Interview With Laneikka of Grunge Children

Interview of Laneikka Denne by Laneikka 

Where does the name “Grunge Children” come from? 

Well *cringes* funny story. I was twelve, Instagram had just become the god of the internet and I wanted to share my super cool tween outfits to the world (FYI they were actually pretty cute and super 90s for a twelve year old) and I saw all the fashion bloggers using names like “spirit fox” and “moon child” so I thought an ambiguous name was a must to really make a mark on the fashion scene.

However I’d always had an obsession with the “grunge kid” era (exactly how it sounds. Lil kids. Acid wash jackets. Messy hair. A cuteness overload.) Not only because it was cute but I thought youth and grunge really mixed well together. Grunge is all about being free, wild, untamed and that’s what adolescence is. I try to bring the “grunge kid” ambience to everything I curate, whether it be 90s or not. Just because being messy is a beautiful thing. And allows you to release your full creativity. So yeah. A cringy Instagram username I chose at 12 actually does resonate with my label and life.

What’s an #itgirl? 

A wildly, quirky, unconventional beauty who has complete confidence in everything they adorn. Just to clarify #itgirl is not specific to gender or sexuality, moreso a reference to the #itgirl super models of the model industry as they are the girls we sadly aspired to be like physically, however the confidence these models possess is the real aim here. As we all need to have this confidence because we are all beautiful, intelligent, creative and have so much amazing stuff to offer. I want the #itgirls I dress to share this confidence and know there’s more people like them. *tbh I’m aiming to build a cult of amazing people who like quirky things*

What is it like starting a label at only seventeen, whilst still in high school? 

HARD. Aha. But very rewarding. I started my fashion blog Grunge Children at 12 and then a couple years later I started selling clothes to friends at school and helping them style themselves and then realised “hey. I love helping people feel amazing in clothes that they thought were too cool for them” so I decided to create Grunge Children Store. 

I’m from the country and I travel to a performing arts school in the Sydney each day so for 14 hours of the day I have to just be school work focused. But I love what I do. It’s always risky launching a business (I should know I do HSC business studies!) but I’m confident in my ambitions to dress the beauties of the world, save the planet and empower all my #itgirls one pair of pants at a time. (Lol. I‘m pretty much Barbie). I want to teach other people my age that it’s possible to run your own business no matter your age as long as you know what you’re doing, you’re passionate about it and willing to be in the hard work which can sometimes mean giving up your social life (I certainly don’t have one). But if it’s important to you, you can do anything.

What makes Grunge Children different from other vintage labels?

Simple. This label is not at all about clothes. It’s about how my #itgirls feel in what they’re wearing. I want to be able to not only give people clothes but give them the confidence and reassurance of how amazing they are to wear my clothes to go out and do amazing things! I really do care about the #itgirls who wear my clothes. It’s not just a label. More of a vintage family 🙂

Also. ETHICAL FASHUN HONEY. FYI all the big clothing brands have “micro-seasons” where they add a whole new collection of clothing into stores EVERY TWO WEEKS, if they’re not purchased they’re slashed so that they can’t be worn (logic???) and thrown out. In many of these brands the employees are also paid ridiculous low wages and made to work for ridiculously long hours with no real regulations to ensure their health and safety. Sorry for the rant but as you can see I’m really passionate about looking after this beautiful planet and the beautiful people on it. I’m sick of seeing the same pair of boyfriend jeans, that were made in unethical conditions cycle in and out of stores and end up in our bins. My label is ethically sourced, transformed and any alterations needed are handmade and cared for by either myself or some of my dear friends who are amazing seamstresses! Ethical is the way to go!

You can follow Grunge Children to buy on Instagram @grungechildrenstore and Laneikka’s personal account @grunge_children
Check out Grunge Children’s facebook and buy her ethical vintage fashion here.

Photography by Louis Potin

Hair and Make up by Verity


NYA from Rin Models


Jake Starr

Carmina Soriano

Amber Bonanno

Helia Moosavi



Laneikka Denne

Laneikka aged 15, has been running fashion blog and store ‘Grunge Children’ also known as ‘Underground Grunge’ for the past three years. Her blog focuses on a vintage ‘grunge’ look on the fashion world and she speaks out about her views on feminism through her looks. She’s worked with brands such as MTV Australia, Feels Inc Blind, Imanifest, Poppy Apparel, On Trend Market etc and was lucky enough to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2016 as apart of the “Nextgen: Bloggers” collaboration. She hopes to inspire all to feel confident within themselves, and to always take risks.

Keep up to date with Laneikka’s blog and follow Laneikka on Instagram @grunge_children

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