Dani Leever is a 21-year-old writer, film producer, PR manager, radio station editor, researcher, jewellery maker, activist, storyteller and whatever new hobby she’s decided she’ll tackle this week. Dani is interning with Tigress and Archer Magazine (a gender and sexuality magazine) while writing for lip mag, VICE, Broadsheet and more. She likes vinyls, Wes Anderson films, her cat Alfie, podcasts and this year wants to win an Emmy (chances are slim-none).

Posts contributed to by Dani Leever

Letter to Trump from a Queer Woman

Writing by Dani Leever // Artwork by Georgie Zuzek // Your presidency and especially your future administration scare the absolute shit out of me, as is the case for many vulnerable and oppressed groups all around the world.

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Recognising and Overcoming Internalised Misogyny

Writing by Dani Leever // Photograph by Lauren Marek // Overcoming internalised misogyny is a process of unlearning. We’re taught to think one way, and it’s up to us to realise how harmful that is and begin thinking in another way.

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