Dear White Men Of The Internet , I Don’t Hate You, But I Won’t Keep Apologising

Writing by Sarah-Jane Cavendish // Photograph by Sandra Lazzarini // Here’s the thing — by not including you in activism designed to support minorities we are not attacking you. We are simply leaving you out of something that you do not need. You should be grateful to be left off this list — what it means is that society recognises you enough on a daily bases that people don’t need to write post supporting your cause.

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I Was Nearly Somebody’s Weinstein

Writing by Seth Lukas Hynes // Photograph by Catarina Inacio // I wrote this article to apologise to any women in the past who I may have made uncomfortable with my disrespectful behaviour. But more pertinently, I wrote this article to express solidarity from the other side, as it were, with all of Harvey Weinstein’s victims and every victim of sexual abuse. Several times in my life, I was almost somebody’s Weinstein, and this fact fills me with shame.

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