ART SERIES: Metamorphosis

Art Series by Valentine Angot

Through my drawings and paintings, I try to represent the beauty and the sweetness of women’s bodies. Our bodies need our respect: I think our body can be our “best friend”, when we pay kind and peaceful attention to it. I draw a lot of flowers, because they symbolize beauty and metamorphosis for me. Like a bud needs to metamorphosis to show all its beauty in becoming a flower, young girls have to metamorphosis to become the beautiful women we all are.


Valentine Angot

Valentine is a French artist, who currently lives in Berlin. She began to draw as a child, but developed her own style after she left the high school.
In 2016, she made her first artistic project around femininity and the body of women. The project calls “Une existence éphémère” (A fleeting existence) and mixes drawings, paintings, photographs and texts. 
In 2017, she continues exploring the femininity through the art and will organize her first exhibition (Metamorphosis) in Berlin in July. 
You can follow her on instagram @valango_

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