AMAZING BABE: Annika Victoria

Interview of Annika Victoria by Freya Bennett

Hey Annika, how are you?

Hello! I’m doing well! I spent the last week being terrified of something mysterious and wrong happening in my body, having doctors think that I was potentially going into heart failure and going into hospital, but I’m doing much better now (and I wasn’t going into heart failure, thank goodness!!!). It’s just one of the many ups and downs of having a chronic illness that affects my heart, unfortunately! I’m keeping my head up though, because I have to believe that everything will get better eventually.

Where do you call home?

Sydney, where I currently live, and the Blue Mountains which is where I grew up! Both feel like home to me, and I am so lucky to have two places where I feel at home!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m currently trying to get through a science degree majoring in molecular biology and microbiology (when my illness isn’t kicking my butt), and I also love love love sewing, and I spend as much of my spare time as possible making my own clothes! I also run a YouTube channel that shows people how to make clothes for themselves, and run a couple of sewing communities around that!

What is something you are passionate about?

Science and sewing. ūüėČ They’re equally my two major passions in life.

What do you love about being a woman?

That it is easy and culturally acceptable for me to love wearing dresses and colourful bright lipsticks and love sewing. And that no one is going to freak out or get suspicious if I ask to cuddle a stranger’s cute baby. Well, not as much as if I were a man asking to do the same thing.

What do you find difficult?

That people try and fit me into a box where I’m *just* that chick that likes fashion and sewing, and are surprised or taken aback when they find out I’m also super into science, critical thinking, and geeky things too. In some people’s minds, I can’t have a more complex personality than one which is stereotypically female. That’s frustrating.

Why is intersectional feminism important to you?

Intersectional feminism aims to eradicate not only gender inequalities but also things like disability, which is very important to me as a person living with a disability! Feminism is so important to me because it aims to give me a space where my voice can be heard, and where my contributions to the world are taken seriously.

If you could change the way the media depicts women, what would you change?

Most things! That there is one perfect body type we should all be trying to obtain.That women are mostly one-dimensional. That all women care about is looking good to please men. That the only valid women’s voices come from those that are young, white, attractive and able-bodied. At 23 I’m still unraveling who I am as a person, and who the media has told me to be all my life. The way the media depicts women and their relationships is seriously damaging. Bring on more shows and movies like The Force Awakens, Orange is the New Black, Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, etc!

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

The ability to control time. One of my favourite books growing up was this series called Molly Moon, which centered around this awesome character, Molly, an orphan who could freeze and travel in time. I’ve pretty much been obsessed with time travel ever since.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

I hope that I have been able to finish my university degree, be on stable medication, and that I’ve just bought my own house and have two dogs!

How do you go about achieving your goals?

I set small, realistic goals that have well-defined steps to achieving them, as a way to work towards much larger goals, so that I know what I actually need to do to achieve those bigger goals!

What would you say to 15-year-old Annika if you could talk to her?

You may not be cool now, but that’s okay– that weird stuff you’re into right now? That you get bullied for? That’s going to make you a MUCH more interesting adult. So don’t worry! It seems like forever away, but in 7-8 years time you’re actually going to have a whole bunch of people who look up to you and admire you for being unapologetically yourself. So keep doing you, girl!

What would you say to 40 year old Annika if you could talk to her?

Hey! You made it! I’m so proud of you! I hope you’re surrounded by dogs and people that love you and that you’re happy, and I also hope that you’ve learned SO much in these 17 years since you were 23!

Where do you go to relax?

The beach or swimming pool. Anywhere with water, really!

If you could describe yourself in only three words, what would they be?

Tenacious, stubborn, colourful.

Do you have any final words of advice for teens?

Similar to what I said to my 15-year-old self! If you like things that aren’t the same as what everyone else likes, keep being interested in them. Don’t change yourself for anybody. Keep being YOU. You’ll make a MUCH more interesting adult than someone who’s taught themselves to be apathetic in order to fit in. People who are really geeky and passionate about something are my favourite kind of people– even if it’s something I’m not personally into myself.

Sydney Scanlon

Sydney Scanlon is on a gap year before college in India with Global Citizen Year. Originally from Coral Gables, Florida, Sydney is a considerate thinker who mulls over the metaphysics of existence while reading Waiting for Godot and loves dancing to the beat at the local drum circle. She is a political activist who volunteers at music festivals to register voters. She is a part-time gelato scooper who investigates the economic logistics that will facilitate building additions to a church of mostly illegal immigrants on Calle Ocho and also negotiates the morass of legalities necessary for the permits. She is a sibling of five who goes from volleyball practice, to soccer practice, to yoga, to a game of pick up with neighbours in the street. She believes that informed, moral choices with the greater good in mind can shape a promising future. She wants to be part of that future. She intends to whole heartedly dive into India’s culture to begin to grasp its intricacies. Sydney will begin her Freshman Year at Amherst College in September. www.globalcitizenyear.org

Angy Abbruzzese

Visual Artist from Caracas, Venezuela. Graduate in Science in Communication and coordinator of cultural activities in Lugar Com√ļn Bookstore from 2013 to 2017. Through a variety of hand-drawn and digital techniques and inspired by my readings, I render banknotes into collage and GIF animations. Artwork selection is for sale in arteotates.com

Portfolio: recortaymueve.portfoliobox.net

Blog: recortaymueve.tumblr.com

Instagram: @recortaymueve

Facebook: @recortaymueve

Silvi Joseph

Silvi is from Mumbai, India and she is working hard at being a good human! She loves reading and music soothes her. Infinite in every direction and dares to be brave! You can find her on social media at @silvi_joseph


Miska is a 17 yo artist who works essentially on photography and collages. She is from Lille, France. Miska attaches importance to the idea of doing arty things full of sense. In real life, Miska is named Clara, and she is someone really open minded who takes chances and tests everything. She likes meeting people and to discuss the world; especially society and feminism. Miska sometimes writes articles for VraiesMeufs (www.vraiesmeufs.com) , a french blog which promotes feminism and cheers on a lot of girls projects. Miska discovered Ramona Magazine because she is really interested in this kind of medias which are really important for the feminism. Visit Miska on Intagram : @miska__________

Brooke van der Linden

Find Brooke van der Linden on Instagram @brooke_van and her website.


Ruby Jones

Ruby Jones is a feminist, musician and writer from Melbourne. She has toured the world as a vocalist and as a result probably owns a souvenir coffee mug from your hometown. When she’s not making mixtapes she can be found singing and playing tambourine in her band, volunteering at Girls Rock Melbourne or re-watching Twin Peaks. Find her over at @rubyjonesband. [Photo credit Lilli Waters]

Darcy Clifford

Annah Hughes

Annah Hughes is a UK-based freelance fashion photographer and art director. Follow her work on her Instagram. 

Liam Warton

Liam Warton (b. 1990) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Liam focuses his camera on things that affect him personally and mostly photographs family and friends. His work aims to question norm critique, identity and masculinity. Follow Liam @liamwartonphoto & liamwartonweddings.com.

Emma Jensen

Emma Jensen is an illustrator and sometimes comics maker.¬†She¬†likes ocean swimming, night driving and Sunday’s. Follow her @emmaleejensen.

Veronica Marks

Veronica Marks (they/them) is a non-binary freshman studying screenwriting at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. They write plays, poetry, prose, satire, songs, and screenplays about everything from LGBTQ+ rights to scooters. Their work has appeared in Scholastic’s Best Teen Writing of 2015, and they have performed original pieces at the U.N., the Pulitzer Center, Viacom, and for Lin-Manuel Miranda. You can find them on Instagram @marksveronica!

Emily Dynes

Emily Dynes is a writer and filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. Her screenwriting efforts have been featured in the Melbourne International Film Festival, St Kilda Film Festival & Byron Bay Film Festival where she was nominated for Young Australian Filmmaker 2016.
You can find more of her work here & here.

Dr Victoria Tedeschi

Dr Victoria Tedeschi is a sessional tutor of English, Theatre Studies and Historical Studies at the University of Melbourne and Deakin University, respectively.

Seth Lukas Hynes

Seth Lukas Hynes is a freelance writer and film critic from Badger Creek. He is the weekly film critic for the Mountain Views Mail newspaper, and is the author of Trans-Sentient, a self-published book of cyberpunk short stories.

Ellen Muller

Ellen Muller is a Melbourne-based publishing student who keeps a satirical literature blog called, Poe’s very attractive cousin, and volunteers at a zine shop called¬†Sticky Institute.

Tory Tedeschi

Cassandra White

Cassandra White is a Melbourne based writer and Taekwon-Do instructor.

Lula Bornhak

Lula is 19 years old and from Berlin. Her interests change almost weekly, which she finds kind of scary but is now slowly learning to appreciate. Right now she is obsessed with food, outer space and beauty in all its different forms. Other than that, she is fascinated about educating herself on basically everything.

Mauve Everest

Mauve Everest is an aspiring Creative director and writer currently living in Hong Kong. She aims to create strange but informative work that simply stirs others. You can contact her at mauvetheverest@gmail.com


Sunny Adcock

Sunny Adcock is a 17 year old blogger, writer, and Intersectional Feminist from Australia. You can read some of her booklovin’ and feminist ramblings over at http://www.asunnyspot.com.au.

Aurora Campbell

Helena Ravenne

Helena Ravenne (1992) is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Hamburg, Germany.¬†Currently, her work on ‘Female Empowerment’ is presented in an exhibition in Sydney.¬†The project originated from the personal desire to find female role models in illustration & design.¬†Over 25 brilliantly talented and strong women are at the¬†centre¬†of her exhibition.¬†Her work is available for sale in selected concept stores in Germany and her online shop.¬†

Follow Helena at the links below:

Kritika Singh Bisen

Kritika Singh Bisen is from India, she is 19 years old and currently undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. She loves reading Sylvia Plath and believes poetry is a power that which comes very naturally to her. She Intends to one day become a travel journalist.

Instagram: @kritikasinghbisen


The Ramonas


Nadia Bautista

Nadia Bautista a.k.a Miss Complejo is a photographer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She portrays the female body in the most natural way, giving beauty to every part of it. Owner of an extreme softness and a strong look, “Miss Complejo” keeps a finesse that has stood out since she began to photograph 6 years ago. “I can find beauty in all kind of bodies” has been her premise, and holds it.

Adrienne Grey

Adrienne was born and raised in New York and is now on a journey to discover her truth in Los Angeles. She’s vegan most days, and secretly longs for a slice of NY pizza. Her heart is in the stars, uplifting the feminine, and storytelling. Check out her blog at: thatsdivineblog.wordpress.com

Tahlia Celenn

Melani Violet

Naila Karim

Naila is a nineteen year old University student who’s life basically consists of coffee, writing and Netflix; she LOVES horror and independent indie films. Naila lives in London, England and she started writing at an early age and used current social issues as inspiration. She considers herself a feminist, and her role models include Emma Watson and Rowan Blanchard.

Jaye Cranny

Find Jaye on Instagram and Etsy.

Aitor Frias & Cecilia Jimenez

Aitor Frias & Cecilia Jimenez (both born in 1985) are a Spanish duo of visual artists and photographers based in Granada, Spain. Their work constantly explores the collective imaginary, the memory that dwells in the subconscious of all of us.

Marta Braggio

Marta Braggio is a photographer and art curator from Vicenza (Italy). She loves art, patterned skirts, colours, and her big dogs Aika and Maya. You can find her on Instagram @martabraggio

Thea Pettifer

Naila Karim

Naila is a nineteen year old University student whose life consists of coffee, writing and Netflix. She LOVES horror and independent indie films. She lives in London and started writing at an early age, using social issues as inspiration. She considers herself a feminist, and her role models include Emma Watson and Rowan Blanchard. Her hair is jet black but she’s never dyed it.

Jane Rebecca Schwartz

Jane Rebecca Schwartz is a freelance artist, copywriter and marketing strategist in Chicago. Her artwork is a combination of photography and digital illustration. She’d love to make art all day long. She also loves reading, exploring and candy. Contact her at janeRschwartz@gmail.com and please note the R.

Solange Avena

Solange Avena is an Argentinian photographer raised in a matriarchal family, which has set her interest in women as the main characters on her photography. She studied in Escuela de fotograf√≠a Motivarte and attended several workshops regarding film direction, arts and performance. She participated in the collective photographic exhibition of domestic violence at the Museo de las Mujeres in Costa Rica, 2012. Festival de Fotograf√≠a Nano, a tribute to Grete Ster and Garry Winogrand (2014-2016) She exhibited her documental proyect ‚ÄúSOBRE-VIVENCIAS‚ÄĚ about Marie Curie Oncological Hospital‚Äôs patients, 2016. Her work has been published in Kwerfeldein Magazine Alemania, LAAAO Magazine Colombia, Trattoria della Poes√≠a Editorial Italia, among others.

Genny Gadd

Genny Gadd is a 21-year-old artist from Melbourne. Find her work on Instagram and Facebook.

Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts

Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts’ work examines social issues of mental illness and the suffering of women, using emotion as the motor for her practice. She currently lives and works in Mparntwe/Alice Springs and has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work We are more than the division of cells, 2017, interrogates the morals around valuing a foetus over a living, breathing, fully-formed human being, i.e. a woman.

Lily Amos

Lily is a 19 year old from Melbourne with a love of life and cream cheese icing.

Natalie Harman

Natalie was once described as an editor, writer, and reader implicitly tangled
through the process of publication, reinventing and redefining what they embody. You can
get to know her better by sending her a few of her favourite things‚ÄĒpictures of hedgehogs,
knitting patterns, and fan mail‚ÄĒvia neh_@live.com

Alexey Green

Find Alexey’s photographs on Instagram and Flickr.

Bryce Mills

Originally from Los Angeles, Bryce moved to Glasgow to get her masters and pursue her career in journalism. When she’s not writing, you can find her trying to pet stranger’s dogs in the street, playing board games, or perpetually hunting for a bottle of cheap wine that doesn’t taste awful.

You can follow Bryce on Instagram @babyytrainwreck and twitter @thebrycekmills

Giulia Nicosia

Giulia Nicosia is a passionate 50% Sicilian and 50% Maltese girl who is in love ‚Äď and always excited ‚Äď with everything and anything in life. She enjoys observing and documenting the outstanding craziness of ¬†the world and people around her through art, whether it¬īs through drawing, photography, writing, performing or anything else. Currently based in Scotland but on her way back to Malta very soon to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Communication Studies.

Paolo Barretta

Paolo Barretta is a 23 year old Italian photographer based in Bologna. He grew up close to the sea trying to understand who he was until it became a relevant part of him. That’s why ‘I am Winter’ is his pseudonym: because of the coldness he used to feel on the skin looking at it for covering the thoughts. He’s the kind of person who’s looking for a way and it doesn’t matter where it could take him, because the only reason he cares is about the gradient. Follow Paolo on Instagram @iamwinter

Manasvi Chauhan

Manasvi is a mass communication student who reads, writes and pets cats for a living. Planning to pursue a career in filmmaking, she’s currently working on her debut short film. She likes pandas, Sylvia Plath and chocolate. You can follow her at @theinfatuatedpanda.


Lily is a 19 year old from Melbourne with a love of life and cream cheese icing.

Audrey Morrison

Audrey Morrison is a freelance writer, media critic, and self-taught Victorianist.

Lara Ozansoy

Ethel Nalule

Astrid Hickey

Astrid is a 16-year-old Melbournian who one day hopes to be a diplomat and travel the world but for now she is stuck at high school and otherwise passes the time by reading, cooking and expressing her feminist rage.

Maria Dunne

Maria Dunne is young Melbourne-based writer who has written for Northsider and The Big Issue.

Olivia Ferrucci

Olivia Ferrucci is a 16-year-old writer and editor based in New Jersey. When she isn’t working on her craft, she can frequently be found baking, listening to The Weeknd, and working on her own publication, Lithium Magazine. You can keep up with Olivia on Instagram.

Cecilia Nguyen

Cecilia Nguyen is a 16 year old who lives in Virginia. She loves writing, photography, cinematography, learning, and much more. Cecilia constantly strives to be the best and most authentic person she can be. You can follow her everyday life on Instagram here: @doublec03 and her photography here: @cecilia.newgian


Wen Hsiao

Wen Hsiao is a writer from Taipei, Taiwan. She spent the most part of her life moving around Asia. She enjoys cheesy love stories, angry breakup songs, and big bowls of instant noodles in bed. Wen hopes to publish her own collection of love stories and have a newspaper column one day. You can find her on Tumblr or on Twitter.

Valentine Angot

Valentine is a French artist, who currently lives in Berlin. She began to draw as a child, but developed her own style after she left the high school.
In 2016, she made her first artistic project around femininity and the body of women. The project calls “Une existence √©ph√©m√®re” (A fleeting existence) and mixes drawings, paintings, photographs and texts.¬†
In 2017, she continues exploring the femininity through the art and will organize her first exhibition (Metamorphosis) in Berlin in July. 
You can follow her on instagram @valango_

Emily Gray

Eloise Skeet


Freelance writer, doctor and wife hoping to make ‘wise¬†and fit’ the new ‘pretty’.

Eliza Quinn

Eliza is a performer, writer and general maker-of- things from Melbourne. She graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Performing Arts in 2015 and has since gone on to travel and work in the Melbourne arts community. She wants to change the world through art and magic, and when she isn’t doing that, she is usually patting other people’s dogs. You can follow her on Instagram here.

Aishwarya Shrivastav

Aishwarya Shrivastav currently pursuing History hons from University of Delhi began writing poetry as a form of diary entry. She strongly believes in the revolutionary power of words and is a strong advocate of free hugs and free food. Bad at goodbyes and math.

Alice Fairweather

Alice Fairweather is a slightly sassy Scorpio who loves cats, comfy jumpers, and cheese. She is currently living in the ‚Äėburbs of Brunswick, studying media & film full time, while struggling to be a real adult part-time. Alice divides her attention between annoying her friends with pointless BuzzFeed quizzes, and consuming far too many TV shows on Netflix. She hopes to one day create meaningful art, while taking life advice from her mum, Lena Dunham, and Clueless.

Olivia Wischmeyer

Olivia Wischmeyer is an artist from Denver, Colorado. Get in touch!

Paige Mathis

Paige is a writer and¬†soon-to-be Music Journalism graduate, from Oxford, with a passion for literature, folk music and animals. She has an avid interest in fantasy and adventures, and when she’s not writing and doodling in her forest-like room, She loves listening to the rain and watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Aimee Green

Aimée Green is the Graphic Designer and Illustrator of Ramona Magazine for Girls. From New Zealand, and currently based in the sleepy surfing town of Raglan, Aimée works as a freelance visual artist. In May 2017 she graduated a Massey Scholar with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Photography, with First Class Honors. Aimée like swimmings in salt-water, reading her horoscope, and freshly squeezed orange juice (with pulp). Find her work at aimeegreen.co.nz

Sinead Simpkins

Spirit Bunny

Ellis Graham

Ellis Graham was born in Scotland, and is proud to call Australia home. She currently resides in Melbourne, which is fortunate because it means she can afford to indulge her caffeine addiction in some exquisite laneway cafes. Ellis is also a thespian who loves theatre in all its forms, and likes impress (read: bore) her friends by reciting Hamlet at inconvenient times. You can follow her on twitter at @Ellis__Graham.

Tara Presnell

Chanel Retief

Chanel J Retief is a 22 years old student studying journalism, media and an English degree at one of South Africa’s top Journalism schools, Rhodes University. She is an aspiring author and her passion lies deeply in writing.
Chanel is the editor-in-chief at her university’s leading student press.
Follow Chanel on Instagram @chanel.coco12

Ramona Langner

Ramona is a 29-year-old natural light photographer located in Augsburg, Germany. At the age of eleven she already took her mom’s camera and went out to explore the world. Ramona’s first picture that didn’t turn out blurred was a power line with birds on it.
A couple of years later she started to work as a freelance photographer for the local newspaper in her hometown. Ever since then Ramona’s passion became obsession. Documenting everyday life and capturing memories is more than just a job to her. Ramona’s mission in life is to inspire people to see beauty in the little things.
Check out her work on www.polaroidlover.blogspot.de or follow me on instagram.com/ralaphoto

Hannah Forsdike

Hannah is a writer currently living in Melbourne. She enjoys art, reading, feminism, red wine and aesthetic instagram feeds (@hannahtf_).

Zadie McCracken

Zadie McCracken is a fifteen-year-old writer who currently resides in Melbourne and attends high school there.

Raised by artists, and named after a writer, she has always had a deep passion for the arts, and from a  young age wanted to be a writer. In 2009, Zadie won The Young Author’s Award for her school, and in 2016 she was shortlisted for the Somerset National Novella Writing Competition, the youngest of the finalists.

As well as writing, Zadie enjoys reading, watching films and TV shows, listening to music, swimming and spending time with friends. She values independence, is passionately interested in human rights and loves having fun. She can usually be found doodling in her margins at school, scribbling ideas into her hand, hanging out with friends, or working on some new project in her room, under multi-coloured fairy lights.

You can follow Zadie on Instagram @simply.z

Brydie Nielson

Brydie Nielson is great at many things, but she is not great at writing her own ‚Äėbrief bio’. After a long consultation with her friends, she decided to go with this: when she‚Äôs not working in rabbit warrens or speaking in tongues, Brydie likes to drink wine out of coffee mugs and wear minimal clothing.

Morgan Amonett

Morgan is a sixteen-year-old writer currently living in Ohio, though she longs to someday hide in the mountains. When she isn’t reading the newspaper or drinking tea (which is all the time), she can be found writing, reading D.H. Lawrence novels, or pretending to do yoga. She is also on staff as a writer for Unfurled Magazine and Rose Water Magazine. She loves complicated beauty, but also has a great appreciation for the crudest elements of life. Indicative of this are her two favorite movies: Mullholland Drive and Norbit. She wholeheartedly recommends them both.

Maite Díez

Maite Díez is an digital illustrator. Find her work on her website.

Bàrbara Alca

B√†rbara Alca (Spain, 1990) is a graphic designer, comic artist and illustrator. She’s exhibited in different cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Miami and London. The main topics in her illustrations are the millenial generation, women and internet, with a naive and self taught technique.

Viv Mah

Viv Mah is the Social Media Director of Ramona Magazine for Girls. She is an RMIT journalism graduate who’s written for the Business Spectator, Canberra Times, Express Media and Movie Mezzanine among others. Viv has¬†dabbled in literary agent-ing, theatre-interning, and product copywriting, but these days works as a financial communications assistant in the CBD. In her spare time, she loves practicing pilates, experimenting in the kitchen, circus arts and practicing self-love .

Elena Mitchell

A young Melbourne grown thinker, Elena cares about sustainability and growing people into contributors to the greater good. Currently working as an Au Pair in Stockholm she spends her day baking, playing with tiny humans, writing and exploring the city. Elena hopes to motivate the newest generation to live a busy, spontaneous and cohesive life.

Kim Hitchcock

Kim Hitchcock is a freelance writer and art curator. He loves writing about art and sport. Art interests include theatre, art exhibitions and concerts. He will watch and write about just about any sport. A recent graduate from the Master of Art Curatorship program at the University of Melbourne., his thesis was on Michelangelo’s sculptures for Pope Julius II’s tomb, looking at the display and reception of the sculptures. He also loves travel and lived overseas as a child in the Philippines and Kenya.

Jordan Thompson

Jordan Thompson is an 18-year-old photography student from Virginia, USA, interested in mixing fashion photography with fine art and surrealism. Find her photos on Flickr.

Melissa Barendsen

Melissa is a student at the Australian Institute of Music with a passion for music and writing. She has a BA in Professional and Creative Writing and Literature and creates latte art for ingrates to make ends meet while studying. She also loves to travel however Barista-ing doesn’t pay enough to indulge this interest often.

Paige Lambert

In an attempt to be a functioning human with some degree of subjective success, Paige (soda.) creates art using almost anything she can get her hands on. Believing that maybe the world will be nicer as long as its filled with beautiful and diverse things, she goes about trying to achieve this in the only way she knows how; creatively. Paige welcomes hugs and practically survives off pesto-drenched pasta. She also has a very important cat called Maxi.

Amanda Finlayson Park

Amanda is a Scottish-based freelance journalist with a keen interest in human and animal rights. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her feeding her true crime obsession, dancing to tunes from every decade, or spending money she doesn’t have on travelling. She tries to live by these words, “anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing!” You can follow her on Instagram @lotusflow3r88

Amanda Attanayake

Amanda Attanayake is an Editor of The Ramona Collective at Ramona Magazine for Girls. She lives in Melbourne in the leafy northern suburbs with her parents. Amanda has two amazing older sisters who are her idols, and a fabulous girl gang with whom she can knit, chat and be silly. Her body composition is probably 90% tea and 5% thoughts on Harry Potter. She loves listening to Radiohead on the tram and The Bugle at night. She is currently studying to be a physiotherapist and later hopes to travel the world and teach English overseas.

Harriet Donovan

Harriet is a self taught portrait photographer who uses film. She is currently based in the UK but will be in New Zealand from May onwards. Her photographs develop with her and contain many of her own traits, such as being raw and aloof, she likes to play with the possibilities of film by using double exposures and coloured filters.

Joy Etukudo

Joy Etukudo who also goes by the artist name Arit Emmanuela is a Nigerian American writer, filmmaker, and photographer. She is a portrait artist that bases her work on the concept of identity and the idea of self. She recently received a Bachelor in Cinematic Arts and a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She plans on expanding her work throughout all the branches of art in order to reach a broad audience.

Ayelen Lujan

Ayelén is 23 years old, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is five subjects away from being licensed in advertising and is already working at an advertising agency. She is also a dancer and teacher. In her free time she loves to draw, listen to music and create imaginary choreographies in her mind. You can follow her on Instagram @heylen.draw

Olivia Hart

Olivia Hart is the Creative Writing Editor of Ramona Magazine for Girls. She is a Melbournian by locale but hails from sunny North Queensland. Olivia has a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing and Film Theory and hopes to combine the two and become a film-making novelist someday soon.

Romi Endelmanis

Romi is a writer and lover of animals (especially her baby-dog Kasta). She lives in Tasmania and sometimes forgets to put pen to paper for long minutes because the wind dancing through the trees can become too beautiful to ignore. When she isn’t writing, Romi likes to curate her bookshelves, take her dog for walks, and make things out of watch parts. You can find her on Instagram (@wheretheromi & @wherethecollage) where, even if she is private, she enjoys letting people into her world.

Lachean Humphreys

Lachean is a Melbourne-based writer and magazine editor. She’s a University of Melbourne alumni who spent a year researching and writing about the ethics of book censorship, although her day-to-day ethics jam is around food and animal ethics. She contributes to travel magazines like Jetstar, likes to drink three+ varieties of tea a day, is a sporadic yoga enthusiast and an always advocate of GRL PWR, and spends the rest of her time explaining her name (it’s pronounced lock-een).¬†Follow her travels, food¬†tastings and book recommendations on Instagram @lacheanh.

Richa Gupta

Richa Gupta is an Editor of The Ramona Collective at Ramona Magazine for Girls, and a teen poet and blogger. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine, an international literary magazine. Her poetry and essays have appeared in Literary Orphans, The Missing Slate, New Plains Review, and Poetry Quarterly, among others. She is a blog contributor with The Huffington Post and a youth blogger with Voices of Youth. Richa was born in 1999 and resides in Bangalore, India.

Freya Madders

Freya is a 19 year old student from Melbourne, who studies science. She loves hanging out with her friends, her two older brothers and cat, Zippo. She also enjoys anything ‘Summery’ – the beach, the sun, swimming. Freya dreams of travelling to many places and is hoping one day¬†to move to Brooklyn, New York.

Franz Lang

Franz Lang is an Italian illustrator.  After successfully completing a BA in Fine Arts at the Academy of Venice, she moved to London (UK) where she now lives and works surrounded by plants. You can check out her website here.

Arielle Jennings

Arielle Jennings is a Brooklyn-based art educator and 2014 RISD Illustration alumna. When not creating intersectional feminist artwork and diverse children’s book illustrations, she can be seen baking chocolate bourbon pecan pies or binge-watching crime shows on Hulu. Her favorite color is blue and she has a love for scarves. Her artwork can be seen on her website and her Instagram/Twitter handle is @arimjenn.

Mabel Windred-Wornes

Mabel Windred-Wornes is a 17 year old girl living in a humble shack with her family in Melbourne, Australia. She loves taking photographs of her sister and friends, often in nature.  She loves drawing, stream of consciousness writing in the dark whilst listening to moody music and writing songs in her bedroom about the experience of being a teenage girl Рlovesick, bursting with emotion, confused and yet intrigued. She has a folk duo with her sister called Charm of Finches and gigs around the country dragging along a rambunctious family of five. www.charmoffinchesband.com

Ferris Knight

Ferris Knight is a Melbourne-based writer who occasionally puts some sentences together but mostly just drinks too much caffeine.

Monyca Piter

Monyca Piter is almost not a teenager, but desperately avoiding being called an adult. As an aspiring writer and journalist, she studies journalism and creative writing in England. Blogger, (time) traveller, model, daughter and a dog person. Tea lover and coffee addict trying to find the best way to live, not just exist. Pierced and inked, fluent speaker in 3 languages. You can find more of her creative work at her blog – www.make-it-to-the-top.blogspot.co.uk

Olivia Ireland

Olivia‚Äďor Liv as she goes by‚Äďis a lost student attempting to “find herself” through studies and travel. In her spare time she invests diligently in creating trashy Instagram posts, running around Lake Burley Griffin and writing controversial articles for the pure joy of finding people to argue with.

Aisling Grey

Aisling is a teaching student in Melbourne, with a background in Indigenous and Gender studies. She loves tea, dogs, books, and music ‚Äď playing, writing, listening to and watching live. She wants to leave the world a bit better than she found it, through creating supportive and inclusive communities and pushing for change ‚Äď and she thinks Ramona can be a massive part of that.

Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen is a 23-year-old working in the event and tech industry in Boston. She is a McGill University alum, HGTV-addict, and avid tea drinker who goes on random painting sprees in her free time.

Sophie Rose

A girl trying to make her way in this crazy world (currently Toronto). Her heart is split amongst the lovely people who’ve allowed her into their lives. She’s writing a book about them, and this. If you want to be a part of it, email info@ramonamag.com about this piece and they’ll help get you in touch.


Lais Azevedo

Lais Azevedo is a 24 year old Brazilian, addicted to coffee, sunny days, and photography.
You can follow Lais on Instagram: @laazevedo, check out her Facebook and her Website!

Savannah Alvarado

Savannah Alvarado is a 15-year-old artist who first began seriously writing after discovering spoken word a few years back. Since then, poetry has become a way for her to cope with mental illness and, really, a way of life. She has branched out and draws inspiration from everything she can in life. Her biggest goals are to be authentic, and to always write the stories that need to be written, even when they may be difficult.

Lais Azevedo

Alex Andrews

Alex is a Melbourne based feminist, truth teller and Founder of Get Hairy February. Before Get Hairy February, she worked for various social enterprises where she cultivated a passion for disruptive and innovative change making. Alex believes that to achieve gender equality we must we change the hearts and minds of individuals Рand that is exactly what she has set out to do. When she isn’t devising new ways of undermining the patriarchy, you’ll find her performing downward dog, hanging out with her cat Eddy or reading any piece of feminist literature she can get her hands on.

Jaz Yates

Jaz Yates is a 18-year-old Band Manager and Entertainment Management student based in Melbourne Australia. With a passion for music, exploring and experiencing what life has to offer, you might just see her contributing to one or two different music and life themed pieces for us here at Ramona. You can follow Jaz on Instagram @jazwithtea

Isadora J

Isadora J is a photographer. You can find her work on Flickr and Instagram.

Molly Costello

Molly Costello is a food-grower and community-minded artist based out of Chicago. Through her work she explores concepts of connectedness; with our whole selves, each other, our communities, the natural world, and the divinity of the universe at large. Visit her website, Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook.

Georgie Zuzek

Georgie is a Melbourne based illustrator with a penchant for the cute, and strives for a gentle, calm and inclusive style. Ever the optimist and inspired by the sweeter side of life, when not drawing she can be found concocting a mad scientist dessert or being carried by the scents wafting on the breeze at local markets. Barring all that, most likely hunting for buried treasure in Op Shops, and licking the windows of art supply stores.
Follow Georgie on Instagram and Facebook @TeawithGeorgie, or find her work at www.TeawithGeorgie.com


Rue is an avid contemplator of the universe and writer of many forms. Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, she has recently taken an airplane halfway across the world to study English literature and creative writing at the University of Brighton. When she grows up she hopes to become Allen Ginsberg. Maybe minus the beard. For the occasional clever, but sad one-lined poem you can follow her on Instagram: @ruethename.

Edith Isabel

Grace Jarvis

Grace Jarvis is a first year university student in the throes of an arts degree based existential crisis. She was the recipient of the Queensland Theatre Company’s Young Playwright’s Award in 2015 and feels she needs to mention it constantly as it’s the most impressive thing she’s ever done. You can find her mucking around on twitter @grace4jarvis.

Gretel M√ľller

Gretel M√ľller is a 29-year-old journalist and copywriter from Argentina, born and raised in Patagonia and now based in Buenos Aires, where she started a career in Social Studies. Ever since her high-school years, she’s been a passionate advocate for equality and women’s rights, having written in several newspapers, sites and blogs on both political and social issues. Gretel is also part of an Academic Research team about popular culture, gender and fan studies. She chooses her bike over any other mean of transportation and loves strawberry mint ice cream. You can follow Gretel on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: @gret_m

Raisa McLean

Raisa is a 16-year-old INTP from Melbourne, Australia. She loves finding beauty in little things like the afternoon sun walking home on a school afternoon as well as editing film, Lana Del Rey, Myers‚ÄďBriggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types and photography.

Anya Trybala

Anya Trybala, also known as Ninoosh is the founder behind Synth Babe Records. You can pre-order the latest SBR compilation launching NYE on Bandcamp – and it will be available on all digital platforms!

Anne Six

Anne is an 18-year-old student from Melbourne, Australia. She is currently studying an arts degree, and hopes to continue down the path of gender studies and sexology. Her first poetry collection is scheduled for publishing in 2017, and centres around gender relations and sexuality. Through her writing, she hopes to promote self-love and expression, and encourage others to disregard the social constraints of the patriarchal system. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her puppy, or shopping to expand her already overflowing make-up collection. Follow her on instagram: @anne.six

Andy Hazel

Andy Hazel is a Melbourne-based writer, musician and podcaster. He once worked at a seal sanctuary in Scotland, fell over when he met Bjork, was a roadie for Kathleen Hanna and got hung up on by Kim Deal. Now he works at the Saturday Paper.

Katie Kuo

Katie Kuo is a fashion graduate with a love of cats, thrift shopping and ethical awareness. Her favourite flower is a sunflower, because of the happiness and light it radiates as a reminder to stay positive in life. She is a dreamer, blogger and a creative cookie who lives in the city, but is a country girl at heart.  Check out her blog. And her Instagram.

Sarah Margaret

Sarah is a modern day pinup from Australia. Combining a love of vintage fashion with a modern cruelty free lifestyle.

Syd Hill

Find Syd Hill on Flickr.

Pauline Vercaza

Pauline Vercaza is a 17-year-old communication student and an aspiring writer. Apparently, she’s still in a trance of lucid sleepwalking; no one has yet figured out how to wake her up.

Magic Steven

Magic¬†Steven¬†is a Melbourne-based artist whose performances have been alternately described as autobiographical storytelling, deadpan comedy, guided meditation and long-form beat poetry. He has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Melbourne Fringe Festival, White Night, Liquid Architecture, the Inland Concert Series, Blindside Festival and MONA’s ‘Dark Mofo’ festival in Tasmania. Internationally he did some shows in Moscow, Berlin and London.

He is also a visual artist, creating black and white ink drawings which some people describe as ‘comics’ or ‘cartoons’.




Irena Munteanu

Irina Munteanu

Lola Dunham

Keep up with Lola’s artwork¬†on¬†Flickr, Instagram, and her website.

Polina Podobedova

You can find¬†Polina’s photographs on Flickr.

Rose Richards

Rose Richards is a photographer from Portugal. Visit her website.

Nahomy Ortiz

Nahomy (nah-eo-me) is a 17-year-old Puerto Rican feminist. One day she had a bad grade in Algebra, her mother took her smartphone away and in that period of time, without distractions, she discovered her love for writing. When she’s not writing she can be found listening to Hamilton, reading or watching Tavi Gevinson and Malala Yousafzai videos.

Toni Antonia

Katerina Shamilova

Katerina Shamilova is a 27-year-old photographer living in Moscow. Follower her work on her website and Facebook.

Peri Ewin

Peri Ewin is a photography student based in Brisbane, Australia. Focusing on shooting within the social documentary realm, Peri photographs current social issues through the storytelling of other people’s experiences in both honest and raw ways.¬†Follow Peri on Instagram @bernardthebull, Tumblr, and at periewin.com.

Maddie Langley

Maddison is a passionate feminist who lives in regional New South Wales and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) at university. When she’s not busy running on the field for soccer and netball, she can be found curled up reading a book, or watching absurdly interesting documentaries. A lover of all things Salt N Pepa and 80’s pop hits, Maddie is never far from imparting 80’s pop lyrics into everyday life, much to the disdain of friends and family.

Lillian Gutteridge

Lillian is a would-be writer, photographer, world-traveller, and professional cat-cuddler, currently in high school. She loves pretty things and would quite like to live in a little cottage in the Scottish highlands. Or maybe by the sea in Denmark‚Ķ Or in a library in Prague… She hasn‚Äôt quite decided yet. Her favourite things in the world are her family and friends. Follow Lillian on¬†Tumblr.

Isabella Roxburgh

Isabella Roxburgh is the Sub-Editor of Ramona Magazine for Girls and a Melbourne-based feminist with a BA(Hons) in Sociology. She has published a course unit for high school students on gender identity and expression, developed training programs on the Rule of Law and gender bias, and is currently helping out at The Fabric Social as a grant-writer and fundraiser.

Quincy Malesovas

Quincy is a US native but an Australian at heart with a penchant for all things culture- sub, pop, alt, you name it. She wears many hats, one of which is blogger at Shugurcan and creator of FRINGE– a zine highlighting food, fashion, art and culture. You can read her musings on her aforementioned website, or catch her on Twitty and Insta.

Sophie Law

Sophie Law is a 22-year-old Scottish student living in Glasgow. She has an MA in International Relations and Sociology and is currently studying for her masters in Journalism. Her creativity spans from writing to art to fashion and she specialises in spending most of her time in charity and vintage shops feeding her addiction to lovely clothes. She hopes to always be creative in her future career and aims to travel to a new place every year. You can keep up with her life on Instagram and Twitter.

Sara Facchini

Sara Facchini is a photographer from Italy. Keep up with her work on Flickr and Facebook.

Alessandra Calò

Alessandra Calò was born in 1977, and now lives and works in Reggio Emilia, Italy. She independently developed her passion for art, starting with an emphasis on photography and moving towards an experimentation with materials and the creation of installations. Her projects have been shown in Italy, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, as well in international art festivals, galleries, and magazines. She has been awarded contemporary art prizes for her works, such as Fotografia Europea, Combat Prize, and O.R.A. Prize. Connect with Alessandra on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Leigh Baird

Leigh is a 17-year-old high school student with a passion for amateur photography and writing (and who is probably secretly a grandma).

Lucy Haley

Lucy is a 16-year-old coffee addicted student who has a passion for writing and helping others. Her favourite subjects at school are psychology, English and history and she is hoping to one day find a career involving journalism and psychology. In her spare time you‚Äôll find her on the yoga mat or dreaming about travel and all the wonderful things in store for the future. Lucy’s dream is to inspire women and girls to be able to find peace and acceptance within themselves and not feel so self-conscious in their own bodies. She wholeheartedly believes everyone is beautiful in their own individual way and that everyone deserves the best chance at living a happy, healthy life.

Milly Cope

Carly Findlay

Carly Findlay is an award winning writer, speaker and appearance activist. She challenges people’s thinking about what it’s like to have a visibly different appearance. She’s written for many publications including The Guardian, Daily Life, The ABC, Mamamia, Frankie magazine and SBS. Carly was named as one of Australia’s most influential women in the Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards for 2014.

Read her blog and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


Alisi Falevai

Alisi is a 23-year-old science student from Melbourne who has a lot of thoughts and feelings. In her quest to become a professional student, she hopes to take on a Graduate Diploma in Journalism next year after she finishes her Masters degree in Biotechnology. When she isn’t procrastinating or pretending to study, she can often be found at her blog, feeling feels and thinking thoughts. Follow her Tumblr.

Lexi Lawrence

Lexi Lawrence is a 16-year-old writer and online content creator from London. She is known for her blog www.lexilikes.com , where she writes about fashion, culture, travel, social issues and her life. She loves art and photography, watches far too much TV due to her fascination with film, and is obsessed with travelling to new places. Keep up with her work and adventures on Twitter and Instagram via @lexilikesblog.

Erin Cookson

Katherine Hannah

Katharine Hannah is a 19 year old, self-taught artist from the Chicagoland area currently in her second year at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. See her Flickr for more photographs.

Elise Braun

Elise Braun is a Melbourne-based feminist, postgraduate student, health researcher, and writer. She dabbles in painting, photography, sewing, and cooking.

Twitter: @EliseRBraun

Lily McMillan-Merahi

Lily is 15-year-old and is currently attending Little Yarra Steiner School. She has a strong passion for acting, creative writing and can be found at your local Vietnamese restaurant listening to 90s hip hop. Follow her on Instagram @lily_mcmillaan.

Abby Siegel

Abby Siegel is a student from Los Angeles, California. When she isn’t studying Latin, she is writing poetry and stories under her pen name A. Siegelster. You can find her other works at patreon.com/asiegelster and¬†asiegelster.webs.com.

Lauren Marek

Rachel Madin

Ani Malguina

Julia D

Bronte Reilly

Eliza Janssen

Eliza Janssen is an Arts student at the University of Melbourne, completing a major in Creative Writing. She was published in Voiceworks Magazine as the winner of the John Marsden Young Writer of The Year in 2012. She likes Cat Stevens, potatoes in any form, and film. She dislikes writing about herself in the third person.

Madelyn Winter

Fe Mitikafe

Fe Mitikafe is a 21-year-old photographer from Italy. Find her works on Flickr and Instagram @mitikafe.

Paula Celie

Emily Clements

Emily Clements is an all-round word wrangler and occasional colour smudger living in Footscray. She won the Melbourne Young Writers Award in 2014 and was recently shortlisted for the Scribe Nonfiction Prize. She tweets and does the Instagram thing @Emily_Clementsy

Lucía Pereyra

Lucía Pereyra is a photographer from Uruguay. View her photographs on Flickr.

Margarida Eloy

Margarida Eloy is a 23 year old female artist from Portugal. Studied Audio Visuals in high school and completed a Bachelor Degree in Photography and Visual Culture. Along the way she created an illustration brand called “Ahoy Sailors” and has done some collective exhibitions of her illustration and photography work. Currently works as an independent illustrator and also as a photographer, while finishing a Masters degree in Curatorship. Check out the Ahoy Sailors website and store.

Alma Lo

Alma Lo is a photographer from Taiwan. See her photos on Flickr.

Kim Koelmeyer

Kim is a 20-year-old Australian Arts (Journalism) /Law student and writer, currently based in Shanghai, China. She likes things to the point of obsession, from anime to musical theatre to video games, and spends most of her time on the internet. She writes to clear her head of all the thoughts bouncing around up there.

Selma Wo

Selma Wo is a student and freelance photographer based in Washington DC. When she’s not wandering around the city visiting museums and art galleries with friends, you can find her with her camera or a good book. Follow her on Instagram @selma.wo and check out her website.

Elena Robustelli

Elena Robustelli is a teenage singer-songwriter, reader, writer, lover, and leader from New York. She loves a cappella, avocados, and asking questions. Follow her on Instgram @elenarobo & Soundcloud.

Ajay Banks

Ajay is a Melbourne-based actor who is still waiting for his Hogwarts Acceptance letter. Until that fateful day arrives he enjoys reading as many novels as he can whilst watching as many films as he can. Follow him on Instagram @ajay_banks.

Natalie Norris

Natalie Norris. She turned her “cannots”¬†into “cans”¬†and her dreams into plans, spreading smiles that is. Follow Natalie on Instagram and her blog.

Daria Amaranth

Daria was born in the north of Russia, and now lives in Saint Petersburg. She has always been fond of everything creative‚ÄĒmusic, literature, cinematography‚ÄĒbut photography has become the main means of her self-expression. Follow her on Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram @daria_amaranth.

Abigail Thigpen

Abbie is a college student and Sociology major living in the magical Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. She is a maker of art and a reader of stories with a dedication to social justice issues. She enjoys swimming in rivers and lakes and thinks that the two most important things are to take naps often and to always be kind. Follow her on Instagram at @auwbe.

Alexis Williams

Alexis lives in a small town in New Jersey. She absolutely loves coding in different languages like Java and Arduino, and aspires to get a corporate job working in IT or as a Systems Developer at one of her favorite Stores or Apps. Alexis loves to spend most of her spare time reading, writing, looking through her favorite fashion magazines, and participating in charity events through her school. Follow her on Instagram @alexisdenisew.

Margaryta Golovchenko

A poet and sometimes-artist, as well as the editor of two literary journals, Margaryta has probably heard every joke in the book about her name. She is an avid tea drinker who speaks three languages and is certain she was a hedgehog in her past life. She can be found sharing her (mis)adventures on Twitter @Margaryta505.

Natalia Santis

Natalia Santis is a Scottish and Chilean designer currently setting up her own business. She runs a blog featuring a mixture of work. Natalia enjoys yoga, going to independent coffee shops, watching World Cinema and has an interest in Spirituality and Feminism.

Zoe O’Brien

Zoe is a pharmacist who lives in Melbourne who is passionate about women’s health.

Zoila Molina

Zoila is an 18 year old photographer from Buenos Aires, her work is based mostly on portraits, with soft colors and natural light. She prefers film over digital, but likes digital photos that try to imitate film colors. The people on her portraits are usually friends, family, her boyfriend and herself. Visit her Flickr.

Zeenath Akande

Zeenath is a feminist living in London. She has a big family and lots of friends. She is very active and plays netball, football and does athletics. Her favourite subjects at school are art and history. She aspires to be a fashion marketer one day.

Zaynab Tawil

Zaynab Tawil is a student at Bates College, currently studying Psychology and English. Her poetry focuses on a broad range of subjects, but most frequently about conflicts in Syria/Palestine (her homelands), love (of course), and depression. She draws most of her influence from Federico Garcia Lorca, having always been astounded by the quiet power of his poetry. You can find her on Tumblr.

Winsome Adam

Winsome Adam is a quarter-century-year-old professional phaffer-abouter. Winsome enjoys mountains, sushi and colourful socks.

Wendy Sama

Wendy Sama is a 25 years old, French graphic designer and photographer. Her photographs always relate to something inside and hidden; her intentions are not to memorize or capture a moment, but to take time to observe and feel the images and feelings which cross us, by exteriorizing them. Her photographs often have strange and enigmatic atmospheres, just as the unconscious and introspection can be. Follow her on Flickr, Facebook & Tumblr.

Vivian Shih

Vivian Shih is a Los Angeles based illustrator who works primarily in inks. She is inspired by surreal self reflection, nature, and people. Find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Violeta Niebla

Violeta Niebla. M√°laga, 1981. Self-taught photographer. Lives and works in M√°laga.

Violette Nell

Violette¬†was born in France some 20 years ago. She’s¬†at university near Paris and dedicates her time to photography when she has the time. Violette is a self taught photographer who developed¬†a passion for photography very late. The melancholic portraits of Julia Margaret Camero gave Violette the desire to start photography. She¬†shoots both digital and film but lately (since 2014),¬†her focus is¬†film. ¬†Find more of her photography on her Flickr.

Vi (nie)ulotne

Find Vi (nie)ulotne on Flickr and Instagram.

Victoria Tedeschi

Victoria Tedeschi¬†is a second-year¬†PhD candidate studying Jacob¬†and Wilhelm Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen’s¬†fairy tale literature at the University of Melbourne. She spends most of her hours researching the properties of giant bean stalk and fantastical¬†pregnant flowers.

Va√Įt√© Perosa

Va√Įt√© is a¬†19-year-old self-taught photographer from France. What she loves is taking portraits. She uses photography to express, through the eyes and body’s posture, feelings like anger, complicity, love, distress, arrogance, nostalgia… For Va√Įt√©, photography is poetry. Look at her¬†Facebook¬†&¬†Flickr.

Vaso Michailidou

Vaso Michailidou is a 24-year-old illustrator from Greece where she is doing an MA and working as a freelance illustrator. Follow Vaso on Twitter & Instagram.

Thulasie Manoharan

Thulasie Bai Manoharan is¬†a 19 year-old with a very old soul, who‚Äôs in love with all things beautiful and magical. She¬†has¬†a deep obsession of collecting words, quotes, phrases and paragraphs. Her¬†favorite cities are Paris and New York, she’s¬†a bibliophile and a cinephile (if that‚Äôs even a word), and she occasionally sings. She¬†loves toast, tea, Sunday mornings and Pinterest. Someday she¬†wishes to be on the cover of Forbes and Time, and also redecorate Oprah Winfrey‚Äôs home. You can check out Thulasie’s Instagram here.


thisisrabbit began in 2001 as an exercise in spontaneous illustration of narrative. thisisrabbit has evolved into a combination of doodling, street art posters and screen-printing. Find his website here.

Theresa Prinz

Theresa Prinz grew up in Hamburg, Germany and is currently studying in the UK. She’s 19 years old and loves writing poetry, lyrics and music. Her dream is to reach people and trigger any kind of emotion with her lyrics and music. She is really passionate about any kind of art. She believes it is the only real way to express freedom and thoughts, and that only people who open up to it can understand its individual message. She also loves horseriding and generally loves all animals.

Tiziana Gualano

Tiziana Gualano is a 23-year-old italian photographer who started photography when she was 16. She was born and raised in a town called Foggia, in the south of Italy. What fascinates Tiziana the most about photography is that with it she can be whomever she wants to be. Find her on Tumblr.

Tina Sosna

Tina Sosna is a 22 year old redhead photographer from Germany, full of nature, dreams, and love. Take a look at her Blogspot, Flickr, Instagram & Facebook.

Toni Stanger

Toni Stanger is a small, cold adult from England. She is a Film and Screenwriting graduate with a passion for cats, cinema and wine. She occasionally writes about film on her blog House of Psychotic Women and practically lives on Letterboxd.

Tiffany Kennedy

Based in Perth, Australia, rising photographer, Tiffany Kennedy has been exploring photography for over four years, but has only recently become part of the industry. The Photography & Illustration student (who also studies Internet Communications) holds her own blog, Tiffany & Couture, where she not only displays her photographs, but also her writing. From her favourite music artists, to the recent fashion shows on her home ground, she shows the world the many interesting things she can find and compose into images. Follow Tiffany on her blog and her Instagram.

Tegan Iversen

Tegan Iversen is a 21-year-old emerging artist and illustrator currently studying her third year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (drawing) degree at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. You can see more of her work on her website.

Tayla Abbott

Tayla Abbott is a 19-year-old globetrotter, novice singer/songwriter and full time adventure seeker. She is currently living in Brisbane with bits of my heart scattered all over the world.

The Avant Garde Tweener

The Avant Garde Tweener is a 15-year-old blogger/writer/curator. She likes picnics, twee pop, and cats. You can find her at her personal blog or her online museum.

Tanya September

Tanya’s art can be found on her¬†Flickr.

Tallulah Fontaine

Tallulah Fontaine is a 23 year old illustrator and zine maker, currently based in Montreal, Canada. Her work is inspired by dreams, music, memories and loved ones. Find her on her website.


T is just a 20 year old girl who is currently living in Berlin.

Suji Park

Suji Park is a 24-yea-old photographer born and raised in South Korea. She studied Marketing in university and has just started a new chapter in life as a freelance photographer. See her website and Facebook page.

Sveta Shendrik

Sveta Shendrik is an illustrator from Ryazan, Russia. Find her on her website, Flickr, Behance, Facebook, Blogspot, Etsy, Society6, & Instagram.

Surbhi Rikhi

Stephanie Massaro

Stephanie is a 22 year old self-taught photographer from Beachwood, New Jersey. Find her on her Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, & Website.

Stefanie Markidis

Stefanie is a writer and researcher from Melbourne, Australia. With a background in print journalism, she has worked for various Australian newspapers and magazines. Stefanie is undertaking a doctorate at RMIT University, through which she is investigating how female identity, writing, and eating practices are related. When she isn’t thinking about writing (or writing about thinking), Stefanie loves dancing (anywhere, anytime), feeling live music shake through her body, and walking through foreign cities without a map. Stalk her a little bit here and here.

Stefania Manzi

Stefania was born and grew up in Turin, Italy. She studied children’s book illustration at the European Institute of Design (IED). After she graduated in 2011, she started work as freelance illustrator for international magazines and publishing companies. In her imaginary world, bears and zebras eat together in the park, you can fish in the sky just as if it were the ocean, and trees smell like cotton candy. Besides drawing, she enjoys baking tons of cupcakes, watching TV series, and wearing striped shirts. She also has an imaginary English bulldog called Chancho (still waiting to adopt a real one).

Stacey Teague

Stacey¬†Teague is a writer from Auckland, NZ. Her debut poetry collection,¬†Takahńď, was published by Scrambler Books in¬†August 2014. She blogs here.

Sophie van Bastelaer

Sophie is a Beligian-American expat currently living in Toronto. Some of her favourite things include rain, TV shows that make her cry, other people’s birthdays, and baking chocolate chip cookies. Find her on Instagram @sophie_rose_vb and Twitter @svanbastelaer and tell her your stories.

Sophie Charlotte

Sophie Charlotte is a 22 year old photographer from northern Germany. When she’s not taking pictures, she works with vegetables, nature and the climate. She is interested in young people, queer lives, and uncertainty. Find her on her website and Flickr.

Sophie Reymond

Sophie is a twenty-something woman, passionate about life and about making the most of it. After graduating from unversity, she decided that her first priority was to come to terms with her mental health issues and bad body image. Now that she at peace with herself and feeling good in her own skin, all she wants is to inspire and help people fighting the same battles. Follow her Instagram @absoluteselflove.

Sophie McPike

Plant Sophie McPike in front of a silent film with a sketchbook, pen, and a dog. You’ll have the happiest little illustrator this side of the universe!

Sophia Lupi

Sophia Lupi is a 24 year old gal living in the heart of Boston. Originally from New Hampshire, Sophia was raised to truly appreciate and also be inspired by nature and all living things. ¬†Her “Floral Skeletons” series gave her the ability to stray away from the usual portrait, and find a deeper representation of the human soul. Take a look at her¬†website¬†&¬†blog.

Sofia Higgins

Sofia Higgins is a photographer from Puerto Rico. Take a look at her Flickr and Facebook page.

Sofy Brinister

Sofy can be found on Flickr.

Sonia Wilkie

Sofia Sanchez

Sofia Sanchez is a 17-year-old Chicana who lives in Texas.¬†She aspires to be a songwriter/poet. Through her self-belief and passion for self-expression through music, she has grown substantially and hopes to share that with the world one day. Sofia is constantly learning new ways to express her creativity, whether it’s editing videos, mixing on Virtual DJ, making crafts or being on garage band to no end. She wants to live her life as though it’ll be a music video one day, with pastel colours and cool instruments.

Sofia Niazi

Sofia Niazi an artist and illustrator working in London. She is the editor and Co-founder of small press publicaiton OOMK and a curator of the East London festival DIY Cultures. Enjoy more of her work on her website.

Sofia Antzel

Sofia Antzel was born and raised in Thessalniki, Greece in 1992. She currently studies industrial design in Syros, Greece. She enjoys taking digital and analogue pictures and then make synthesis and collage. Find Sofia on Flickr, Behance, and Facebook.

Shayda Kafai

Shu Shu Zheng

Shu Shu Zheng is a Melbourne-based artist, writer and digital all-rounder, who goes through a quarter-life crisis every fortnight. Her work has been published on Buzzcuts, The Pun and ArtsHub, and she rambles about art, cooking and film on her blog Choux Street. She eats a lot and likes pugs. Follow her blog & Twitter.

Shoshana Swell

Shoshana Swell spends most of her time underwater swimming competitively. On land, she attends high school and enjoys creating videos to help change and inspire the world. See more of her videos on Youtube.

Sheena She

Sheena She resides in Newark, NJ with her cat, Ash. At a young age, she started taking photos during family functions. Photography definitely runs in the family and Sheena is thankful to have grown up in the era of film–all of her work is shot on 35mm without post processing. Fun fact about Shenna: her middle name is de la Camara which translates ‚Äúof the camera.‚ÄĚ How ironic!!!¬†She tries to carry her camera everywhere and anywhere. She likes to keep her photographs simple; while Sheena believes filters are beautiful and Photoshop is definitely a great tool, she wants her work to speak for itself. Her photos come as is.As of late, Sheena retired as a make-up artist to fully focus on analog photography. Her inspirations come from the great outdoors to urban decay. She loves being with nature to refresh her mind and try to get away from the city she lives in. She is a very spiritual person, an animal lover, and just pretty much low key. She loves all things creepy, odd, and weird.¬†Find her on Queen of Anti-social,¬†Chainsaws & Jelly, and Flickr.

Shanice Atkins

Shanice is a 17 year old currently in Year 11 at Sacred Heart’s Girl’s college in Melbourne. She intends to pursue a career in law someday. Writing has always been a passion of hers. Shanice’s interests include writing, reading, modelling, acting and shopping.

Selma Reis

Selma is a Spanish photographer based in Barcelona who creates portrait, fine art, lifestyle, and fashion photography. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and her website.

Savannah Mullings-Johnson

Savannah Mullings-Johnson is a bubbly nineteen year old who advocates feminism, reading and equality for the LGBT community.  Savannah is a lover of Country music, bands, reading, the smell of lemons, comic books and fluffy puppies. She is an avid reader, blogger and journalist who believes that every girl should defy the norm and aspire to be whatever their heart desires. You can often find her on her blog, or twitter @itssavvyyy6.

Savina Gost

Savina Gost is a Mexican-Peruvian, self-taught photographer in continuous exploration, obsessed with colors, and trapped by magic. See her work on her Flickr.

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in theatre and rehearsal photography, performance documentation and creation of promotional material. She has also worked as an actor, lighting designer, set designer and tech across a variety of theatres and companies. Learn more on her website.

Sarah Bernhard

Sarah Bernhard is a photographer from Hamburg, Germany. You can find her on her website, Flickr, & blog.

Sarah Key

Sarah Key is a self-taught collage artist from Belgrade. She loves traditional method, cut and paste technique.All her collages are hand cut. Sarah has had work exhibited in various galleries and art shows throughout Belgrade, London, Oxford, Berlin and Thessaloniki. Also, her work has been published in various magazines and fanzines in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, and Brazil, and on different websites dedicate to collage art. Follow her on Facebook and Flickr.

Sara Lorusso

Sara Lorusso is a 21-year-old photographer who lives in Bologna where she creates mainly analogue images that are inspired by her everyday life. She tries to express her love for life, especially the daily things like waking up, brushing her teeth, playing with her cats, and kissing her boyfriend, through photography. Follow her on Facebook.

Sara Giorgio

Sara Giorgio’s photography can be found on Flickr.

Sandra Montesinos

Sandra is a photographer from Barcelona. Follow her on Flickr and Facebook.

Sandra Lazzarini

Sandra Lazzarini is an Italian photographer who loves flowers and photographing girls with their faces covered or with their backs to those who observe them. Find her on her website and Flickr.

Sandy Hsu

Sandy Hsu is a nineteen year old singer-songwriter / artist / musician / creative human from Melbourne, Australia. She is currently studying contemporary music interactive composition at the Victorian College of the Arts. Visit Sandy’s Bandcamp and follow her on twitter (@SandyHsu_) and Instagram (@sandyshoe)

Samantha Conlon

Samantha Conlon, b.1990. Based in Berlin, Germany. Founder of Bunny Collective, an all female group with members from Ireland, UK, South Korea and United Arab Emirates. Visit her website.

Sage Chodosh

Saja Chodosh (Sage) is a 23-year-old poet, dancer, café hopper, moon chaser, ice cream and coffee fiend who finds home in language, places, spaces, and cities. She loves watching the world move and admires people fearless enough to move the world themselves.

Sadie Dempsey

Sadie Dempsey is a 24-year-old film photographer from the Midwest (USA). She believes in the importance of feminism, the beauty of frolicking in fields of endless wildflowers, the radical acts of self-love and self-care, and the existence of goodness. You can keep up with her adventures on Instagram and Tumblr.

Ruth Richards

Ruth is beginning researcher into feminist philosophy, film and animation theory. When not reading about film, she’s usually watching a film instead. Follow her on Twitter @RuthElizabeth_R.

Rubee Dano

Rubee is a Melbourne-based writer and editor. She has interned for The Lifted Brow and written for Archer, Lateral Magazine, and is a regular contributor at Aphra Magazine where she previously held the position of Music Editor. Follow her on Twitter!

Ryan Baker

Ryan Baker is a freelance photographer based in Northern California.¬† Ryan has found a love of photography over the past couple of years through influence of nature and and the natural state of people starting in 2011. Ryan has created multiple works for not only their own enjoyment, but to benefit the community. Through the work of their self created project called, The “Wash away” Project, they proclaim resilience against self hate and bullying.¬†As well as photography, Ryan is a cinematographer, a musician,¬†a modern and contemporary dancer and an actor.

Ryan Francisco

Ryan Francisco, a twenty-six year old emerging photographer, was born in Houston, Texas. Francisco attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts majoring in dance and theatre. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Photocommunications from St. Edward’s University with Magna Cum Laude honors. In the last four years, Francisco has been exploring a myriad of themes in photography: race, identity, and transitioning through self-portraits.

Rosie Hendry

Rosie¬†is a 27 year old self-taught illustrator from England. She’s ‘inkspired’ by myths and folklore, heroines and beasties, quirky patterns, striking lines and bad puns. She recreates her strange little daydreams in pen and watercolour. Find her on¬†Instagram.

Rosie Brock

Rosie Brock is an 20-year-old photographer, currently based in New York City and studying at the School of Visual Arts. See more of her work on her website.

Rose Sejean

Rose Sejean is one of the Music Editors at Ramona. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Entertainment Management at the Australian Institute of Music and has worked as an actor and musician, as well as having regular involvement in live-event producing, production management and artist development. She can often be found around Melbourne drinking tea, hanging out with kittens, drawing and rocking out crazy-style at your gig. Follow Rose on Instagram.

Romy Listo

Romy Listo is a 23 year old self-taught, mixed-media collage artist from the sunny climes of Brisbane, Australia. She loves yoga, coffee and is a PhD student in sociology in her other life, where she spends her days thinking about the world and all its messy and wonderful contradictions. You can find more of Romy’s work at romylisto.com or follow on Instagram @romylisto

Riley Buttery

Riley Buttery is a student and freelance artist currently living in south Florida. Visit her website, and follow her on Instagram @rileybuttery.

Rhiannon McGavin

Rhiannon McGavin is a young writer from Los Angeles who first started drafting poems to attract the attention of a cute boy in her children‚Äôs Shakespeare group. While she never won his affection, she has performed original poetry on Grace Cavalieri‚Äôs ‚ÄúPoet and the Poem‚ÄĚ podcast, NPR, and at venues from the Troubadour to the Lincoln Center. Rhiannon is also a 2016 YoungArts Finalist in Writing for Spoken Word. In her free time, she enjoys reading and making lip balm. Follow Rhiannon on Instagram &¬†Twitter @mermaideleh, as well as her Youtube channel and Tumblr.

Resa Rot

Resa is a 36 year old photographer from Leipzig, Germany. Find her on Facebook.

Rebecca Took

Rebecca Took is a 20-year-old writer, reader and bookseller based in Birmingham, UK, having currently paused a BA in English Literature & Language at Oxford University. Ex-ballet dancer, she is especially interested in our self-destructive subscription to societal body ideals. Take a look at her blog.

Rebekah McDonald

Rebekah is a 25 year old feminist who is yet to find her place in the world. She recently completed her Honours in Criminology, writing a thesis entitled ‘Rape Culture? Trivialised, Condoned and Eroticised Sexual Violence in Popular Culture’. She spend her free time snuggling with her cats and planning grand adventures!

Raychel Reimer

Raychel Reimer is a freelance artist based out of Vancouver, Canada. A lover of many platforms, Reimer is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, photographer, writer, and mixed media artist. She studied Media Arts at Sheridan Institute, where she specialized in the art documentary filmmaking. Reimer continues to create raw, non-fiction art through various platforms. Take a look at her website and her Tumblr.

Rachel Herd

Rachel Herd, from the UK is an aspiring artist and writer. She also loves capturing memories through photography. Rachel is obsessed with astrology, herbal tea, and is a feminist who believes in equality for everyone! She would love you to check out some more artwork and thoughts on her Instagram @nxturahl and her blog.

Rachel Ang

Rachel Ang is a freelance illustration artist, comics enthusiast, and architecture student. She was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is now based in beautiful Aarhus, Denmark. Follow her on Instagram @rtwa and visit her website.

Qintong Li

Qu√Ęn Nguyen Van

Follow Qu√Ęn NguyŠĽÖn VńÉn on Facebook.

Pipi Gimenez

Pipi Gimenez is a 19 year old photographer from Argentina. Find her on Flickr.

Paige Mehrer

Paige Mehrer is a Brooklyn based artist and illustrator who recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design.  She also makes zines, books, and other little things. Follow her on Instagram @paigemehrer, Tumblr, and her website.

Paula Aparicio

Paula is a photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Paola Rodriguez

Orsolya Boncsér

Follow Orsolya on her website and Flickr.

Olivia Tsobas

Olivia Tsobas is a 16-year-old poet. She enjoys playing footy, writing stories and writing poetry. She started writing poems to express how she felt about issues in her life and to see if other people could relate to them. She hopes to help as many young girls as possible through shared experiences.

Olivia Dileo

Olivia Dileo is 17 and lives near Rome, Italy. She recently started to be fascinated by photography; she loves the fact that sentiments are stuck inside photographs. Check out her work here.

Nunzia Lollo

Nunzia Lollo is a young photographer based in a little town near Rome. She loves photography and her camera is always with her. She hopes her work will be appreciated and enjoyed. Follow her on Facebook.

Nina Diaz

Nicky Valdes

Nicky Valdes is a wise gal, regular lady and all-around BFF. She’s not famous, but celebrated like an obscure Coppola is celebrated. She’s also a writer. Follow Nicky at Regular Lady.

Nevie Peters

Nevie¬†Peters is a teenager from Melbourne. Her interests include eating and marvelling at good food, reading legendary books, and above all, writing anything whatsoever in random moments of creative spontaneity (these do not happen very often).¬†At the moment, she is planning her escape from boarding school through an exchange to Germany (yay) for the rest of the year.¬†Nevie¬†is trying to convince herself that she¬†does¬†know German, or she will by the time the trip is over. Let’s hope for multiple moments of creative spontaneity here.

Nazifatur Rahmi

Nazifatur Rahmi is a graphic designer based in Jakarta. She works as a full-time graphic designer in one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is an independent girl who is eager to learn new things and loves to draw, especially portraits. She loves writing as well, to express her thoughts about the world and its complicated matters. Most of her writings are about self-doubt, faith, dreams and reality. In 2014, she graduated from Paramadina University majoring in visual communication design. Her world is mostly about design, drawing, reading and writing. You can find some of her drawings on her Instagram account @nazifaturrahmi or visit her Behance.

Naomi Vona

Naomi Vona (Desio 1982), is an Italian artist that lives in Dublin, Ireland. Her works combines different interests like photography, collages and video art. Her latest project is focused on collages, where she works on vintage found photos and postcards creating a new interpretation of the original shots. Simply using pens, paper, colored tape and stickers she gives to every image a new life. Every work is basically composed of three elements: her life background, her inspirations, and subconscious. Follow Naomi on her blog, Flickr, Etsy, Saatchi Online, Behance, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram!

Nathalie Ramirez

Nathalie Ramirez was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, where she currently attends college as an English major while writing short stories and making art during her free time. She currently lives in Santa Monica with her long time boyfriend. Take a look at her Flickr and her blog.

N√°dia Maria

N√°dia Maria, born in 1984, is a Brazilian photographer living in Bauru, S√£o Paulo. She started to photograph as a child. Over the years she explored and studied photography, having studied Photography at Senac ‚Äď Brazil. Her‚Äôs relationship with the camera and the images she captures were also born in her childhood, but it became stronger in the youth, becoming her personal journal of feelings and transformations that she went through in her life. The focus of her inspiration is at poetry, music, her unconscious. And is her writing, her intimate feelings, the darkness and the light of her life.

Natalie Bojko

Natalie is¬†an 18-year-old girl who spends most of her¬†time hanging by the pool with friends or going on day adventures. She always carries¬†a book and a pen. She loves travelling and hopes to see the world one day (especially New Orleans, Gloucestershire, Kiev and Buenos Aires). She’s always open to trying anything once and she’s learnt never to take unwanted advice too seriously.¬†Most of the inspiration for her writing comes from acquaintances and art galleries. She believes that people do not give themselves enough credit for their achievements and need to place more faith and belief in themselves.

Myrtle Yvonne Ragub

Myrtle is an aspiring pre-med student who writes in her spare time. She finds pure joy in taking solitary walks, reading books, listening to good music, learning various things and just simply leaning her face on a cold window. She believes that the Turkey Farm can’t accommodate us all. Check out her blog.


Moule, which means mussel in French‚Äďand is also slang word for vagina‚Äďis a chick from London who publishes bold, quirky, childlike illustrations. Each one shows women at their best: naked, hairy, single, unashamed‚Äďand often with undertones of her own feminist views. Follow her on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Montana Hirsch

Monika Forsberg

Monika Forsberg is an artist, writer, and mum. Find her on her website.

Molly Mckew

Molly Mckew is a Music Editor of Ramona Magazine for Girls. She enjoys writing and music and as a teenager devoured any life advice she could find. She hopes Ramona will help to fill the void for any young people currently in the same boat.

Mina Dimitrovski

Mina Dimitrovski is an analog photographer from a small town, Zrenjanin, in Serbia. She has been taking photos on film for quite a while and is interested in self-exploring through taking self portraits. She sees them as a way of communicating and getting to know herself better. Vivid colors, soft light, nice skin tones, true emotions, and atmosphere are what she tries to show on her photographs. Telling stories with photographs is sometimes not enough for her, as she’s in a quest for a surreal eye candy. Portraits of her friends, architecture,¬†and nature are her inspiration. And it’s all on film! Find her photographs on Flickr and Facebook.

Miranda Millen

Miranda Millen is an artist based in Melbourne, she enjoys people with wrinkles and facial jowls. Follow her work on her website, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Miranda Lehman

Miranda Lehman is on Flickr & Tumblr.

Michaelanne Foster

Michaelanne Foster is an illustrator who currently resides in Southern Spain. She teaches English, paints, and eats lots of tapas, of course. See her work on her website.

Mikaela Felstead

Mikaela Felstead works as a qualified naturopath and nutritionist at OWN Health in Brisbane. Originally from country Victoria, Mikaela grew up in a beautiful mud brick house built by her parents, surrounded by a 5 acre bush block. To this day, she still finds peace and comfort in the sounds of a kookaburra’s laugh, rain on the roof at night, and the summery groan of a lawn mower. Mikaela loves Christmas, papaya, AFL, being at the beach, soaking up the sunshine with her bare feet on the grass, and hearing her daughter giggle hysterically when her daddy tickles her.

Michele Mobley

Michele was born in Georgia, USA, in 1993 and studies photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her photographs detail a delicate femininity, focusing on the in-between stages of a female life. Take a look at her Tumblr.

Melissa Wastney

Melissa lives in Wellington, New Zealand, and has made things all her life, but has kept a craft blog since 2006. She works as a journalist. Find her on Facebook and her blog.

Mei Lee

Mei (said like the month) Lee is 22, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and talented in all things graphic design/typography/watercolor. Find more of her work on her Flickr, and take a look at her Society6 for products.

Meg Spencer

Meg is an actor. She dabbles in writing (mostly in her secret diary–please don’t check under my bed). In her free time she is a tour guide, enjoys making up facts and appreciates peanut butter as well as the machines that make it. Because everyone seems to ask, likes dogs over cats, but not in terms of taste –she’s a raging vegan!

Meggie Royer

Meggie Royer is a writer and photographer from the American Midwest who is majoring in psychology at Macalester College. Her poems have appeared in many collections and journals, including Words Dance Magazine, The Harpoon Review and Melancholy Hyperbole. She has won national medals for her poetry and a writing portfolio in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and was the Macalester Honorable Mention recipient of the 2015 Academy of American Poets Student Poetry Prize. You can visit her website here.

Megan Lam

Megan¬†Lam is a 16-year-old from Melbourne, Australia. Megan believes that living in a¬†diverse¬†country is a wonderful thing as we not only get to¬†experience¬†one, but many¬†different¬†foods, culture,¬†traditions¬†and¬†clothing. However the down side is racism. In her words ¬†“Being a young, naive 16 years old girl I already have to cope with¬†self¬†esteem, looks, beauty and love.¬†However¬†I do not have one tiny regret about being “Asian”. Being a young girl and Asian I have had a lot of different¬†experiences. I have received¬†racist comments which I feel have shaped who I am.”

Megan Doherty

Megan Doherty is a 22-year-old currently living in Northern Ireland and making pictures. In a nutshell, she creates vibrant stills of youth living within a hazy, underground world. Her work is heavily influenced by film, and tends to feature women as the main ‘characters’ within the fictional scenes she creates. Find her on Tumblr¬†and Instagram @megandoherty.photo.

Mariah Mann

Mariah Mann is 18. She loves the idea of traveling so much that she dreams of having a house filled with different souvenirs from all over the world. Mariah is passionate about writing and acting and she spends a lot of her time untangling her thoughts onto paper on road trips or on trains; welcome to the mayhem of her mind.

Marsha Adair

Marsha is a 24-year-old aspiring actress and writer. She was born in South Africa and moved to Sydney Australia at 14.  Her desire to write and act has been from very young age. At 20 Marsha took her life into her own hands and started classes to further develop both writing and acting skills.

Marley Warren

Marion Lanciaux

Marion Lanciaux can be found on Facebook & Flickr.

Marlee Banta

Marlee Banta was born in Portland, Oregon in 1994. She is photographer who says photography has always helped her hold the beautiful aspects of life near.

Marlin Helene

Marlin is an 18-year-old student from Northern Germany and she looks forward to finishing her final exams this summer so she can finally do what she really wants to do. Marlin loves nature and tries to protect it as much as she can. She’s also in love with analog cameras and photography. Follow her on Flickr.

Maria Scherlies

Maria Scherlies is a photographer who has an adventurous and wanderlusting heart & is passionately obsessed with capturing moments. Find her on Flickr, her blog, and Facebook.

Mar García

Mar García is a visual artist from Bogotá, Colombia.

Marie Gosselin

Mariana Dias

Mariana was born in 1986 and she¬†lives and works in Porto, Portugal. She¬†has a bachelors’ degree on Fine Arts and is currently pursuing her Masters degree on Contemporary Art. She¬†mainly works with analog photography. Identity, hands, melancholy, memories, body and emotions are the main subjects in her work. Take a look at her website.

Maria Lujan Grassi Estevez

Maria Lujan Grassi Estevez is a self-taught illustrator from Spain. Follow her on Facebook and Flickr.

Mara Saiz

Mara’s great passion is people, and her tool to get through them is her camera. She likes to think of herself as a photographer of souls.¬†You can check out her website here, her Facebook page here, and follow her on Instagram @marasaiz.photo.

Maggie Chiang

Born to a Taiwanese family in the City of Angels, Maggie Chiang is a full time artist and part time dreamer. Inspired by both places real and fictitious Maggie’s illustrations evoke a longing for adventure and the pursuit of the unknown, exploring impossible landscapes and places unseen. A central theme of her art is the relationship between humanity and nature, oftentimes the underlying thread that ties together her work and establishes her individual artistic voice. Follow Maggie on her Instagram, Tumblr, and website.

Makeda Sandford

Makeda Sandford is a sassy 21 year old self-taught photographer, designer, and writer, hailing from the blue ridge mountain valley of North Carolina. She loves all things social justice, pretty colors, and observing the beautiful, breathing world around her. Find her photographs on her website.

Mai Ly Degnan

Mai Ly Degnan is a Florida born illustrator, currently based in Baltimore, MD. She earned her BFA in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design, as well as her MFA in Illustration Practice at the Maryland Institute College of Art.¬† Mai Ly¬†is obsessed with tedious line work, pattern making, and creating humorous illustrations that make light of unfortunate events.¬† She enjoys juxtaposing upsetting subject matter with children’s-book-like illustrations. This pairing of opposites often comes across as quirky and offbeat, which is exactly her aesthetic.

Mahnaz Rashid

Mahnaz Rashid is a high school study from Bangladesh. She likes singing, playing guitar, and photography.

Madeleine Fay Heaven

Madeleine Fay Heaven was born in the Greater Toronto Area and spent most her time colouring and playing dress up as a child. She played many sports including soccer, skating, swimming and skiing from a young age. One of her favourite artists to date include Spanish drawer and painter Juan Francisco Casas, and was given the opportunity collaborate with him in one of his recent projects, (A)UTOPIC. Today, Madeleine is pursuing the arts and her modelling career.

Lynn Kovitch

Lynn is an 18 year old from the US, who is about to begin study at her dream school, University of Malmö in Sweden. She was a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Denmark for a year, speaks Danish, and has traveled abroad on and off for the past two years. She is a vegetarian, language enthusiast, who hopes to be Polygot and work with refugees in the future.

Lydia Grace

Lydia is an 18-year-old girl born and bread in the tropics, but is now braving the cold English weather. She loves to make people feel beautiful through portrait photography and her heart comes alive when creating. You’ll find her where the flowers are. Follow her on Facebook, Flickr, her blog, and Instagram @lydia.grace.s.

Lydia Claire

Lydia Claire is an 18-year-old introvert on the verge of completing her tragic obligations as a high schooler in Northern California. She is a writer by default. When she is not fulfilling her duties as an indoctrinated student, she can be found working at the local independent film theatre, avoiding small talk, and indulging in literature escapism. She often romanticizes the mundanity of her daily life to levels of obscene surrealism, resulting in a perpetual state of aloof mental absence. Her characteristic titles include coffee shop drifter and struggling feminist. Read more of her writing on her Tumblr.

Lux Lisbon

Lux Lisbon can be found on Facebook.

Luna Montford-Jones

Luna Montford-Jones lives above a cafe with her girlfriend Violet and their dog Snork. She paints her days away and makes tea and coffee for pocket money. She hopes to soon be allowed to legally marry the love of her life or else she is moving to San Franciso, god damnit!

Lucy Hotchin

Lucy Hotchin grew up mostly in Melbourne and spends most of her time now hiding out in her room with her life partner greyhound named Roy. She has a Bachelor in Performing Arts and plans on being a student forever. Besides her love of all things dog like, she spends time writing, reading, watching tv shows, drawing/painting and being a homebody. When she leaves the house you may find her directing, writing or acting in the odd piece of theatre every now and then, working as a Barista and drinking too much coffee or studying Creative Arts Therapy where she hopes to continue on into Masters. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and destigmatisation as well as an avid feminist and equal rights advocate. She is queer and a lover of all people who enjoy a coffee and a chat, most of her time is spent managing her mental illness and enjoying the small things and writing sentences that are maybe too long.

Lisa Lelkova

Lisa Lelkova is a 23 year old illustrator, lecturer and researcher. Who was born in Moscow and currently is based between Helsinki and Stockholm. Look at her Behance, & Tumblr.

Lisa Manfre

Lisa Manfre’s photographs can be found on her Flickr.

Lily Cuyler

Lily is an artist who can be found on Flickr and Tumblr.

Liat Meir

Liat Meir, AKA Forever A Sleepwalker, is a 27 year old photographer from Israel. Find her work on Facebook,  Flickr, & Tumblr.

Liam Warton

Leona Cicone

Leona Cicone is an anthropology major at Ursinus College in the United States. While she is finishing up her senior year at university, Leona obsesses over cute things and baking shows. She has big plans to become an archaeologist and discover ancient tombs but currently loves to write and express her thoughts in her free time. You can find her other poems here.

Leah Pellegrini

Leah Pellegrini is a Brooklyn-based writer, photographer, and creative communications strategist. She is also an avid doodler, a devoted journal-keeper, an avocado toast aficionado, and a concrete jungle explorer. She believes in small beauties, the significance of serendipity, and the healing powers of a sunset and a mug of hot tea. You can follow her on her Instagram account @leahcpell or find more of her work on her blog called The Core Stories.

Leanne Surfleet

Leanne Surfleet is a photographer from and currently living in a small town in the UK. For the past 5+ years, Leanne has been shooting mainly self-portraits which has been a way of dealing with a lot of anxieties and facing the idea of her own mortality. Leanne says that “photography can often be a kind of therapy.” You can see her work on her¬†website,¬†Flickr, &¬†Facebook.

Léa Cyrielle Brinon

Léa Cyrielle Brinon, born 1992, is a film photographer from France. Her photographs are on her website.

Lauren Wylie

Lauren Wylie is a 17-year-old dancer, actor and student teacher at the Australian School of Performing Arts Film and Television, where she helps kids aged 7-17 with their acting and performing. Lauren just got her P Plates and is loving the freedom of being able to drive around in her little red Mazda, named Rita. Lauren is in Grade 12 and is currently trying to decide what she would like to do next year at university, which is proving to be harder than she thought.

Lauren Beanland

Lauren is an 18-year-old student born, raised, and studying in Melbourne, Australia. When she’s not drunkenly writing about the meaning of our existence on Earth after a night out, you can find her patting stranger’s dogs or buying one too many pairs of sunglasses. Lauren isn‚Äôt very good at social media, but is very good at leaving half-empty cups of tea around the house.

Lauren Simons

Lauren Simons is an aspiring dancer and model who has been dancing since the age of 8. She mainly loves doing ballet and tap dancing which she will be taking exams for soon. Lauren at present attends a dance school in Swadlincote, UK and has attended a drama school in Burton on Trent with the dream of going to Sylvia Young school in London or even Ballet school in London. Tigress is the first magazine article published for Lauren but she has had interest expressed in her from a television channel documentary and also chosen to compete in Miss Teen UK 2015 from hundreds of hopefuls. Look out for Lauren in the future as she is the next up and coming star.

Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn can be found on her portfolio, blog, shop, Flickr, & Facebook.

Laura Hedge

Laura Fazzolari

Laura is a nineteen-year-old girl, living on The Central Coast of N.S.W, Australia. Laura enjoys writing on human rights issues, opinion pieces on political, social and women’s right’s issues. Laura runs her own website where she posts a lot of her pieces. She also runs a vintage clothing label, is an aspiring plus size model and is studying a double degree in business.

Laneikka Denne

Laneikka aged 15, has been running fashion blog and store ‚ÄėGrunge Children‚Äô also known as ‚ÄėUnderground Grunge‚Äô for the past three years. Her blog focuses on a vintage ‚Äėgrunge‚Äô look on the fashion world and she speaks out about her views on feminism through her looks. She‚Äôs worked with brands such as MTV Australia, Feels Inc Blind, Imanifest, Poppy Apparel, On Trend Market etc and was lucky enough to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2016 as apart of the ‚ÄúNextgen: Bloggers‚ÄĚ collaboration. She hopes to inspire all to feel confident within themselves, and to always take risks.

Keep up to date with Laneikka’s blog and follow Laneikka on Instagram @grunge_children

Kylie Lawrence

Kylie Lawrence is an avid writer/artist that was born in the Pacific Northwest. Ever since she was young, her mother raised her to become a writer, and luckily for both of them, Kylie developed a strong love and passion for writing. At age 15, she now resides in Carmel, California, a lovely beach town that is only a few minutes away from her favorite place on earth, Big Sur. She adores all forms of art, including music, photography, painting, and most importantly, writing!

Kylie Petrie

Kylie is a 20-year-old sophomore photography major at Savannah College of Art and Design and she’s been taking photos seriously for five years now. Follow her on Flickr¬†& Tumblr.

Kristina Zdravkov

Kristina is a film photographer. You can see her work here and here.

Kristina Nazariyan

Kristina (or Christina as she sometimes refers to herself) Nazariyan is a Russian 17-year-old with a love of writing, photography, art, music, food, literature, film, history, geography, and dance, to name a few. She speaks English, Russian, French, and German, and plans to travel the world, help people, and complete everything on her continually growing bucketlist on the way. You can check out Kristina’s blog here, her VSCO account here, and her Instagram here.

Kristina McKune

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Kristi is a 32 year old artist, feminist, photographer & explorer. She has always been interested in themes of physical/emotional emptiness in landscapes & portraits, how humans impact their environment & how the environment impacts humans. She also really loves coaxing very straightforward portraits out of people, especially women. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado & is daytripping her way across the wild west as often as possible. Along with photography, she enjoys working with mixed media to create intimate, diary-style journal pages. Find her on her website and Tumblr.

Kinga Pietrzak

Kharla Brillo

Perhaps in age and at night, Brillo started writing late, with some of her work being mainly published on her blog, Midnight and Metaphors. Several of her prose and poems also appeared in Persephone’s Daughters Magazine, Philippine Daily Inquirer and Thought Catalog. Currently, she’s pursuing her Master’s in Psychology at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Her first poetry book, Other Than Sadness, is a collection of poems hand selected from the first two years of her writing.

Kermie Breydon

Karley Knight

Karley Knight is a fine art fashion portrait photographer, with a visual style rooted in narrative, mystique and femininity. She lives in London, England. You can see more of her photographs on her website, Flickr, &  Instagram.

Kaylee Rankin

Kaylee Rankin is a cat loving, plant eating Fine Arts student living in the ‚Äėburbs of sunny Sydney. She enjoys long walks on the beach, growing herbs in tiny pots and making clothes. Kaylee is passionate about ethics, sustainability and body positivity. You can find her on Instagram as @kayleejean where she posts photos of her cats and attempts to be witty.

Katie Soze

Katie is a fashion photographer from Sheffield, UK. She likes to combine childish girliness with grime inspired from the industrial city she lives in. See her photographs on her website, Twitter, & Instagram.

Katarina Radulovic

Katarina Radulovic is a collage artist from Serbia. All her works are handmade, through cut paste technique. Her collages have been viewed in the USA, Silver City, New Mexico, Sweden and many other places world wide.

Kathleen Lassiter

Kathleen is a twenty-something aspiring TV comedy writer and independent filmmaker. She is passionate about feminism, education, and politics, and can often be seen trying to balance a cup of coffee in one hand and a huge bag of camera equipment in the other. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Katy Daiber

Currently a freshman at Columbus College of Art and Design, majoring in Fine Arts and minoring in Illustration, Katy Daiber creates art to better understand her experiences and struggles in hopes to help others. Follow Katy on her blog, Instagram, Society 6, Tumblr, Etsy, and her online portfolio.

Katie Thierjung

Katie Thierjung is a self-taught artist who has a passion for drawing. Follow her on Flickr.

Katie Lyons

Katie Lyons is an Animator/ Illustrator based out of Dublin, Ireland. Focusing mainly on 2D digital animation, she also illustrates both hand-drawn and digitally. Graduating with a first class BA in Animation, she spends the majority of her time animating and sketchbooking, stopping only for the occasional Netflix binge or to insta-snap her avocado-on-toast lunches. You can find more of her work here and here, or stalk her Instagram here.

Katie Campbell

Katie is a crazy Aussie currently completing year 12. She wants to help others be the best version of themselves and improve her own life while doing so. Katie is continuously learning and developing her life skills and loves sharing what she discovers, particularly regarding Leadership, Motivation and Inspiration with those around her. She posts content on her Instagram account @toleadandinspire.

Katie Buddle

Katie Buddle is a feminist fashion blogger and an Anthropology and Gender Studies major. She is interested in deconstructing femininity and gender roles, sourcing ethical and thrifted fashion, writing poetry and diy-ing ridiculous novelty jewellery. She is a strong advocate of smashing the patriarchy, body positivity and cute socks. Take a look at her blog, Instagram, and Facebook page.

Katie Ailes

Katie Ailes is a poet and researcher currently pursuing her PhD in English at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, focusing on authenticity and physicality in contemporary UK performance poetry. She is also an active performance poet who placed second in the 2015 Scottish National Poetry Slam and released her first collection, Homing, in August 2015. Katie performs and organises with the collective Loud Poets and serves as an Ambassador for the Scottish Poetry Library. Follow Katie on Twitter @KatieAiles, on Facebook, and on her website.

Kamila Krol

Kamila Krol aka Pigeon is a Polish illustrator based in Cardiff; she’s filling her time with drawing, reading, going for long walks and cooking. She’s usually lost in her own world which she tries to show on paper and share with other people. Follow her on her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Society6.

Kaitlyn Lafferty

Kaitlyn Lafferty is a gallery host at the Denver Art Museum in Denver, CO. She writes and sells a really personal perzine called perpetual ambivalence about her misadventures and wonderment with all things life. Right now, she attends community college of Denver, working towards becoming a geologist. Outside of work and school, she is an artivist and organizer with a focus on energy justice and reclaiming emotions. She is passionate about nature, art and all the small beauties of living. If she could be any color at this point in her life, it would be a delicate shade of pastel salmon. Keep up with Kaitlyn on Facebook & Etsy.

Justine Sarlat

Julie Young

Julie Young is a currently a senior in high school. Tigress magazine is Julie’s first writing internship but she is hoping to do more in the future. Julie has a passion for photography, veganism, running, swimming, and writing.

Julia Pearl-Schwartz

Julia Pearl-Schwartz is a 19-year-old writer from Bethesda, Maryland.

Julia Banks

Julia Banks is 18 years old and from Melbourne, Australia. She likes pink, The Rubens, and the smell of permanent marker.

Joy Gómez Kolber

Joy G√≥mez Kolber is a 28-year-old little woman from Argentina. She was born in Santa Rosa, a small city in La Pampa, but now she’s based in Buenos Aires. She’s a freelance illustrator (and this is what she loves the most). She’s in love with music, rainy days, coffee, pizza, aliens, and inspiring humans. Follow Joy on Facebook and Instagram.

Joana Meneses

Joana is from Portugal and was born in a cold and grey day of December in 1994. She’s passionate about life and every little thing that is a part of it. Joana is an amateur photographer and thinks everything in life is art. That’s why she loves photography: because she is able to freeze something that she enjoys to watch, or a moment.¬†Lately photography has been like a therapy for Joana and she’s currently doing a 365 photography project. She loves photography in general but her favorite type is definitely portraiture. Follow her on Flickr and Instagram.

Jodie Matthews

Jodie Matthews is a writer with a penchant for the bittersweet. An art school drop-out, Jodie ran from the beautiful Cornish countryside and found herself in the smoggiest city, Stoke on Trent, where she works as a nine to five Technical Writer and a full time creative. Her number one aim when writing is to be self-questioning, honest, and invoke a feeling of nostalgia.¬†She has been published by Black and Blue, Parallel Mag, Ladybeard and more. Her newest collection of poetry ‘Live With the Lump in Your Throat’ is available via lulu.com.¬†She enjoys coffee and romance (both bittersweet) and dislikes writing about herself in the third person. Find her on her website and on Instagram @jodiermatthews and Twitter.

Joana Martins

Joana,¬†a.k.a El Pigmeu, is a fine arts student living in Portugal.¬†She loves cinema, books, music and photography. Pigmeu’s work is inspired by the 60‚Äôs and 70‚Äôs.” See more of her work on Facebook & Flickr.

Jo Nixon

Jessica Stone

Jessica Stone is currently a senior in college who loves every minute of it, but can’t wait to graduate and explore more of the world. She is majoring in Psychology with a double minor in Statistics and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She’s an avid golfer and theater-goer, who loves listening to the British Invasion and Country stations on Pandora. She loves Audrey Hepburn, English chocolate, videos or pictures of dogs, and olive oil popcorn. For Jessica, tea and laughter are the meaning of life.

Jess Comer

Jess is one of our Tigress interns from Bendigo, living in Melbourne.

Jenny Williams

Jenny Williams is a painter and illustrator. Her blog, What My Daughter Wore, was named one of the 25 Best Blogs of 2013 by Time, and has attracted a loyal and enthusiastic following. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, New York, Rolling Stone, and The Source. She has been profiled in numerous art/fashion publications, including Spanish Vogue, Vogue.com,  Refinery 29, and die Zeit. She works and lives in Brooklyn with her husband and three children.

Jenny Pereira

Jenny Pereira is a literature student and a¬†freelance amateur illustrator from Caracas , Venezuela. She is a watercolor lover and is inspired by people, places, big hair, music ¬†tattoos, books, fashion and almost everything that¬†catches her attention.¬†There’s something about drawing and painting that will always make her smile. Follow her on Tumblr, Instagram, and Flickr!

Jennifer Wiessner

Jennifer Wiessner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) certified Sex Therapist whose Cumberland, Maine-based private practice focuses on achieving healthy sexuality for her clients.¬†Jennifer’s goal is to assist those with sexual dissatisfaction to experience the joys of healthy intimacy and sexual health. Jennifer currently works with couples and individuals and provides consultation sessions for parents wishing to encourage developmentally healthy sexuality in their children.¬†In addition, Jennifer has participated in advanced trainings in sexuality including being a member and only therapist of the inaugural class of the Sexual Health Scholars Program for medical students conducted by the American Medical Students Association in 2010.¬† This six month intensive program focused on sexual health education and awareness for medical students.¬† She also was the first certified female Sex Therapist in Maine. Jennifer is passionate about educating the community and conducts local workshops on Raising Sexually Healthy Children.¬† Jennifer is a wife and mother of two young boys.

Jasmine Rubio

Jasmine Rubio can be found on Blogspot.

Jane Williamson

Jane Herkenhoff

Jane is a Brazilian artist from Rio de Janeiro currently based in Oporto, Portugal. She studied Visual Arts and Printmaking at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. After Jane graduated she moved to Barcelona, then moved to Oporto and then back to Rio de Janeiro, but now she is getting a masters degree in Digital Illustration and Animation in Oporto, where she lives with her husband and dwarf bunny. Jane’s work is inspired by magical daily life and thoughts, literature and pop culture.

Jana Martish

Jana Martish is a photographer from Slovakia, in love with analog photography, sunlight, poetic stories, nature, colors, and travelling. And in love with being in love. Visit her website.

Isa Denney Strother

Isa¬†is an American teen living in Christ Church, she dreams of living in Europe and making music. Her life is an adventure and there is always the option for, “Just one more,”.

Isabella Zappe

Isabella Zappe is a 21 year old artist from Berlin, Germany, studying at Universit√§t der K√ľnste.¬†Follow her on her blog, Instagram, and Flickr.

Ira Limon

Ira is an 18 year old photographer from Russia. Find her on Flickr.

Ida A

Find Ida’s photographs on her Flickr.


Innergrace is a collaboration of two sisters from Melbourne who embrace natural, balanced and healthy lifestyles the best they can. Innergrace is about inner beauty, nourishment from the inside out and developing inner strength that radiates beyond.

India Rose

India Rose is a photographer from Portland, USA. Take a look at her Flickr & Etsy.

Imogen Woods

Imogen Woods is a 21-year-old photographer from Brighton in the UK. In her spare time she likes to dance to Beyonce in her underwear and goes on feminist rants. She runs a blog on mental illness, body positivity and feminism here. Take a look at her Flickr as well.

Lani Shinkarsky

Lani Shinkarsky is a 23-year-old dancer, writer, in-shower singer, graffiti lover and self-proclaimed ‚Äėqueen of breakfast food‚Äô. With a background in psychology, education, health, and a strong-felt connection to feminism and equality, it is her dream to be able to educate, inspire and empower women and men of all ages around the world.

Hope Antonellis

Hope is a quirky 17-year-old making her way through her senior year in high school. Passionate about making things with her hands, writing, and moving her body like an aquatic animal, she aspires to work for the arts and make the best sandwiches for picnics. Hope is still exploring her talents as she dabbles with photography, poetry, painting, and all sorts of expression. Tigress Magazine is her first internship for the arts, and most likely not her last. You can find her everyday teen silliness and amateur pieces on Instagram @skunky.punky_.

Helen Poser

Helen Groom Poser is an artist based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Portraits are her specialty. Her art has an attractive charm of eye catching color, quickly able to twist with a darker subject matter. Always working in series, her art is detailed; inspired by her Chuukese/Wisconsin heritage, and the tall tales she is told or tells herself. Currently Helen is putting her art onto fabric, sewing and marbling under the name NIFFICH. Follow her on Instagram @Helenanious and on her website.

Helen Barclay

Helen Barclay is 22 year old cellist, dancing queen, and nature lover from Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.

Haylee Penfold

Haylee Penfold is a bubbly eighteen year old from beachside Newcastle, Australia. She’s a passionate bookworm, blogger,¬†and pursuing writer who strongly enjoys the taste of pizza and the sight of kittens– also a strong believer in chicken wraps over thigh gaps. Follow Haylee on Instagram and her blog.

Hayley Littlefield

Hayley is a 24-year-old artist, poet and flower picker from the United States. She was raised by the sea and the woods and did not grow up. Currently she is working on a collection of poetry, making ornaments to sell on Etsy, and conquering her fears. She believes beauty is everywhere and Ian is her love.

Hannah Louey

Hannah Louey is a publishing student from Melbourne who was once caught hugging her bookcase. Although she hopes to one day read and edit books as a living, currently Hannah’s goal is to read every English book available–or finally finish Anna Karenina–whichever comes first.

Hannah Grace Davis

Hannah Grace Davis is a photographer from Auckland, New Zealand. You can follow her on her Flickr & Tumblr.

Grace Ann Leadbeater

Grace Ann Leadbeater is an analog photographer who resides in many locations along the East Coast. When she isn’t creating portraits of those she cherishes most, she likes to read on the subway, drink iced coffee, and attempt recipes that usually include quinoa. She has three cats, currently. Take a look at her¬†website.

Giulia Bialoglowka

Giulia Bialoglowka is a photographer; you can see her photographs on her Flickr.

Gemma Elsom

Gemma Elsom is an actor, writer, feminist and global citizen.  She is currently studying a BA in Drama and Literature at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Gemma has a passion for equality and hopes to one day see a world with peace and acceptance.

Gabrielle Rosenstein

As a BFA graduate from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Gabrielle Rosenstein works as a freelance illustrator, designer, and Media Manager at Vubiquity in Southern CA. By utilizing the unique qualities of digital illustration, she creates dynamic characters, each manifesting their own satirical psychology and identity. Check out her website and Instagram, and follow her #365DrawingChallenge here.

Georgie Kirton

Georgie Kirton is a 16-year-old student from Christchurch, New Zealand. Fascinated by arts, they have a keen interest in visual arts and photography, as well as being a dedicated musician. Social justice has always held a place in their heart, and they are an active member of the LGBT community in their area, being a co-founder of their school‚Äôs ‚Äėgay club‚Äô support group. They are currently in a long distance relationship with their partner who is also from New Zealand but is currently based in Paine, Chile.¬†You can find them on Instagram @heauxbo.

Gabriela Azel

Find Gabriela on Tumblr, Flickr, and Instagram @dogtooth.


Flo.We has been taking pictures for three years. In his photographs he expresses his emotions, feelings or just thoughts. Flo.We’s work is very personal. See more of his work on¬†Facebook.

Frances Sousa

Frances Sousa is a Toronto based visual artist and co-editor of STRIPES zine. She loves PJ Harvey, cats, coffee and avocados.  Her work has been shown in The Debrief, The Black Cat gallery, and Hashtag Photography magazine. See more of her work on her website.

Federica Santolamazza

Federica Santolamazza is a 22-year-old self-portrait artist based in Roma. Follow her work on Flickr.

Fanny Ashkenazi

Fanny is a 15-year-old photographer from Israel. She has been taking photos for about three years, and mostly likes documenting her life and friends. See her work on her Flickr and Facebook.

Eve Dangerfield

Eve Dangerfield has loved romance novels since she first started swiping her grandmother‚Äôs paperbacks. Now she writes her own sexy tales about complex women and gorgeous-but-slightly-tortured men. Eve currently lives in Northcote with her lovely sister and a rabbit named Billy. When she’s not writing she can usually be found drinking, dancing or making a mess. Check out her website.

Eyoälha Baker

Eyo√§lha (Eee-YO-Lah) means “the wind” in the Kwakwa‚Äôka‚Äôwakw language from the North West Coast of Canada. Eyo√§lha is a Canadian artist, photographer, and avid traveler.

Eugenia Loli

Eugenia is a filmmaker and a modern vintage collage artist. Before art, Eugenia was in the technology sector. She is originally from Greece, but lives in California. Take a look at her Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, & Etsy.

Eryn Lougheed

Eryn Lougheed is an illustration student at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. She also enjoys making jewelry and taking photos. Follow her on Instagram and Tumblr.

Erin Mills

Erin is 15 years old and absolutely in love with art, vintage clothes, music, and vegan food, and is extremely passionate about equality. Her personality type is INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception)¬†and think that explains a lot about who she is as a person. She can’t wait to get to know you and share and express her thoughts with everyone! Follow her on Instagram @eerinmills or Tumblr @erin-lara.

Erin Eben

Erika Pellicci

Erika Pellicci was born July 29, 1992 and began photography when she was 16. She studies a painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and studies tailoring at another school. Through photography she tries to express emotions and dreams. Erika’s photos aim to represent reality, seen through the dreamy mind of a child or a teenager.

Erandhi Mendis

Erandhi Mendis is a 20 year old Commerce student/burrito enthusiast whose first real crush was Seth Cohen. In her spare time she handwrites tattoos for people, watches Seinfeld re-runs and listens to Blink 182. Often confused with fictional cartoon character Daria.

Emma Workman

Emma is an 18 year old girl from Oakville, Canada, who spent 13 years of her life bouncing around the Caribbean. She enjoys daydreaming when she should be working, eating pasta too late at night, and hanging out with her girlfriend. She has a personal blog and a food/lifestyle blog!

Emily Dozois

Emily Dozois is an 18-year-old photographer from Ontario, Canada. She is known mostly for her conceptual self-portraits that are mainly inspired by her struggles with a severe lung disease. At the age of fifteen, Emily discovered photography and the artistic freedoms it gave her to express the troubles that she faces on a daily basis in a healthy way. Since then, Emily has not stopped creating with the hopes that her images can inspire others to do the same. See her photographs on Flickr.

Emily von Euw

Emily von Euw is creator of the award-winning recipe blog, This Rawsome Vegan Life. She is the bestselling author of two cookbooks: Rawsome Vegan Baking and 100 Best Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks. She is working towards a history degree at university. Emily lives in BC, Canada with her family. She loves trees, pigs, Kubrick films, dreams, hot baths, dancing to Mariah Carey songs, green smoothies, baked yams, raw chocolate almond butter cups and getting back massages. You can find Emily at her website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram!

Emily Johnston

Emilie Björk

Emilie Björk is a photographer/artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. She mainly shoots film and self-portraits and avoids digital cameras. She has studied photography and has also an education in art and visual studies. Find her on Flickr and Tumblr.

Emma Matsuda

Emma is a visual artist based in Melbourne who likes rain, travelling, tea, airports, being alone but also connected, cats, John Frusciante, pizza, and sleeping in. Follow her on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo.

Emma Katka

Emma Katka is a 23-year-old photographer from Grand Forks, North Dakota. Emma is a dreamer, explorer, traveler, and a lover full of passion for experience, art, and life. 

Emma Gregoline

Emma Gregoline is a graphic designer and print artist living in Los Angeles. Visit her website.

Emma Anderson

Emeline Ford

Emeline is a teenage girl who likes television, her cats, and writing fictional short stories.

Elyse Simich

Elodie Silberstein

Elodie Silberstein is an installation artist, a director and a PhD candidate in the Film, Media and Communications Program at Monash University (Melbourne – Australia). Her current research investigates the evolution of the depiction of girlhood from a transhistorical and transnational perspective with a focus on the social construction of femininity and the geopolitics of beauty. Parisian originally, she is now based in Melbourne, her adopted city where she has fallen in love with the creative and inclusive edge.

Elodie Mosely

Elodie Mosley is 16 years old and currently studying her third year of photography at high school. She fell in love with photography when her dad gave her her first camera at 13. Elodie likes to express an idea or mood through her photography. She want to make people feel a certain way when they look at her work, which you can see here.

Ellie Bryce

Ellie Bryce is an 18-year-old studying a bachelor of Communication Journalism. Ellie is a huge believer in surrounding yourself with positivity and always appreciating the beautiful people in your life. She is a former intern for Ramona Mag.

Elise Langford

Elise is an international relations and politics student living in Brisbane. She loves making new friends, exploring outdoors and crafting. It is her life goal to meet Leslie Knope.

Eezu Tan

Eezu is¬†a 15-year-old from Sydney. She absolutely loves cats, camembert cheese and chicken nuggets. She sees writing, theatre, dance, film and music as forms of expression. Hence, her poem “City Lights,” was drafted on the way back from a 5 day bush/canoeing camp along the Hawkesbury River.

Diana Spatariu

Diana Spatariu is 23 years old. She lives and studies medicine in Constanta, Romania. Follow her on Flickr.

Diana Haasbroek

Diana Haasbroek is an actress and model from Pretoria, South Africa. She received her Degree in Marketing and worked in sales until she started following her dream of becoming an actress in 2011. She completed her drama qualification in 2013 and since has starred in numerous television ads, soapies, acted as a presenter and also started writing her own screenplays.  She has done some freelance modelling and apart from being an entertainer, model, writer and wife, she is also an animal lover, keen traveller and enjoys to cook. She can be contacted at rheeder.diana@gmail.com

Dejah Greene

Dejah Greene is a 22-year-old semi-self taught photographer from Maryland. Dejah has been shooting photographs for about seven years and focuses on appreciating the beauty in simplicity. Along with shooting portraiture, Dejah also enjoys documenting life through photographs. Follow Dejah on Instagram @greeneuphorias, Tumblr, Facebook, and her website.

Del Santana

Del Santana is a photographer from Brazil who likes creating stories and making them real with her camera. Follow Del on her blog, Instagram, and website.

Debbie Tung

Debbie Tung is a freelance illustrator and comic creator from Birmingham, England. She has a Bachelor in Fashion Design and Master in Computer Science.  Having worked full time as a programmer, she decided to embark on more creative projects to fulfill her lifelong dream of having an artistic career. Her work is inspired by events from everyday life, personal experiences and the beauty of ordinary things in the world. She also has an obsession with sketchbooks, stationery and minimal aesthetic. Follow her blog, Instagram, and Etsy.

Dani Leever

Dani Leever is a 21-year-old writer, film producer, PR manager, radio station editor, researcher, jewellery maker, activist, storyteller and whatever new hobby she’s decided she’ll tackle this week. Dani is interning with Tigress and Archer Magazine (a gender and sexuality magazine) while writing for lip mag, VICE, Broadsheet and more. She likes vinyls, Wes Anderson films, her cat Alfie, podcasts and this year wants to win an Emmy (chances are slim-none).

Daniel Santalla

Daniel is a 27 year old Spanish photographer. Find him on Flickr and Facebook.

Cyndi Springford

Cyndi Springford is an ACE/AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, RRCA Certified Running Coach, and an IPE Certified Eating Psychology Coach. She currently works at PUMPS Real Fitness for Women! in Woburn, Massachusetts and is also the Founder of Love Your Body Project: Peace, Love and Food.  In the summer of 2015, she and her partner, Anne Poirier, launched Love Your Body Project Coaching and Consulting Services, which focuses on helping people heal their relationship with food and body image via individual coaching sessions and onsite consulting visits.  Her approach is compassionate and empowering. She focuses on helping them be the best versions of themselves that they can be while cheerleading and coaching them into sustainable change. She lives in Plaistow, NH with her husband Michael. Find her at Pumps Fit, Love Your Body Project, and on Facebook.

Cris Mazza

Cris Mazza’s most recent book is a real-time memoir titled Something Wrong With Her.  She has sixteen other titles including her latest novel, Various Men Who Knew Us as Girls, re-released with a new foreword in 2014. Among her other novels and collections of fiction are Waterbaby, Trickle-Down Timeline, and Is It Sexual Harassment Yet?  In addition to fiction, Mazza authored an earlier collection of personal essays, Indigenous: Growing Up Californian.  Currently living 50 miles west of Chicago, she is a professor in and director of the Program for Writers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She can be found online at www.cris-mazza.com.

Connie McDonald

Connie McDonald is a 22-year-old from New Zealand who likes to photograph, write stories and doodle girls. She believes glitter, popcorn and earl grey tea make every situation better. You can follow her on Tumblr and Facebook.

Coco Star Sims

Find Coco Star Sims on Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram.

Clemence Leclerc

Clemence Leclerc is a young French photographer. She is 18 and catches the beauty of people and little moments of life with her camera. She considers photography as a therapy to accept ourselves and tries to make people feel better about themselves by photographing them. Follow her work on Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, and Youtube.

Claudia Persi

Find Claudia on Instagram and her blog.

Claudia Morales

Claudia is a 20-year-old student based in Gran Canaria studying Graphic Design. She loves analogue photography, independent films, french fries, and Blink 182. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Clara Roman

Clara Roman is a photographer from Madrid. See her work on her website.

Claire Cross

Claire Wastell

Claire is 18 years old and is from Melbourne, Australia.  Her favourite colour is the blue of the ocean, she loves the smell of hot chips in winter, and she tells all her friends they are amazing no matter what.

Clair Wainwright

Clair Wainwright is a virgo baby that loves copious amounts of gelato, sparkles and baths. Whilst listening to old classics she would rather stay inside in front of a fire until the sun blesses her with its warmth so she can be amongst nature again, one of the purest joys in life. Clair is also avid in painting the town in all kinds of colour via electricvibes.com.au: a space to thrive exploring fashion, art, music and writing. A special thank you¬†to Wayne‚Äôs World and Patti Smiths ‚ÄėJust Kids‚Äô for always being there for her.¬†Keep up with Clair on her website, Instagram @electricvibesblog¬†and¬†@electricvibes,¬†Tumblr, and¬†Pinterest.

Christina Woodford

Christina Woodford is a writer and actor from Melbourne, Australia. She majored in Classics & Archaeology alongside Film Studies at Monash University and so basically wants to be a female Indiana Jones. She now divides her time between Melbourne and London where she can indulge in both her Shakespeare and Harry Potter addictions. Her work as an actor is taking a brief pause due to dealing with an auto-immune illness but this is ok because it means she can focus on creating and telling stories in formats other than on a stage‚Äďsuch as writing. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram

Chiara Salvi

Chiara Salvi is an Italian artist born in Florence in 1993. Traveling and exploring made her a photography enthusiast. In 2012, Chiara moved to London and in 2013, she started my Photography Degree at the London College of Communication. She has now graduated and is trying to make her way through the art world. Follow her on Instagram and check out her website.

Chiara Baldassarri

Chiara Baldassarri is a 26-year-old Italian photographer. She loves to represent her emotions through digital and analog photography. Find her on Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Behance, and her website.

Chiara Cappetta

Chiara, 18, is an Italian girl and photography is her passion. Seeing the world through her lens is what makes her live, and not just survive. In every photo you can find a piece of Chiara. Take a look at her Facebook page.

Charmaine de Heij

See¬†Charmaine’s photographs on her Flickr.

Chantal van den Broek

Chantal van den Broek is a 19-year-old photographer from the Netherlands. She likes to create conceptual, surreal, beauty, fashion and portrait photos. Most of her photos are self portraits because she can always shoot with herself and she knows what she likes in a photograph. Chantal’s dream is to inspire others and to be seen by some lovely human beings. Find her photos on her¬†Flickr.

Celia Gómez de Villavedón

Celia Gómez de Villavedón is a photographer from Spain. See her work on her website, Flickr & Facebook.

Céline Floyd

Céline Floyd is an 18-year-old Canadian and French artist whose primary forms of expression are photography, film, and writing. You can probably find her in thrift shops, binge watching Netflix, dancing around to pretty much any type of music from any decade, or creating content for different zines, magazines, sites, or art shows. You can find her on Instagram @celflow and more of her work on her website.

Celeste Ortiz

Celeste Ortiz is a twenty-something fine art photographer from a little sea-side town, San Antonio, Chile. Her work is very feminine and intimate. See her work here.

Cassia Carter

Catherine Booty

Catherine is a 21 year old photographer from Manchester, studying fashion photography and styling at Salford University. Follow her work on her Flickr and website.

Catie Michel

Catarina In√°cio

Catarina In√°cio is a photographer from Portgual. About her work, Catarina says:

“My dream is to become a great photographer. I want to show my feelings with photography, and create new stories based in my daily life. And I’m proud of my evolution in photography. I live with my issues and insecurities, and sometimes it’s hard to communicate and smile to life, although I know that I can’t give up, and I have to keep doing what makes me happy and live everyday with patience and calm.¬†Photography is one of my forms of therapy, it is what makes me happy and it is what makes me feel free.”¬†See her work on¬†Flickr.

Cat Coquillette

Cat Coquillette is a brand designer, illustrator and lettering artist living in Kansas City, USA. Her preferred mediums are watercolor, ink and gouache. Cat’s drawings and paintings incorporate bright pops of color, clean brushwork and a broad variety of motifs. Find Cat on her website, Twitter, Instagram, and Etsy.

Carly Correa

Carly Correa is a colorful and bright Los Angeles artist. Inspired by sunny SoCal livin’, the awkwardness of growing up, and DIY-punk spirit, she brings joy to others and encourages celebration with all of her art/life. She works as a Textile Print Artist for fashion brands and products for her personal line. Follow her Textile work, Tumblr, and website.

Caroline Meathrel

Caroline is an illustrator, artist, graphic designer, writer and yogi. Find her on her website and Facebook.

Camila Tomaz

Camila Tomaz is a photographer; you can see her work on her Flickr.

Caity Fowler

Caiti Borruso

Caiti Borruso is a photographer from New York. Find her work on her website.

Brooke Tieman

Find Brooke Tieman’s photographs on her Flickr.

Brittany Shepard

Brittany Shepard is a born and raised Southern Californian, lucky for her, the beach is her happy place. ¬†At 19 years old, Brittany is currently trying to find her place in this big and intimidating world. Writing has always been Brittany’s great escape, and she hope to one day inspire and help others with her words.

Brittany Colclough

Brittany is a Queensland girl currently living in Melbourne completely her year 12 studies at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. She is specialising in dance and is an aspiring writer. She hopes to study journalism next year at University.

Briony Brake

Briony Brake is a student at Oxford Brookes University in the UK. She is a writer and editor on her own film blog, Talk Movie To Me, and her new online site for young women, Anthem. She has also written for Hanna, and is interning with Tigress to write, edit and work social media. She likes film, tea, and eating.

Billie Morris

Billie Morris is a freelance female artist living in Victoria, Australia. She is 22 but still feels 12. She struggles to stick to one medium but does mostly Collage and Illustration, both digital and on paper. Take a look at her website.

Bethany Cahill

Ben Byrne

Ben Byrne is an actor, writer, podcaster and creative thinker who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. When not struggling with his own insecurities, he is attempting to reach out to other people through theatre, conversation and storytelling. His podcast ‚ÄúWill do Art for food‚ÄĚ is intended as a motivating and relatable collection of shared experiences. The weekly episodes explore the lives of artists and why they feel it‚Äôs absolutely vital to share their creativity.

Belinda Valdes

Belle Carlson

Belle Carlson is a Californian artist pursuing a joint degree in psycho-sociology and fine art at the University of Pennsylvania. Her passion for photography bloomed out of a desire to explore the vast and beautiful landscape of the human experience through her camera lens. You can follow her on her website, Facebook, and on Instagram @bellejune.

Bee Bracks

Bailey Hults

Azul Portillo

Azul Portillo can be found on Tumblr, Flickr, & Instagram.

Ashleigh Gibson

Ashley Ronning

Ashley is a twenty-something illustrator, living and working in Brunswick, Melbourne. Find her artwork on her website and blog.

Ariel Leung

Ariel Leung is an 18-year-old girl in New York City. She enjoys shooting 35mm film and Polaroids. See more on her Flickr, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Arianna Ceccarelli

Arianna Ceccarelli is a 21 years old Italian girl who live in Rome. She’s been taking photos for 4 years and loves portrait, fashion, and conceptual photography. Follow her on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Anne Pomel

Anne is a French artist, currently based in Paris. She studied Fashion design at Studio Berçot, Paris. She also has a degree in Graphic design. Follow her on her Tumblr, Etsy, and Instagram.

Annie Ngo

Annie is a young artist; you can find her on Instagram and Tumblr.

Anna Spielman

Anna Laznya

Anna Laznya is a photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. As her artist statement, Anna says:¬†There’s beauty in everything if only you choose to see it.¬†I love film photography just as much as I love Ukraine.¬†Find her on¬†Flickr¬†&¬†Tumblr.

Anna Hollow

Anna Malguina

Anna Malguina is a Russian photographer based in Italy. View her images on her Tumblr.

Angela Page

Angela Page is a writer and musician from Florida. She earned a BA in English from the University of Central Florida, and an MFA in Writing from Goddard College. Her poetry has been published in venues such as The Mom Egg, Bathhouse Journal, Freefall Magazine, and The Casserole. Currently, she is seeking publication for her poetry collection, Speaking with My Second Mouth.

Anastasia Amour

Anastasia Amour is a writer, body image activist and rule breaker on a mission to change the dialogue around women’s bodies. The pioneer of the #ProjectPositive initiative and Fearless Body Confidence movement, Anastasia has helped thousands of women around the world change they way that they see themselves, ditch self-inflicted negativity and banish body loathing for good. Her work can be seen on A Little Opulent, eHarmony, Wild Sister Magazine, SPROUT Magazine and more. Find her on her¬†website.

Anais Nannini

Ana√Įs is a photographer from France. See her photographs on her Flickr, Facebook and website.

Amy Diver

Amy Diver is a writer and editor based in Melbourne. Her published works include interviews, poetry and short stories. She enjoys queer stories, feminism and cat videos. Find her on Twitter @diver_amy.

Ambivalently Yours

Ambivalently Yours is a feminist artist. Find her on her Tumblr, Facebook, and website.

Amy Rivers

Amy Rivers provides the perspective behind AmyAnswers.com. She holds a graduate degree in Psychology and Political Science and is the former director of a sexual assault services organization. She is a mother, a daughter, and a friend. Submit questions to Amy at her website.

Amy Kafai

Alyssa Duhe

Alyssa Duhe is a connoisseur of puns and witty copy. Graphic Designer by day and doodler by night. You can find her roaming around Southern California, hiking in National Parks, or making zines. Find her on Tumblr, Instagram, & her website.

Alyssa Bedford

Alyssa Bedford is a poet, writer, and muralist studying for a BSBA. She has self published a collection of poetry and has a blog at whenpoetsbleed.tumblr.com. She adores reading, mountain climbing, cheesecake, The Zolas, snuggling with cats, and seeing kindness in people.

Alia Thomas

Alia Thomas is a self-proclaimed ditzy blonde with a camera from the South of England and a soon-to-be-graduate in BA(Hons) Commercial Photography, specialising in fashion and portraiture. She’s also a complete sucker for cute, furry 4-legged friends‚Ķ and a bit of a shark & dino geek. Find her on her¬†website,¬†Facebook,¬†Twitter, &¬†Instagram.

Ali Coulton

Ali Coulton is a 23-year-old journalist from Wollongong. She’s most commonly found looking at dogs, dancing like a drunk parent, following cats around her neighbourhood,¬†telling kids to get off her lawn and laying on the floor.

Alina Autumn

Alina Autumn is a 23-year-old photographer from Russia. Follow her photography on her Instagram and Flickr.

Alexandra Snowdon

Alexandra is an artist who loves illustrating, hand lettering and printmaking. You can find her on Etsy here and here, Facebook, and Flickr.

Alexia Bruijlants

Alexia Bruijlants is a 15-year-old high school student from Belgium. She likes to share her love for music and poetry with her family and friends. Feminism and politics both play a big part in her life. You can find her on Instagram at @alexiabruijlants.

Alexis Watt

Alexis is a comedian from Australia.

Alex Creece

Alex Creece is an abstract concept in thigh-high socks. She is a necessary evil. Don’t bother looking for the body, but feel free to look for more of her work here.

Alexa Abello

Alexa Abello can be found on Flickr.

Alessandra Scalogna

Alessandra Scalogna born in Ragusa Italy  in 1983 and works in an accounting firm in the same city. Photography is her passion and represents a very personal way to free and detach herself from the rest. She loves to realize poetic images full of mystery to make anyone (or you) dream and provide new sensations. Check out her photos on Flickr, Photovogue, and Instagram.

Alejandra Hernandez

Alejandra was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1989. She finished her BA in Visual arts on 2011 before moving to Belgium and starting the MFA in KASK. Painting and drawing have been her main mediums, influenced by inputs coming from daily life experiences, music, art history, films and mythology among others. The outcome is usually a combination of images and symbols which play between reality and fantasy portrayed in instants where ambiguity is present. Take a look at her Flickr.

Aleksandra Wiktoria

Alex, born in 1997, is a Polish girl living in United Kingdom. For her, photography is a way of exploring the world and expressing herself. Visit her Flickr, and her Tumblr for her analogue works.

Alana Cole

Alana Cole is a young unprofessional who enjoys home workouts to Taylor Swift, avoiding her parents, and reading her teenage diaries.

Ajak Majur

Ajak Majur is an 18 year old African-Australian writer, currently living in Melbourne. Ajak enjoys modelling, acting and singing. When she writes fictional stories and genuine poetry she loves the ability which she has to create a story or some genuine poetry through the perspectives of completely different people.

Aimee Bee Brooks

Aimee Bee Brooks is an illustrator from NYC. You can view her work here and her blog here. Prints are available through the print shop.

Agus Cabaleiro

Agus Cabaleiro is a photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. See her Flickr, Facebook, & Tumblr.

Adrianna Wojciechowska

Adrianna Wojciechowska is a twenty-year-old student of Polish philology living in Poland. Her works are for her a form of therapy, a way to manage with excess of emotion, not only those negative. She is interested in literature and art. She loves summer mornings and autumn nights. Her works are available on Flickr and Facebook.

Adeline Nieto

Adeline is an aspiring teacher, author, and artist. She believes in leaning into ambiguity to find authenticity. Adeline has been published in Rethinking Schools Magazine and Rhythm and Resistance: Teaching Poetry for Social Justice. Her artwork can be found here and you can follow her on Instagram @ebbsnflowsphoto.

Sophie Pellegrini

Sophie Pellegrini¬†is the Co-Founder and Artistic & Creative Director¬†of Ramona Magazine for Girls. She is a¬†24-year-old outdoor-enthusiast, photographer, and wilderness therapy field guide in Colorado. Sophie has a Master’s of Communication Design in Photography from the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, and a BA in Psychology and Studio Art from Bates College in Maine, USA. She¬†loves crafting, playing acoustic guitar, 90s music, the smell of summer, making lists, a good nap, cuddly animals, and the cold side of the pillow. Follow Sophie on her website and on Instagram.

Eleonora Arosio

Eleonora Arosio is a freelance illustrator based in Melbourne, but hopes to have many bases around the world. Born in 1992, she‚ÄĒlike many creatives‚ÄĒdeveloped a passion for drawings at an early age. Many years after that, she graduated from NABA Academy in Milan and started dedicating herself to illustrations, focusing her work on ironic everyday aspects from a woman’s point of view. Follow Eleonora on Instagram @pinciroduga and see the rest of her work on her website.

Connie Tran

Connie is a 19-year-old Media student attempting to successfully navigate her way through this thing we call life. A lover of breakfast foods and all things floral, you can usually spot her curled up in a cozy corner on campus with her laptop‚ÄĒhopefully being productive. Check out her Insta (it‚Äôs still a work in progress) at @connie___tran.

Freya Bennett

Freya Bennett is the co-founder and director of Ramona Magazine for Girls. Freya is a musician, artist and writer from Melbourne, Australia. Peek into this green, caffeinated city and you will find her writing and playing music, making colourful art, and discussing the virtues of feminism. Freya has a passion for youth issues and has been studying Youth Work during 2017 with the hope to be a mentor and help youth (especially teen girls) to overcome any obstacles they are faced with. To combat her own obstacles of anxiety and hypochondria, you can find Freya boxing, practicing yoga and swimming in the ocean. She believes in opening up about mental health struggles and shining a light on what is not spoken about. Freya welcomed her first daughter, Aurora into the world on the 21st of November, 2017 and is smitten! She hopes the Ramona community will surround Rory and give her so much strength as she grows! With a passion for grassroots activism and creative community, Freya began Ramona¬†Magazine as an alternative to boring, image-obsessed teen media. The magazine is founded upon Freya‚Äôs core values of creative expression, equality and kindness. Visit Freya’s¬†Soundcloud and follow her on Instagram @freyasadventures.

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