ARTIST FEATURE: Katarina Radulovic

Interview of Katarina Radulovic by Freya Bennett

Hi Katarina, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello, my name is Katarina, but many people know me as Radulanka Kacanski. I am a collage artist from Nish, the second town in Serbia. I am 32 years old. My passion is art and of course collage art.

Where do you call home?

Serbia is small country in Europe, but with many kinds of people, creative and hardworking.  Here we have a lot of wonderful nature!! Many tourist come to visit our nature treasures.

The city I live in, Nish, is a nice place, great for living, with funny and simple people. Generally, I think that my city doesn’t have enough galleries and art studios.. there could be more… But culture, life and art are on the highest level. We have many historical places, great museums and many good artist and creative young people.

Tell us a little bit about your art process:

My process is handmade collages, cut and paste technique, with important tools, scissors and glue, and many magazines, newspapers and art paper. And the most important thing is the idea for a new collage, and realization.

What inspired you to become a collage artist?

At first I was making some kind of a collage cards as presents for my friends. They liked my original presents so much, that they give me the inspiration to start as professional work. I started over six years ago!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From movies, books and music! I like every kind of art! I am a kind of dreamer, and my inspirations came from my dreams too. 🙂

Your new theme for collage focuses on women, tell us about that?

Yes, my theme is Woman, as the big secret. Women are always a kind of mystery, there are many types of women. I present through my collages their wishes, emotional conditions, and dreams. Women have very creative imaginations and I  am the one of them! 🙂 My collages present happy woman, sad woman, tragic woman, melancholic woman, adventurous woman, woman in love and more.

If you had to describe your work in three words, how would you describe it?

Compact, clear and unique!

Tell us a little bit about your work process?

At the beginning I create a theme in my head, then I get my tools and go to realize that! Of course there are many changes at working process. Each collage has a clear message and that for me is very important.

What are some of your other hobbies?

I like reading very much, and I am a real movie fan! Especially biography movies about artists, my favourite is Frida, because my favourite artist is Frida Kahlo.

What do you think is important in empowering women?

Clear attitude and self-confidence, emotional stability, the desire for progress and development, the realization of dreams and perseverance.


Katarina Radulovic

Katarina Radulovic is a collage artist from Serbia. All her works are handmade, through cut paste technique. Her collages have been viewed in the USA, Silver City, New Mexico, Sweden and many other places world wide.

Freya Bennett

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