Review of Nico by Molly McKew 

Who doesn’t love a comfortable, ethically produced and super cute bra? Though bra shopping online can be risky, I decided to take the plunge and make an order using the very helpful sizing guide. I opted for one of NICO’s more colourful options – the spotted Josephine full cup bra in a 10C.

NICO was founded in Brisbane by Lis Harvey in 2012, who wanted to create minimalist, comfortable, and ethically produced underwear. The brand is all about clean lines, quality fabric, and simplicity – but NICO don’t skimp on style, with their bras and undies cut to a cute streamlined look. They have a range of underwear for everyday use – simple t-shirt bras, triangle bras, and matching undies that come in low cut, mid-rise and high waisted versions (and which you can get in packs of 3 – I love an efficient purchase!). And, in a win for realistic body image standards, they don’t airbrush or edit their models.

The best thing about NICO is their commitment to ethical production. Their processes are environmentally friendly and they are passionate about creating ethical working conditions for their employees in Sydney, Bangladesh, and India. NICO use recycled cotton, recycled nylon, and the innovative Lenzing Modal fibre, which is sourced from the Beechwood tree, a plant that requires no irrigation or planting, as it propagates naturally. In the production of this material they recover 95% of the production materials, meaning less wastage. NICO also have a long-standing accreditation with Ethical Clothing Australia and place a high value on supply chain transparency. Their website has a dedicated section titled “transparency” where you can read about where they source their materials, and their production houses in Bangladesh, India and Australia, complete with photos of their employees, factories, and information about safety and fair trade.


Molly Mckew

Molly Mckew is a Music Editor of Ramona Magazine for Girls. She enjoys writing and music and as a teenager devoured any life advice she could find. She hopes Ramona will help to fill the void for any young people currently in the same boat.

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