ART SERIES: The Playlist of El Pigmeu

Writing and art by Joana Martins

I’m a Portuguese dreamer living in a wrong era. When I’m in the real world people call me Joana, but when I’m traveling in my time machine I become El Pigmeu.

Being an art student takes all of my time but I do make some time in my schedule to watch movies, play guitar, read, and improvise dialogue with Tony Iommi  I know I’m gonna meet him one day).

I always liked photography. I had a film camera when I was little and photographed almost everything I watched! Later I realized that I love a lot of things in art like video, installation art, painting, illustration, etc. I’m studying all of this in fine arts!

To do my work I need to first of all put on a Jimi Hendrix record, then prepare a mix of acrylic colors, a glass (from a picture frame), and heavy paper. I use the stamp process to start. I drop some ink on the glass and immediately cover it with paper, let it dry, finalize it in Photoshop, and voilá! Every image has a name of a song that for me defines that piece; it’s like a playlist. I usually choose psychedelic bands, but you can find other genres in there. My inspiration lives in the movies, music, books, the 60’s and 70’s, Woodstock, Janis Joplin, and Leif Podhajský (he made the artwork for the band Tame Impala, I just love it!)!

When I start to work on a piece I can make a lot of images but I know that only a few will make me travel and those ones are my time machine.

For me every image is a traveling in the space, in the mountains, in the fire, or in the deep sea.

I know that everyone’s going to see different things in it; I see mountains, you see fire– and it’s funny! When people look at my work I want them to imagine, to be an astronaut and travel with me!


Joana Meneses

Joana is from Portugal and was born in a cold and grey day of December in 1994. She’s passionate about life and every little thing that is a part of it. Joana is an amateur photographer and thinks everything in life is art. That’s why she loves photography: because she is able to freeze something that she enjoys to watch, or a moment. Lately photography has been like a therapy for Joana and she’s currently doing a 365 photography project. She loves photography in general but her favorite type is definitely portraiture. Follow her on Flickr and Instagram.

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