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Poem by Celine Floyd // Photograph by Sofia Higgins

Poem by Celine Floyd // Photograph by Sofia Higgins

’Twas a damp summer night when I spewed my deepest darkest secrets.

You held my knotted hair,

Washcloth in hand,

As I slurred,

Throwing up words and feelings into an empty toilet bowl,

Insanity slowly enveloping and crowding my mind:



// I //

Meeting you was like a comet shower:

Beautiful, chaotic

And all at once.


With eyes like a galaxy,

You offered me wine.

“You’re quite refined,”

I teased,

Downing white wine.

‘Let’s unwind’

Eyebrows raised,

That smirk became a lifeline.


// II //


More than anything,

I became your pet;

Running in circles,

Chasing your love on the tip of my tail,

On the tip of your lips.

Don’t taunt me with your lies and blown kisses.


// III //


You’d say home is where the heart is,

As you cut a hole into my heart.

A pretty little home-shaped hole.


// IV //


Decisions are hard to make,

Especially when love’s at stake.

But pull out a knife and fork,

Oh dig in.

Throw some salt —

A dash or a handful —

To add more flavour to my wounds.

Stay or leave.

It’ll hurt just the same.


// V //


Hold me.



a kaleidoscope of amber and gold

little specks of stories untold

hiding in your eyes.

as it unfolds before me,

you ask ever so softly:

“kindly refrain

from scrutinizing the details and pre-tales

i’m about to describe”


‘the past is no game,’

i answered,

stroking your messy blonde hair,

‘nor can it be ignored,

but it won’t hurt you anymore.’

i’ll hold you

and rock you

through the nightmares,

lay a washcloth upon your forehead

to keep the bad-past tsunami at bay.


nights spent screaming, dreaming and sweating.

losing it.

losing your sanity.

every last wisp of it.


i will stay there

i will be by your side


all for that kaleidoscope

kaleidoscope of amber and gold.


Céline Floyd

Céline Floyd is an 18-year-old Canadian and French artist whose primary forms of expression are photography, film, and writing. You can probably find her in thrift shops, binge watching Netflix, dancing around to pretty much any type of music from any decade, or creating content for different zines, magazines, sites, or art shows. You can find her on Instagram @celflow and more of her work on her website.

Sofia Higgins

Sofia Higgins is a photographer from Puerto Rico. Take a look at her Flickr and Facebook page.

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