MUSIC REVIEW: 1440 by Danielle Taylor

Review of ‘1440’ by Rose Sejean

‘1440’; the debut album from Danielle Taylor harnesses contemporary piano-pop and an uplifting feel in an endearingly old-school fashion. The Californian artist, who recently kissed-goodbye the securit of full-time work to focus on music, has released the record within 15 months of her second EP, ‘Th Chase’ which, for an independent 11 track release is quite the mission!

Already, Taylor’s development both as a songwriter and vocalist is evident, from the first whispers of lyrical honesty that emerged from ‘The Chase’ to the vocal resonance and emotional assurance that characterise ‘1440’; Taylor has returned stronger and brought the party with her too.

Overall, the album is more upbeat than chill, and fortunately for the listener, this makes it a sweet soundtrack for any time you need a bit of a pick-me- up. Taylor shines most in the up-tempo tracks, unleashing her inner warrior from the very first bar of track one, aptly titled ‘The Warrior’:

“You’re moving stone by stone as you/ Climb up the mountain’s mighty face/ You know it’s touch and go/ But you say, I will not back down, I am warrior,” the track basically belongs on your homework-motivation playlist. From this point on, the album is song after song of optimistic energising head boppers; whether it’s the rock-guitar and lyrical sass of ‘Monster’, the rhythm propelled ‘Dead and Gone’, or the most recent single, ‘RSVP’, a feel-good reminder that it’s always better to be yourself. The album closes with ‘Family’, a beautiful ode to our sameness, regardless of age, colour, or belief:

“You’ve gotta look deeper than what you see/ We are all bound together, we’re like one big family.”

With solid production, yet again, by Erich Tabala, ‘1440’ is an album that conveys appreciation of the good things and acceptance of the rough with a positive outlook. Taylor has provided fans with a re assuring voice of encouragement, friendship and fun.

SiriusXM Radio listeners can hear various tracks from ‘1440’ doing the on-air rounds over the next few months and our Ramona babes in California can catch Danielle Taylor live as she soaks up the tour-life until October.

For tour details, visit Danielle Taylor’s Facebook

Stream and buy the ‘1440’ album via her Official Website

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Rose Sejean

Rose is a music editor at Ramona and also works for a pretty cool record label in Sydney, Australia. xx

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