You are a Drop in the Ocean: Allow Your Voice to Ripple.

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You are a Drop in the Ocean: Allow Your Voice to Ripple.

Eva Lenghart, 43,  is the creator of Radiant Creator Confident Woman Freedom Cards and is running mindfulness workshops for women.

Eva Lenghart has travelled a long journey to become the person who she is today. As a child, she and her family became refugees as they fled their home country of Czechoslovakia. With only the clothes on their backs and two plastic bags filled with their belongings, Eva and her family braved the snow and the fear of persecution and violence to make a better life for themselves, eventually settling in Australia. As a child and as a refugee, Eva learnt how to carry guilt and shame and how to practice obedience. Just as Eva escaped her past with only two plastic bags of belongings, she similarly learnt to carry little of her self-identity with her and learnt to not take up space or to speak up.

One day, in the aftermath of an emotionally toxic marriage, Eva found herself on a walk through the bush near her house. As she walked, she was suddenly hit with the gravity of her life. She realised that she knew so little about herself. She could not recall her favourite colour, or her favourite flavour of ice-cream. As much as this realisation made her spiral, this moment marked the beginning of her transformation. From that moment, she began to practise resiliency. Eva asked herself:

“How can I truly give and contribute to others if I am not feeling this care within? What am I really giving? How can I contribute to world peace if there is a horrible war happening inside me?”

Eva started to learn that she was unable to continue caring for others without first caring for herself. Eva’s mission now is to empower women from all walks of life to rediscover their authentic selves through self-love and care. Eva’s story is reflective of the voice of one brave woman. Her hope is that, like a drop in the ocean, her voice will ripple in perpetuity and touch many others in its path. Each woman who finds hope and truth in her story and in her bravery is a woman who can learn to equip herself with the tools she needs to empower herself and her own community. Eva’s goal is to uplift the voices of the women she meets and make their experiences and inner truths visible to the world.

Eva has learnt how to give herself permission to make the life changes she needs, having shifted from an unfulfilling accounting job to a career based on her terms. She has since worked in variety of care-focused roles as well as using her skills in the corporate sector to teach others and facilitate growth. This August, Eva is taking her life’s worth of experience as a carer,  a teacher and a survivor and using it to empower others through her Shine & Thrive workshop. She invites women to join her as she shares her wealth of knowledge on mindfulness, self-love and self-acceptance, teaching others how to live by their values and commit to a life worth living.

When? 10:00am to 4:00pm on 03/08/2019 and 04/08/2019

How Much? This is a pilot workshop valued at $499, offered now for only $120.

As part of this workshop, each woman will receive a Shine & Thrive workbook and a deck of their own Confident Woman Freedom Cards. This will be an intimate workshop with a maximum of 10 women.

Event details here.

More information on Confident Women Freedom Cards here.


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