City Lights

Writing by Eezu Tan // Photograph by Leah Pellegrini

City lights of artificial glow

Littered people dot and cover each street

A steel bridge that looms over the glistening harbour

With a stench of oil and urban heat

Starry nights that speckle the sky with illuminating white

In a trance that vanishes your worries away

In a moment that blesses your eyes and cheeks

Is the campfire sun warmth of night and day

Railway tracks, tall buildings and crowded cars

Jammed in a place of busy strangers’ lives

Of stories untold, uncovered, unfinished

Unlikely to meet and connect as one survives

In the bush with greenery that unites us all

To sounds of life and wilderness

With water that drowns and grinds

Our problems to flush away bitterness

So take me away

Into the wild that unites

To rid of man’s chaotic fights

To escape city lights.


Leah Pellegrini

Leah Pellegrini is a Brooklyn-based writer, photographer, and creative communications strategist. She is also an avid doodler, a devoted journal-keeper, an avocado toast aficionado, and a concrete jungle explorer. She believes in small beauties, the significance of serendipity, and the healing powers of a sunset and a mug of hot tea. You can follow her on her Instagram account @leahcpell or find more of her work on her blog called The Core Stories.

Eezu Tan

Eezu is a 15-year-old from Sydney. She absolutely loves cats, camembert cheese and chicken nuggets. She sees writing, theatre, dance, film and music as forms of expression. Hence, her poem “City Lights,” was drafted on the way back from a 5 day bush/canoeing camp along the Hawkesbury River.

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