ART SERIES: Girls’ Connection

Writing and photographs by Marlin Helene

These images are a homage to beautiful female friendships. Of course, there are awesome friendships between boys as well, or between boys and girls; and every friendship is important and individual. But for these images, I wanted to focus on the ones between girls.

I photographed Lillith and Mariama, two friends who have a connection through dancing. It was amazing to shoot them. They started dancing and I tried to catch the tension between them. The two were really open and free; dancing is something special in this way.

I love this sort of special connection between girls. It’s a gift to meet a girl and to feel on the same wavelength. It’s like we have extra means of communication. We don’t need words to know what’s the matter with the other one. It’s a sensitivity to the little things; you know all the looks and gestures and what’s behind them. This is so important for a good friendship, because sometimes there aren’t words for a feeling.

I have this type of connection with my best friend. It’s a feeling of safety, of being home when I’m with her. All fear, shame and insecurity disappear. It helps you find your personality, your strength, and your deep love. It is so good to have people around me who know me that well, that I can truly be myself with, that I don’t need to hide anything from or to think about what I do or say—everything is just alright.



Marlin Helene

Marlin is an 18-year-old student from Northern Germany and she looks forward to finishing her final exams this summer so she can finally do what she really wants to do. Marlin loves nature and tries to protect it as much as she can. She’s also in love with analog cameras and photography. Follow her on Flickr.

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