You and the Smoke

Writing by Haylee Penfold // Photograph by Liat Meir


My friend is bright,

she gives an aura of confidence.

She is the colour yellow –

attractive and vibrant.

I’m not yellow,

I’m the colour that wants to blend into other colours,

to remain bland and unseen.

I’m grey.


I managed to mix with yellow.

The grey still remains,

but something emerges –

something bright and golden.

I’m still the girl in grey,

but how the yellow in me shines through.

The Smoke

You had a spark,

a colour so bright inside you,

it would brighten a day.

You’d ignite me,

make me feel so fluorescent,

because your flame would spread,

like wildfire.

But slowly,

the spark in you ran out,

and the smoke took over.

I still remain unsure,

of how the grey consumed you,

so quickly,

so violently.

To smoulder you,

someone so fragile.

You were robbed.

Your last kindle was taken from you.

You were drowned,

and left to breathe in the fog.


Liat Meir

Liat Meir, AKA Forever A Sleepwalker, is a 27 year old photographer from Israel. Find her work on Facebook,  Flickr, & Tumblr.

Haylee Penfold

Haylee Penfold is a bubbly eighteen year old from beachside Newcastle, Australia. She’s a passionate bookworm, blogger, and pursuing writer who strongly enjoys the taste of pizza and the sight of kittens– also a strong believer in chicken wraps over thigh gaps. Follow Haylee on Instagram and her blog.

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