MUSIC REVIEW: ‘Sleep In’ by Take Your Time

Review by Rose Sejean // Artwork by Sam Donaldson


Take Your Time have dropped the first of two singles from their debut 7” via Gab Strum’s (A.K.A Japanese Wallpaper) new record label Neat Lawn.

The title couldn’t be more tempting.

‘Sleep In’ is four and a half blissful minutes of house with influences of cappuccino jazz, indie-pop and disco throughout.

Take Your Time is comprised of Angela Schilling (Swimming, Oliver White) and Lee Hannah (The Townhouses, Sessility) who recently merged creative realms to produce an electro sound that echoes the mellow buzz and eccentricity of Melbourne’s hidden-laneway café culture.

‘Sleep In’ is the perfect soundtrack for those early mornings when you’d rather not roll out of bed and face the big bad world outside. The “diva house” duo say the song is “like a big warm embrace for your loved ones”.

Designed to comfort your pals through tough times, the song is feel-good but in a chilled-out sense, it doesn’t have the intrusiveness of a powerhouse motivational roar blasting through your speakers, instead, it lifts your spirits laidback-style.

The track is characterised by two key parts; it opens with the layering of textured rhythm variations and easy-going electro hooks, sending the listener into a dreamy disco daze. Schilling and Hannah’s breathy vocals add an informal, indie feel with the chorus capturing their heavenly blend. The lyrical tag line, “It’s gonna happen soon, it’ll come to you” repeats throughout the track like a re-assuring whisper in your ear, reminding you that everything is going to be ok.

Part two hits you a little over halfway; the track cranks into double time, the drums say hello and a reverb-heavy piano goes off on one very cool twinkly tangent. Just before things couldn’t get any more feel-good, the lyrical tag line returns, bringing the track and the listener home-sweet-home again.

Mastered by Simon Lam and with a stamp of approval from Neat Lawn, ‘Sleep In’ is well worth a listen and will no doubt have you curious about Take Your Time’s next single.

The duo have recently joined electro locals Yeo and SAATSUMA on an east-coast tour. For more info on show dates visit Take Your Time’s Facebook Page and listen to their 7” on Bandcamp and Spotify.



Rose Sejean

Rose is a music editor at Ramona and also works for a pretty cool record label in Sydney, Australia. xx

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