Take Me To College

Writing by Wen Hsiao // Photograph by Stefania Papagni

When you’re in high school, everything feels like forever, especially when you enter a relationship in the later stages of your high school years. As the day of graduation creeps closer and closer, we all face a crucial decision that we will have to make: Do we bring this relationship to college? Or do we leave it behind? It’s never an easy decision to make, and in the season of summer where everyone is going on their separate paths, this is the ultimate questions for couples in high school.

Option 1: You bring the relationship to college. You don’t have to break up with the person you love, you don’t have to break a familiar pattern. You’re in love and distance is one of the dumbest thing to break up over. People will either tell you that the distance cause the heart to grow fonder, or to tell you that distance is going to reveal the ugliest side of both of you. Not all high school relationships work out in college, but some do, by all means, it’s the least painful way to transition, but it may lead to future grudges and resentments being held when one is preventing the other from further growing and expanding. All the mornings of you staring at the phone wondering if they had woken up or is just ignoring you, you can’t help but to wonder if you made the right decision.

Option 2: You end the relationship before you go to college. You break up with the person you love, you spent the first few months in college being overwhelmed by school work and emotions, and sometimes when you miss home, you can’t call them to talk about it. There’s moments like this where you’ll feel more lonely than ever, but from this, you pushed through, you made a new group of friends and you really see who you are without him. You grew up. Sure, there may be nights where you stay up late wondering, “what if?” and hope to god you had made the right decision to end it before you came to college.

Do you take your high school relationship to college? In my opinion, I’ll say to go with what your heart desires, think of a year from now and if you think you and your partner can go through all the changes and deal with any issues rationally and together, then go ahead. If you don’t think you can see them as a part of your future, then please, cherish the time you two still have together in high school, because they were a crucial part of your journey, and when you part, please let them down gently.


Wen Hsiao

Wen Hsiao is a writer from Taipei, Taiwan. She spent the most part of her life moving around Asia. She enjoys cheesy love stories, angry breakup songs, and big bowls of instant noodles in bed. Wen hopes to publish her own collection of love stories and have a newspaper column one day. You can find her on Tumblr or on Twitter.

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