MONTLY MANTRA: November 2015

Scientific evidence tells us that when we want to make a change in ourselves or the way we live our lives, it’s best to not take on too much at once. Instead of trying to improve your diet, be more patient, stop procrastinating, and love yourself all at once, it’s best to tackle one thing at a time. Similarly, in the practice of meditation, people find the most benefits when they have one “intention” for a session, be it joy, creativity, or productivity.

The Monthly Mantra intends to present you with ideas for simple ways to improve your quality of life. Some of them will be funny, some serious, some broad, some specific. See what resonates with you, and know that it’s all about the journey.

Mantra by Monika Forsberg Mantra by Monika Forsberg


Monika Forsberg

Monika Forsberg is an artist, writer, and mum. Find her on her website.

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