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Review of Bras by S by Haylee Penfold

‘Bras by S’ is a lingerie brand run by the incredible 23-year-old, Shorina Page and was created 11 months ago with the aim of encouraging self-love. With a size range of 8-26 and the goal to extend further, Shorina’s message strives to reach women no matter their shape or size.

The passion to create her own lingerie line sparked from a troubled beginning when Shorina experienced a life changing car accident that made her usual work commitments unachievable. However, this did not hold back her resilience – while being on bed rest ‘S’ started studying counselling where she says she “really began to understand the importance of self-care and self-love”.

Always having an interest in lingerie, Shorina would constantly go into boutiques but constantly leave empty handed because of her size 10E/F bust. Feeling as if it was impossible for her size to be accommodated for in local stores she began designing and making her own bras from what materials were available to her. Knowing a lot of women in the world face the same sizing problem as she did, the idea and dream of being able to provide for women of all sizes began.

“Starting my business was my way of helping women understand the importance of themselves.” – Shorina Page.

When Shorina would wear pieces she loved she said she felt a sense of empowerment. She used her pieces as a tool of self-love that helped her fall in love with her life again, and she wanted to provide that same feeling to others. When asked if lingerie is just as much for an individual as it is for their partner Shorina responded, “I used to wear lingerie mostly for my partner but by wearing pieces I have made myself that I love, I have made lingerie for myself”.

By having a wide range of sizes on offer, Shorina receives regular praise from women who now feel loved, cared and catered and she says ” it makes every day worth it”.

Check out Shorina’s collection here.

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Haylee Penfold

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