Hoping For Tomorrow

Writing by Theresa Prinz // Photograph by Olivia Dileo

Life is filled with fear and aggression

no one stands up for themselves,

no one shows passion

a Facebook filter is just not enough

in times like this – in times that get rough.

All of it is so perverted, seems like just a game

playing hide and seek trying

to guess given charades.

How long will we wait until we can feel safe?

How long will we cry and how long could it be

until there is a glimpse of light, until we’re able to see

that the hate we tolerate and that brings us down

will not change while we hide out or remain afraid.

Nations agree to disagree

no one knows a solution

but will

showing them what they showed us

be yet another desperate distribution?

I feel like sheep not knowing anything

feeling love hate curiosity at the same time

who am I to judge or discuss

we are left with little bits

from the media trying to guess the hints.


Theresa Prinz

Theresa Prinz grew up in Hamburg, Germany and is currently studying in the UK. She’s 19 years old and loves writing poetry, lyrics and music. Her dream is to reach people and trigger any kind of emotion with her lyrics and music. She is really passionate about any kind of art. She believes it is the only real way to express freedom and thoughts, and that only people who open up to it can understand its individual message. She also loves horseriding and generally loves all animals.

Olivia Dileo

Olivia Dileo is 17 and lives near Rome, Italy. She recently started to be fascinated by photography; she loves the fact that sentiments are stuck inside photographs. Check out her work here.

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