ART SERIES: Pastels & Poetry

Art Series by Raychel Reimer

“Pastels & Poetry” is some sort of solution to my never-ending question of how to visually represent my writing. The marriage between my writing and my photography has been shaky for years, and I’m constantly try to find a way to connect the two. I used to shy away from using pinks and bright colours because I was worried about people labelling it as juvenile before even reading it. I’m quite ashamed that I ever thought that, because it doesn’t blend well with my other ideologies, so I decided to ditch that fear completely. Some of my content is quite heavy – I write a lot about love, but I also write about depression, anxiety, and overcoming self-harm. I’m not going to stop writing about that stuff. That being said, if you know me in person, you would know that I have pink hair and absolutely love cutesy patterns and whatever else. I’m in my twenties, have a career, have been through alota lot, and I’ve never thought that being “girly” takes away from those things. Why is pink “girly”? Even if it were, who cares? Being a girl is badass. Why would I try to hide who I am in my art?

I create my images using anything I think is interesting from craft stores, gardens, my own drawers;, anything really. I have a studio that I use to work out of. I pick colours that I love and use a mix of heavy and light content. I play around with the objects I have to work with until I find something that makes me happy (enough).

It’s been really empowering for me as an artist to step out of my comfort zone a little bit, allow myself to be vulnerable, and give something new a shot. I hope others will give it a shot too.

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Raychel Reimer

Raychel Reimer is a freelance artist based out of Vancouver, Canada. A lover of many platforms, Reimer is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, photographer, writer, and mixed media artist. She studied Media Arts at Sheridan Institute, where she specialized in the art documentary filmmaking. Reimer continues to create raw, non-fiction art through various platforms. Take a look at her website and her Tumblr.

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