ART SERIES: Forest Nymph

Photographs and writing by Selma Wo

I’m Selma, an 18-year-old Ethiopian and freelance photographer based in Washington D.C.

This shoot was inspired by a crazy idea I had of turning a pantyhose into a top and by Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I am in love with John William Waterhouse’s series of Ophelia paintings and the idea of nature goddesses, or nymphs, so I tried to incorporate that same ethereal feeling into my photo series.

In general, I would have to say that my photographic process is very relaxed. Ideas just sort of come to me. I have an active imagination and I like to express myself through my photography, so a lot of my inspiration comes from within. I expand on my mood and feelings and incorporate them into my photos. I also really like the idea of photos being used to capture moments or create a timeless image in an ever changing world, so I really try to present a specific mood, vibe, or fantasy in them.


Selma Wo

Selma Wo is a student and freelance photographer based in Washington DC. When she’s not wandering around the city visiting museums and art galleries with friends, you can find her with her camera or a good book. Follow her on Instagram @selma.wo and check out her website.

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