MIX TAPE: Teen Angst

When you’re feeling angsty.

Mixtape by Toni Stanger // Illustration by Katie Lyons

Mixtape by Toni Stanger // Illustration by Katie Lyons


Toni Stanger

Toni Stanger is a small, cold adult from England. She is a Film and Screenwriting graduate with a passion for cats, cinema and wine. She occasionally writes about film on her blog House of Psychotic Women and practically lives on Letterboxd.

Katie Lyons

Katie Lyons is an Animator/ Illustrator based out of Dublin, Ireland. Focusing mainly on 2D digital animation, she also illustrates both hand-drawn and digitally. Graduating with a first class BA in Animation, she spends the majority of her time animating and sketchbooking, stopping only for the occasional Netflix binge or to insta-snap her avocado-on-toast lunches. You can find more of her work here and here, or stalk her Instagram here.

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