ARTIST FEATURE: Project Wallflower

Interview of Project Wallflower by Sophie Pellegrini

Hi Demi and Melroy! Tell us a bit about yourselves.

Hi Sophie! Well we’re Demi and Melroy, a loving couple from the Netherlands. We’re parents, we’re vegan, we love to go on family adventures, and since March 2017 we’ve been working on Project Wallflower.

How did you get started with Project Wallflower? What inspired it?

It grew pretty organically; one day Demi brought home a piece of clay she picked up while shopping for groceries. Just a simple piece of air dry clay. That same day we came up with the idea for me to sculpt her Yoni. While my background is more in illustration, I loved the idea of sculpting. So we gave it a try; she modeled and I sculpted. Afterwards, we were so happy and amazed by the result that we decided to take a rather bold step (at the time) and share our creation on Instagram on one of our personal accounts.

The reactions we got were so overwhelmingly positive, we were amazed! So we continued sculpting yoni and and started taking small (commissioned) orders. After a while people were coming to us asking if we’d also do custom sculptures. So we did, and this made our gallery/feed instantly worth so much more. People found relief through recognition; they told us they want their yoni sculpted because they were done with the stigma, or just because they’ve started being proud of their bodies instead of ashamed. Since then, it’s been commissioned custom works all the way. We find that through sculpting the custom yoni, we turn this part of the body into pieces of art in turn help normalize it.

Have you always been artists?

We’ve always been creative, and Mel has a background of being a graphic designer and an illustrator.

Tell us a bit about your work process.

Well it’s a pretty simple process, personal but simple. You can go to our Instagram and send us a DM or go to the website and fill in the contact form and then one of us will get back to you and talk you through the process. The process itself: we require a (self-proclaimed) “Yoni-selfie,” and of course payment (how much depends on the product and your additional personal wishes, but pricing starts from $55). Then we start sculpting within 3-4 days and during this process (and afterwards as well) you can always contact us with questions or just for a chat, we love to chat! When the piece is done, we’ll ship it anywhere, worldwide.

How do you spend your time when you aren’t working on Project Wallflower?

We’re a blended family, two little boys and two dogs, so along with Project Wallflower, it’s quite a handful. We have fun going on small adventures with each other ,plus Mel has a job in Amsterdam where he does graphic design.

Where did the name come from?

“Project” came from the idea of us wanting people to join, to participate in this journey of normalization of the yoni. “Wallflower” came from the fact that yonis look like beautiful flowers, and since our first product was meant for wall decoration, the name was born: Project Wallflower.

What’s your favorite thing about being an artist/creator?

Having contact with and meeting amazing people from all over the world and receiving feedback that says we actually helped someone feel better about themselves. That’s most definitely our favorite part.

How can our readers get involved if they want their Yoni sculpted?

They can simply send us a DM via our instagram page (@project_wallflower) or go to our website and fill out our contact form. From there we’ll make contact and hear about your wishes and make the sculpting of your piece of Yoni art a great experience, instead of just a purchase.

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Sophie Pellegrini

Sophie Pellegrini is the Co-Founder and Artistic & Creative Director of Ramona Magazine for Girls. She is a 25-year-old photographer and wilderness therapy field guide in Colorado. She loves crafting, playing acoustic guitar, 90s music, the smell of summer, making lists, a good nap, cuddly animals, and the cold side of the pillow. Follow Sophie on her website and on Instagram.

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