ART SERIES: Natural Color

Writing and photographs by Alina Autumn

My name is Alina Autumn. I am 23 years old. I am a creative photographer from Russia. For me, the photograph is a way to share with people thoughts and feelings through means of visual images. I like to create tragic, sensual, womanly images to reflect an interior in the photo. It is important to me that the photo does not leave the viewer indifferent and that I am able to tell somewhat of a story. I usually strive to create series’ of pictures which represent and make up a whole. I am inspired by the natural beauty of people, nature, cinema, vintage aesthetics, light, and color.

When I get an idea for a photograph, I start off by making sketches in a notebook. The idea is born incidentally and often occupies all of my thoughts. I begin to search for the object to shoot and consider clothing, locations, colour scales and other details to incorporate. This series, “Natural Color,” became one such project. I wanted this series to show the natural beauty of girls.

I carefully selected the color scale so that nothing could obstructed the enjoyment subject’s natural beauty. Color in this series of pictures became both my assistant and my inspiration. I chose the beach for a location due to the color of sand and calm water.

I wanted to remind people that nature has given us all our best features; our hair color, the color of our eyes, and the individual traits of a person. Each of us is beautiful and unique. The three girls in the photos contrast each other; we see that beauty can’t have a uniform standard.

People create ideal beauty standards, but they don’t actually exist naturally. Many girls hesitate to go outside without cosmetics and feel ugly without makeup. I hope that my project “Natural Color” will help young girls recognize the beauty of what they have been given by nature and will help them look at their unique features in a new way. I would like to continue the project to further expand the concept of beauty.

The models are Gallia Kuzakhmetova, Ekaterina Yarusova, and Ekaterina Gusak.


Alina Autumn

Alina Autumn is a 23-year-old photographer from Russia. Follow her photography on her Instagram and Flickr.

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