REVIEW: Same Boat

Review by Sophie Van Bastelear

A lilting guitar line and affective lyrics weave their way through Vanessa Forero’s “Same Boat”. They’re guided by the singer’s voice, which is somehow both ethereal and grounded; like all good indie-folk singers, Forero evokes an ineffable nostalgia.

The song is simple and self-reflective – it reminisces, as so many songs do, on days past. The common musical tropes of a) change, and b) of the inscrutability of time are balanced by a jaunty finger-picking and subtle steel drums, which also keep “Same Boat” from veering into the melancholy.

The rest of Forero’s songs are just as melodically pleasant and just as vibrant. Her voice has definitive Julia Stone and Lucy Rose vibes, and her musical sound quite strongly echoes Paper Airplanes. Even while I’ll Be Wrong Again is your classic ballad full of woeful tremors and typical chord progression, Forero does, as a rule, keep things fresh and musically innovative.

Anhela is relaxing and loose, while Heaven Knows ebbs and flows richly with a distinctly blue-grass vibe. Raven is enchantingly eclectic and stunning (Enya-style), with a gorgeous, chic mesh of what sound like musical hints from both her British and Colombian roots. The song’s string instruments and electric base line, especially, center and propel the piece – which, with so much cool stuff happening between its bars, takes a few listens to appreciate to its full extent.

Forero’s songs are inventive, dazzling gems in an otherwise never-ending sea of musical mimicry. The singer-songwriter’s musical experimentation and sprinkle of Latino influence give each song a unique vibe even as she maintains her commitment to delivering soulful folk. Check out her music while studying, while chilling out, while spending time with friends, while cooking, while doing really anything – revel in all that affecting heart and soul and optimism she’s gifted us with.

To hear more of Vanessa Forero’s music, head over to her Soundcloud.


Sophie van Bastelaer

Sophie is a Beligian-American expat currently living in Toronto. Some of her favourite things include rain, TV shows that make her cry, other people’s birthdays, and baking chocolate chip cookies. Find her on Instagram @sophie_rose_vb and Twitter @svanbastelaer and tell her your stories.

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