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Playlist by Melissa Barendsen


Single: Coburg

Queensland indie-rocker, Asha Jefferies doesn’t hold back on her single Coburg, as her soaring vocals explore the repercussions of acting outside oneself. Asha’s sincerity invites the listener to explore their own life and self. Coburg exquisitely showcases her song-writing and vocal abilities and it is little wonder she has landed multiple festival gigs and support slots with other high calibre musicians (The Pierce Brothers and Ella Hooper to name a few!). Get on this bandwagon now if you like to say, “I knew her when …”!



Album: Flashback + Futures

Swedish synth-pop songstress, Frida Sundemo has just released her new album Flashback + Futures. The album takes listeners on an uplifting journey with her sweet, crystal vocals and tracks that build into anthemic sure-to-be-future-hits. With her delicate track, Keep An Eye On Me featuring on Grey’s Anatomy and You premiering on Scream Queens, this space obsessed Scandinavian’s star is on the rise. Pun intended. Not even sorry. This album has the versatility to be your chill-out at home mix or your go-to tunes for summer road-tripping, so check it out and thank me later!



Single: What if the Love Dies?

Mane’s haunting single, What if the Love Dies? encapsulates the struggle and strain of long distance relationships. The genuine and distinctive quality of Mane’s voice allows listeners to feel the uncertainty and frustration of being so far away from the one you love. The feeling is only enhanced by the track’s killer video clip in which two lovers stumble around blindfolded trying to find each other. Mane hits the road in October and you lucky ducks can follow the links below to experience her raw, live performances!



Single: Billy

Rya Park’s latest single (and video) Billy tells the story of a woman scorned by an unexplained breakup. It is a sultry game of name and shame as she sits alone in contemplation. The juxtaposition of her distinctive, delicate vocals with powerful fiery lyrics creates a menacing effect; Billy better watch himself! If you want to stand in awe of electrifying guitars, soulful harmonies and soaring vocals, follow the link below to snag your tickets to Rya Park’s east coast tour!



Single: Lullaby #2

Emerging folk/country artist, Alana Jagt impresses with her latest single Lullaby #2. Her calm and captivating voice is reminiscent of the greats from decades past; think Joplin and Joni with a Fleetwood Mac flair. Lullaby #2 is a heartfelt song about being undervalued in a relationship and it is the first release from her debut EP The Wilderness, which will be available October 14! The Wilderness promises to deliver all the stops with a canny combo of folk, blues, indie-folk, Motown groove and moody sea-shanties.




Melissa Barendsen

Melissa is a student at the Australian Institute of Music with a passion for music and writing. She has a BA in Professional and Creative Writing and Literature and creates latte art for ingrates to make ends meet while studying. She also loves to travel however Barista-ing doesn’t pay enough to indulge this interest often.

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