ADVICE FORUM: Septum Piercing and Permission


So recently I’ve asked my mum if I could get my septum pierced and she got really angry and said no. I’m 16, so technically I don’t need her permission, but I’d feel really bad if I got one and hid it. I really want one but my mum says they’re only good for bulls and pigs. I don’t know what to do!


This situation has pretty much been my life for the last three years so I totally get it!

I’m eighteen now but still in school and my parents have always been super strict on piercings and won’t budge until I graduate. I never understood, and never will, why parents stop their kids from getting piercings, it’s not like we are coming at them with a needle!

The frustration of not being able to express yourself is unbearable at times, especially because piercings aren’t even permanent. While you can now legally go and get it yourself, I wouldn’t advise it if your mum isn’t on board. I have done that and it caused heaps of anger and tension that wasn’t worth it. I broke my mum’s trust.

I know it sucks that you can’t get it done right this second, but try and negotiate with them. If piercings are the way you express yourself, compromise on an ear piercing, or make a deal that you can get your septum when you’re seventeen or eighteen—especially because they can be flipped and hidden at any time; so really push that point in your (calm) discussions with your mum.

I’m allowed to get my nose ring when I finish school. At sixteen that felt like decades away but the time actually flew by, and I found other ways to express myself in the meantime. Keeping your mum’s trust at this stage is key, and if you are mature about the decision and in your negotiations she will recognise it and may let you get it earlier than expected. Good luck!




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