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Writing by Sabelle Mebane

Hi, my name is Sabelle Mebane and I’m a teen photographer and Instagram influencer.

I work with different companies to create fashion and lifestyle photography for my Instagram, but most of the time Iʼm just having fun with my camera! I use Instagram as an outlet for my creativity and I have been using Instagram professionally for over a year now. After I started posting my photography I started gaining more attention on Instagram which latter led to brands contacting me to collaborate.

Instagram has been a great way to showcase my work and connect with brands and other creators. Lately I have been seeing the term “Instagrammer” around and hearing people trying to reach “Instafame”. What most people donʼt realize is that just having a coherent feed and posting selfies doesnʼt really help you, you have to focus more on the creative aspect of it. Over the last year Iʼve developed a sort of process when it came to posting, and hopefully it can help fellow creators.

1. Get creative and take a great photo!

There aren’t really any “rules” when it comes to taking your photo, but lighting is everything! Always make sure you get multiple shots before you decide which one you love and will ultimately post.

2. Edit your photo but donʼt over edit with loads of filters!

I like to use VSCO to edit my photo. I wouldnʼt recommend editing all your pictures with the same formula, itʼs about how each individual photo looks, not your entire feed.

3. Time to post!

I personally donʼt like to post right away, instead I stick with a schedule of posting once or a twice a week to avoid spamming my followers. I also like to plan out what Iʼll be posting, using VSCO you can plan out your feed so you know what to post!

4. Interact, make some friends!

Instagram is a wonderful place to connect with other artist and brands. Using hashtags and geotags have helped companies find my profile for sponsorships and collaborations. When it comes to connecting with fellow creators, make sure you share social media love by responding to kind comments and direct messages.

5. Be active on Instagram but do not be obsessed.

Be more focused on your content rather than the numbers and remember itʼs about your artwork not your feed, so put your phone down every now and then and pick up a good book 🙂

6. Collaborating!

Once I reached around 5k followers collaborations and brand sponsorship started being available to me, however it wasn’t till I reached around 10k followers that I had more brands reaching out to me. Make sure whatever you promote you genuinely enjoy.


Sabelle Mebane

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