Creating A Beautiful Instagram

Writing and Instagram photos by Thulasie Manoharan

I’ve always liked all things beautiful. Not even kidding. Even if we were going out to have lunch, I always make sure the surrounding looks as good as the food. I loved how pleasant and beautiful things made me feel, like my soul had been exposed to the pleasures of life. So I made it a point to try and make my photos aesthetically pleasing. Photographs to me were tools that help inspire the minds of many. Like it was once said, “Over and over, they prove that what is pleasing to the eye is uplifting to the spirit and that what is nourishing to the spirit, is what makes life worth living.” I’m really glad that Instagram has created a platform for photographers to share their images with millions out there, bringing like-minded people together.

My photos have been captured on an iPhone 5 and occasionally I’d use my Canon EOS 60D.

When I take these photos, I normally follow a simple guideline:

1. Lighting is everything. I usually try and make full use of the day light to ensure that my photos are not grainy. Having photos that are less grainy increases its quality and makes it look a lot more crisp and clean.

2. Try and set a mood. The main aim of an image or photo is to evoke feelings and convey messages. By setting a mood, you make the viewers feel a certain way. For an example, lately I’ve been taking photographs that exude a sort of moody, intimate, cozy vibe. Immediately this makes the viewers feel a sense of calm and tranquility.

3. Editing apps and filters are your best friend. I use VSCOcam to edit my photos and it works like magic. The A6 filter is my everyday go-to filter and I tweak my photos with a little contrasting, exposure, temperature, and vignette. The best thing to do if you’ve not figured out your personal style yet, is to play around with all the filters and editing tools, until you’re satisfied with one you deem is perfect.

4. Love the photos you take. A photo is never going to look good to you until you truly love it. The photos you take should please you before anyone else. Be bold with your personal style and flaunt it like it’s gold.

There’s always been the argument of portraying beautiful photographs and how it differs from reality. But when you to think of it, what is reality? I believe reality is just another sort of lens that the human race puts on to block out the magic around them. Like any other form of art, Instagram is also an artistic endeavor.

Paintings, tattoos, the way a person walks or even the way they write is a reflection of their personality. So taking a photo and personalizing it is just another form of art. Everything lies in perspective, so all we have to do is put on a rose tinted lens or a sparkly lens and bring out the magic in everything. It has not always been a bed of roses on Instagram.

There’s always been the ups and the downs, like everything else in life. First and foremost is the intense pressure to take perfect photos and to stand out from the rest. Most of the time I’d reach a point where it seemed like I’d crossed the line for hobby and made it a competition. Other days I have photographers block, because nothing I capture satisfies me or I simply don’t have the motivation to take photos. There’s also the dilemma of loosing followers or getting followers.

But it’s not always bad, because I’ve met some really great people on Instagram, been inspired, learned new things, and realized that the Instagram community is made up of really lovely people. And at the end of the day, it’s all about your photo, how it makes you feel and that you’re happy about it.


Thulasie Manoharan

Thulasie Bai Manoharan is a 19 year-old with a very old soul, who’s in love with all things beautiful and magical. She has a deep obsession of collecting words, quotes, phrases and paragraphs. Her favorite cities are Paris and New York, she’s a bibliophile and a cinephile (if that’s even a word), and she occasionally sings. She loves toast, tea, Sunday mornings and Pinterest. Someday she wishes to be on the cover of Forbes and Time, and also redecorate Oprah Winfrey’s home. You can check out Thulasie’s Instagram here.

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