Sheena She resides in Newark, NJ with her cat, Ash. At a young age, she started taking photos during family functions. Photography definitely runs in the family and Sheena is thankful to have grown up in the era of film–all of her work is shot on 35mm without post processing. Fun fact about Shenna: her middle name is de la Camara which translates “of the camera.” How ironic!!! She tries to carry her camera everywhere and anywhere. She likes to keep her photographs simple; while Sheena believes filters are beautiful and Photoshop is definitely a great tool, she wants her work to speak for itself. Her photos come as is.As of late, Sheena retired as a make-up artist to fully focus on analog photography. Her inspirations come from the great outdoors to urban decay. She loves being with nature to refresh her mind and try to get away from the city she lives in. She is a very spiritual person, an animal lover, and just pretty much low key. She loves all things creepy, odd, and weird. Find her on Queen of Anti-socialChainsaws & Jelly, and Flickr.

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