1 am Poetry

Writing by Natalie Williams // Photograph by Nunzia Lollo

When the past comes knocking, I panic for a second and have to ask, did I lock the door?

Did I obstruct myself from the memories I wish I never had?

The old friend I hope to never run into

The now stranger who seems nothing but a picture to me in a no longer developing photograph

But rather one that’s faded away into the darkness and blankness I’ve become to feel

Numb – verb; deprive of feeling and responsiveness

All the colours of my soul turned to shades of white and grey and black until no emotion is left to paint my imagination and to play the song of my heart

Voiceless words screamed across an eternal nothingness where there isn’t even a wall for my thoughts to bounce off

Empty – adjective; having no value or purpose

Each footprint replaced on the beach of my mind

And each thought erased by the crashing of the waves of anxiety and the tides and ripping currents of depression

The cold water becoming so frozen to my body

I can’t remember what it means to feel

Lighthouse – noun; a beacon of light to guide or warn those lost at sea

Echoes off rocky cliffs and fear of the unknown monsters below make me press on as I fly above clouds and space and galaxies until the stars remind me of the constellations of my heart

A collection of burning suns bringing light to my fleeting little life

Yet even here in the upside-down of earth

Freshly cut grass still smells of clarity in the galaxy I am floating in

And the strawberry lip-gloss she wears still shines when she smiles in the right reflection of the sun

And the teddy bears of lost childhoods and neverlands still bring hope to long ago yesterdays and soon to be tomorrows

Perfumes mask the past and old letters still bring strength to aching bones of long lost reflections and remembrances

Rose gardens and twisted mazes still pertain childlike wonder

And hot chocolate and music with the right person is always guaranteed to bring life back into my adventure to death

I’m coping


Nunzia Lollo

Nunzia Lollo is a young photographer based in a little town near Rome. She loves photography and her camera is always with her. She hopes her work will be appreciated and enjoyed. Follow her on Facebook.

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