Taboo Tackling Earrings? Outside The Box Has You Covered.

Writing by Myla Yeomans

Outside The Box is a social enterprise that creates handmade, taboo tackling earrings supporting service, education and advocacy around the world.

My aim with this project is to challenge norms and start conversations, besides, let’s face it, the world has plenty of penis paraphernalia already!

Women are tragically underrepresented in the sheer volume of data and visibility but I believe the silence afforded by stigma and shame around our bodies and experiences is a fundamental issue and one we can all be part of changing.

50% of the profits made by Outside The Box goes to PERIOD, a not-for-profit organisation which serves menstruators in need by distributing tampons, pads and menstrual cups. They also run educational workshops to change the way people think, talk and learn about periods, all in the fight for systemic change towards menstrual equity.

So many people feel shame about their bodies and while that’s getting talked about more, there is still stigma around menstruation, reproductive health and sexuality. The more we talk, laugh and have open conversations, the sooner we will see real positive change.

I make these unique creations by hand from polymer clay and sterling silver and the packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials sourced, where possible, from local providers.

If you would like to purchase your very own earrings, or perhaps you’re curious to see how they go down at Christmas or grandma’s birthday, just head to


Myla Yeomans

Myla Yeomans is an Australian designer passionate about purpose lead design. Her work aims to address social, environmental and political issuescelebrating medias ability to create positive change and bring people together.

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