SINGLE REVIEW: LastDolla by François

Review by Rose Sejean

‘New kid on the block’, François has dropped his first studio release, ‘LastDolla’ and in the process, given us a taste of that quirky personality and curiosity sparking talent.

With a song-title that would make most people feel right at home (am I right? #brokelife), ‘LastDolla’ boasts one smooth intro. The track opens with a steady, soulful chord progression on synth, kind of mimicking the “ooh aahs” you’d hear from a rich, mellow, 1970s-disco BV. François’ sustained vocals layer over the top with the word “dolla” on repeat and the effect becomes almost like another musical instrument. Just a few seconds in, you’re hit with that catchy hook and…well, from there you’re kind of hooked (excuse the pun).

While the overall composition of the song is relatively simplistic in both range and complexity, François never leaves the listener craving rhythmic variation, there’s just enough play in there to get you wondering what the artist would be capable of in double-time.

‘LastDolla’ is, for the most part a sweet ode to François’ girlfriend, who recently came to the artist’s rescue after a show in Brisbane, when he found himself stranded at the airport with nothing but a dollar in his pocket.

“I would spend my last dolla on you / even if you leave me dead-broke in the middle of the street,” he unashamedly serenades, blending 90’s R&B sensibilities with neo-soul.

The lyrics are at once, romantic praise and an endearing mix of cheesy-meets-witty, most notably characterised by the regular scattering of Michael Jackson-related puns throughout.

François is one of a small roster of emerging artists recently signed to new Melbourne indie-music label, Alt. Music Group (founded by Melbourne’s own hip-hop duo, Diafrix and Lee Cardan of Sunshine Recorder Studios).

I think it’s suffice to say that we here at Ramona are both intrigued and satisfactorily grooved.

Listen to ‘Last Dolla’ via Spotify and check out the video here

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Rose Sejean

Rose is a music editor at Ramona and also works for a pretty cool record label in Sydney, Australia. xx

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