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Interview of Marga Lane by Jaz Yates 

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marga Lane is set to release her most personal project to date; Undressed is a raw, five track EP produced by Matt Bob, showcasing Lane’s soulful, acoustic sound. Ramona contributor Jaz Yates chatted with the New York native about the EP and her two latest singles.

Hi Marga! It’s a pleasure to chat with you, how’s your day been?

Likewise. It’s been pretty good so far; worked out, had my green tea and I’m now chatting with you.

I love your new song, ‘Thinking About You’. We are surrounded by a production-heavy commercial music scene, what inspired you to create a such a stripped back sound?

I wanted the music to be able to stand alone and evoke emotion with just melody and lyrics. I love watching acoustic performances of my favorite songs, there’s so much emotion behind them that sometimes doesn’t get accounted for when you hear a heavily produced version.

Your lyrics explore both love and loss, how do you feel about sharing personal reflections with the world through music?

I have never been afraid to share my feelings through music. I think people respond to the real and raw emotion. There’s something authentic about speaking your truth. I’ve made people cry with tears of happiness and sadness before and that’s when I decided I would never not ‘keep it real’ with songwriting because I now know I have the power to touch people, and when the power comes from a genuine place it’s even better.

‘Thinking About You’ celebrates love in its truest form, can you give us some background on the track?

I had just started dating my boyfriend and I was on cloud 9. I wanted to write something that expressed how he made me feel every day. I had never written a song like ‘Thinking About You’ before and it just kind of came out.

Your song ‘Forgiven’ seems to come from a point of pain, what made you want to explore that story?

I have a history of writing songs about heartache, it just comes easy I guess! With ‘Forgiven’, I wanted to place myself in the role of the person who was in the wrong. I hadn’t done that before in a song and I thought it would be a nice change. I originally wrote it as “You don’t deserve to be forgiven”, but decided to switch it to ” don’t deserve to be forgiven”, same story just in first person now.

While writing and recording your EP Undressed, did you experience any personal revelations that you wish you had known in the moment?

Recording the EP just felt right. I’ve recorded a bunch of music before and for some reason this body of work was my most emotional. I can say I’m truly happy with every song on the EP.

You’ve enjoyed some success touring throughout the U.S, what have been your highlights to date?

I would say playing at colleges. I got to play at my brother’s college a few years back and that was the best. He brought out all his friends.

You’ve performed at some pretty contrasting events from fashion weeks to NBA games, have you found you’ve had to adapt your performances to suit your audiences?

Absolutely, the fashion show performances are really fun, they go all out and I’m usually performing with a DJ, whereas with my regular performances, I’d have my band or I’d be playing guitar or piano. With the NBA games it’s just me, acapella in the middle of the arena singing my heart out. It’s the coolest feeling ever.

Where are you hoping the next chapter of your musical journey will take you?

I would love to tour the world and just continue to make great music and share it with my fans.  I have a few other projects up my sleeve as well, you’ll just have to stay tuned 😉

Lastly, do you have any advice for our readers?

Yes, keep going and keep the faith with whatever your heart desires! Take opinions with a grain of salt. So many people have opinions about what you should be doing and you can get lost trying to appease everyone. Follow your heart and your instincts, because if I listened to what everyone had to say all the time, I'd be running around in circles, second guessing myself at every turn.

Undressed is set for release on December 2nd .

Listen to Forgiven and Thinking About You on Soundcloud and follow Marga

Lane on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Jaz Yates

Jaz Yates is a 18-year-old Band Manager and Entertainment Management student based in Melbourne Australia. With a passion for music, exploring and experiencing what life has to offer, you might just see her contributing to one or two different music and life themed pieces for us here at Ramona. You can follow Jaz on Instagram @jazwithtea

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