Confessions Of A G Cup

Writing by Georgia
My name is Georgia, I am almost 29 years old. My breasts continued to grow until the age of 25 when they finally stopped at a G cup. At the age of 27 I had an eight week long migraine which resulted in going off the pill. At that same age, I got adult acne which really affected me as I never had even a pimple during my teenage years.
While the above may seem like first world problems, I couldn’t help but think why. Why are my breasts so large? Why do I suffer from migraines and why did I only start to get acne as an adult? These questions all lead me to the one conclusion. I am resilient.
Why did I get large breasts? Well the obvious reason is genetics (thanks mum!). At this stage in my life I have come to accept my body. I accept her curves, her lumps, her bumps and most of all, I respect her courage. I am a size 8 upper body, with broad shoulders, G cup breasts and size 10 bottom body. I do not have a six pack nor do I have a thigh gap and I am okay with that. Accepting my body is a journey I am still traveling and it is a journey that will never stop. However by learning to have respect for myself I am more resilient when my judgmental self decides to jumps in.
Around two years ago, I was having a cocktail and a thought came to me, I don’t actually know what big busted options are out there for me. Despite numerous attempts at searching, I couldn’t find any websites or social media pages to help me with my searches. On to my next cocktail, I had another idea, why don’t I start my own social media page showcasing the bras I have while exploring all the options out there.
Around six months later I came up with the name Confessions of a G cup and about three months later, I posted my first photo. Since then I haven’t looked back.
Through starting Confessions of a G cup it has opened the world that is big busted lingerie, ultimate girl gangs and a community full of support (figuratively and literally). From stepping out of my comfort zone I have met the most bad ass babes of my entire life.
I really believe that as women, we can be our own greatest friend but we can also be our own worst enemy. When we truly love our bodies, it’s a love affair like no other but often we find so much to critique and it can be so debilitating.
I have now made the conscious decision to surround myself with women who are like minded, open, welcoming, non-judgmental, supportive, strong and most of all women who accept all women.


Georgia is the face of @confessions_of_a_gcup. She loves her husband, cats, girls nights and cocktails. Georgia is most passionate about sharing her experience as a big busted woman in a unique way. Georgia has worked with brands world wide and has been featured in magazines and newspapers through Australia and beyond. Georgia’s main goal is to have women embrace their bodies through sharing her own experiences.

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  1. Love this piece Georgia!! Although we have been chatting for months now, I never knew the story of how you came to create Confessions! Thanks for creating such a lovely community of like minded (busty) women.

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