Chantal van den Broek is a 19-year-old photographer from the Netherlands. She likes to create conceptual, surreal, beauty, fashion and portrait photos. Most of her photos are self portraits because she can always shoot with herself and she knows what she likes in a photograph. Chantal’s dream is to inspire others and to be seen by some lovely human beings. Find her photos on her Flickr.

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Welcome to the Rainbow World

Writing by Luna Montford-Jones // Photograph by Chantal van den Broek // I knew I was luckylucky to be accepted, lucky to have found love, lucky to be allowed to be myself. And this is what I wish for everyone, every LGBTQIA kid out there who feels like the world just isn’t for them.

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Writing by Nina Diaz // Photograph by Chantal van den Broek // Young girls are going to extreme measures just to satisfy others. Whatever happened to satisfying ourselves and being content with who we are?

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