ART SERIES: Body Shaming Looks Like…

Writing and artwork by Laura Sharp-Wheadon

In this work, entitled “Body Shaming Looks Like…” I speak out against body-shaming and the unfair representation of women online.  In this piece I take on the social issue of body-shaming and transform it into a series of self-portraits.

The words I wrote on my body (with the help of an assistant) are generally spoken towards women online, in public and towards themselves. These were written with a variety of permanent black markers. I shot the series on a Canon 7D with a Sigma 1.4mm Art Lens and edited the final selections in both colour and monochrome.

This piece involved a considerable amount of research on the social issues surrounding shame, and as my research continued, I wrote notes and considered how I could represent this issue in a way that would make people take notice. The decision to use my own body rather than someone else’s was an important choice, as this helped me confront many of my own demons too.


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