Wire Free For Me

Writing by Freya Bennett // Photograph by Clemence Leclerc

As someone whose boobs have climbed the alphabet ladder all the way up to a G, I have to wear a bra. You know those nightmares you have where you realise you’re naked at school or work? I have them but instead of being naked, I’m just not wearing a bra. Fully clothed but no bra. To my itty-bitty titty friends, this wouldn’t be a nightmare at all; it would just be a regular dream. Or a normal day. How I envy friends who casually drop into conversation that they aren’t wearing a bra.

I WISH I could go bra-less for the rest of my life but not only would I feel uncomfortable; I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I NEED an over the shoulder boulder holder. This brings me to my form of bra burning because honestly, who doesn’t want a bit of bra burning fun?

I have decreed a war on uncomfortable underwire. I have nothing against underwire for people who love it. And YES it is supposed to provide more support for bigger lasses and I’m sure it does but it’s just SO uncomfortable to me! I keep TRYING to love underwire but no matter how many brands I try, or how many fittings I have at big boob friendly stores, I just can’t get onboard. I think it’s almost a prerequisite of having big boobs that underwire enter the deepest darkest part of your armpit and I say no to armpit underwire.

I am constantly being told that because I have big boobs I SHOULD be wearing bras with underwire, that my boobs will look better with underwire, that they will feel better with underwire and that I can do more with underwire.. But with literal wire sticking into both armpits, I don’t feel like I can achieve much.

I don’t think I’m alone either and with empowering companies such as knixcreating comfy supportive bras sans underwire I have hope for wireless future.

Part of the reason we wear underwire is for shape and I think there’s this pressure to have this one ‘ideal’ shape of boob and if you don’t have this, you strive for this, squeezing into uncomfortable underwire bras or pushing up your boobs to try and imitate that ideal cleavage. But what about accepting that boobs, like everything else, come in SO MANY different shapes and sizes? I have big boobs which means they’re not as perky, I could try and give them the ideal shape with an underwire bra lifting them up and using my shoulders to hold up their weight, but in the end, who is this for? I’m certainly not comfortable.

I am all for you wearing what you need to feel comfortable, confident and supported and if that means underwire, then go you good thing but I feel like we need to embrace the soft, the natural and create bras that support a comfier existence.

So while I will continue to try many different types of bras in the search of the perfect fit, I am not going to force myself into underwire just because society says my boobs should look a certain way! I am going to prioritise comfort and mental health and isn’t that the best way to feel confident about your body?


Clemence Leclerc

Clemence Leclerc is a young French photographer. She is 18 and catches the beauty of people and little moments of life with her camera. She considers photography as a therapy to accept ourselves and tries to make people feel better about themselves by photographing them. Follow her work on Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, and Youtube.

Freya Bennett

Freya Bennett is the Co-Founder and Director of Ramona Magazine for Girls. She is a writer and illustrator from Melbourne, Australia who has a passion for youth rights and mental health. To combat her own battle with anxiety and hypochondria, you can find Freya boxing, practicing yoga, taking sertraline and swimming in the ocean. She believes in opening up about her mental health struggles and shining a light on what is not spoken about. Freya welcomed her first daughter, Aurora into the world on the 21st of November, 2017 and spends her days building blocks, reading stories and completely exhausted. With a passion for grassroots activism and creative community, Freya began Ramona Magazine as an alternative to boring, image-obsessed teen media. The magazine is founded upon Freya’s core values of creative expression, equality and kindness. You can follow her on Instagram @thecinnamonsociety

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