BREAST BUDDIES: My Cup Runneth Over Review

Review of My Cup Runneth Over by Freya Bennett

If you have more than a handful of boobs then you’ll know the struggle of lounging around without a bra on. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE not wearing a bra. But without any support at all it can be pretty uncomfortable, even if you are just lying around watching movies. Add to that having friends over and it can be a little awkward with boobs flying this way and that!

Enter My Cup Runneth Over! If you haven’t heard of sloungewear yet, you’re in for a treat! Annie sent me a gorgeously soft bamboo set of her unique pieces and I am smitten. Not only are these the softest PJ’s I’ve ever owned, they have such a unique feature for my body type – in built boob support! This highly adjustable top is my favourite feature as it fits my smaller back and large cup size perfectly and I can change it as my body changes (between PMS and breastfeeding my boobs are constantly fluctuating!). There is a tie under the bust to adjust how tight you want the back support and two bra-like straps that can be used in many different ways to work for your body! And because it’s so soft and comfy you can wear them to bed, just loosen for ultimate comfort! Check out their fitting room to find your size.

I had a long chat to Annie on the phone before she sent me these pieces and it was so nice to finally talk to someone who understands my woes. It may seem like such a small thing to dwell on but being too uncomfortable to lounge around in your own home does get you down. And who wants to wear a bra at home when you’re trying to relax? You can read a bit about why Annie started My Cup Runneth Over here.

Since starting ‘Freya’s Got Boobs‘ I have met so many amazing women who have either started something unique for big busted babes or who want to find solutions for themselves and their boobs! It may seem like you’re all alone when trying to navigate the fashion world but there is a whole community of us searching for diverse fashion. Stay strong, love your boobies and find some bosom buddies to share with!



Freya Bennett

Freya Bennett is the Co-Founder and Director of Ramona Magazine. She is a writer and illustrator from Melbourne, Australia who loves dreary grey days, libraries and coffee.
With a passion for grassroots activism and creative community, Freya began Ramona Magazine as an alternative to boring, image-obsessed media. Ramona Magazine is founded upon Freya’s core values of creative expression, equality, kindness and a little bit of feminist rage. You can follow her @thecinnamonsociety

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