ART SERIES: Millennial Woman

Art Series by Aurora Campbell

I’m a 25-year-old Melbourne-based artist and illustrator. My illustrations focus on the link between technology and sex, relationships, sexuality, self-esteem, and vulnerability. I am interested in the way we, as millennials, depict ourselves socially and sexually, and the control we are given over our image through social media. My work celebrates this empowerment; I think it’s a positive for girls and women to be exposed to role models that are relatable. As an artist I am passionate about picking up where the media fails us — by portraying genuine, varied people through an honest lens. I think it’s really valuable to dissect what we are fed through social media — it’s important to be aware, but I also think it’s a tool that’s worth embracing. Drawing for me has always been my strongest mechanism for making sense of the world around, and my recent works are another example of that.


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