kill and distributing small diy publications about the local grrrl punk scene. Make a mini magazine about your favorite girl band with collages, photos and drawings (the more DIY it looks the better). Then photocopy it and send it to your friends.

Binge watch Orange Is the New Black and wallow in awe of Trans* activist and incredible actress Laverne Cox.

She’s the first openly trans* person to nominated for an Emmy award in an acting category and the first to appear on the cover of TIME magazine. She’s also worked on the documentary FreeCece raising awareness of the persecution,oppression and epidemic of violence that trans women of color face.

Take Selfies like Cindy Sherman.

In her work she explores the representation of women in her famous series of Film Stills. Some of her photographs are among the most expensive ever sold. Use the self timer on your phone or camera and experiment with lighting, costume and props. Or paint yourself, like Frida Kahlo, a Mexican Surrealist painter who turned to painting after a traffic accident.

Dance in your underwear to Beyonce,

Someone who has sold over 75 million records worldwide, as well as winning 20 grammy awards, because what better way to celebrate women than with some body positive anthems from Queen B?

Who runs the world? I think it’s safe to say it’s us girls.

Imogen Woods

Imogen Woods is a 21-year-old photographer from Brighton in the UK. In her spare time she likes to dance to Beyonce in her underwear and goes on feminist rants. She runs a blog on mental illness, body positivity and feminism here. Take a look at her Flickr as well.

Elodie Mosely

Elodie Mosley is 16 years old and currently studying her third year of photography at high school. She fell in love with photography when her dad gave her her first camera at 13. Elodie likes to express an idea or mood through her photography. She want to make people feel a certain way when they look at her work, which you can see here.

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