Writing by Leona Cicone // Photograph by Nunzia Lollo

I lifted the lid of the box

and a giant red bug landed on my pouch

I jumped back and tried to swat it away

but it sat and stared

I noticed its large black eyes

brimming with emptiness and hushed memories

The legs twitched and it started to move

up my shirt till it sat on my ear

I shuddered and squirmed

writhed and screamed

I again waved my hands to flick the bug away

but it flew in front of my eyes

I had to face its blank face

washed with nothing but still wind

The bug said to me

“Try as you might, let your fears pass”

It turned with such quickness and left

My heartbeat slowed and I

realised the bug was a figment

and I hoped for no more.


Nunzia Lollo

Nunzia Lollo is a young photographer based in a little town near Rome. She loves photography and her camera is always with her. She hopes her work will be appreciated and enjoyed. Follow her on Facebook.

Leona Cicone

Leona Cicone is an anthropology major at Ursinus College in the United States. While she is finishing up her senior year at university, Leona obsesses over cute things and baking shows. She has big plans to become an archaeologist and discover ancient tombs but currently loves to write and express her thoughts in her free time. You can find her other poems here.

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