Aisling is a teaching student in Melbourne, with a background in Indigenous and Gender studies. She loves tea, dogs, books, and music – playing, writing, listening to and watching live. She wants to leave the world a bit better than she found it, through creating supportive and inclusive communities and pushing for change – and she thinks Ramona can be a massive part of that.

Posts contributed to by Aisling Grey

Australia says YES

Writing by Aisling Grey // Illustration by Helena Ravenne // This postal vote has been an exercise in humiliation and frustration at the best of times so I cannot understate how proud I am of every single LGBTQIA+ person who battled through it all.

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Writing by Aisling Grey // We are so excited to introduce Chitra’s latest single, Keep Up! Following on from her brilliant debut EP Cold Love released in 2016; Chitra is back with a brand new track, which is a marked departure from her most recent single Fade.

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Review and interview by Aisling Grey // Winners of the 2016 Melbourne Music Bank competition, Tempus Sun have revealed their debut single, OWLS. Aisling Grey reviews the track and chats with lead vocalist Rya Park.

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How to Feel Empowered to Help the World

Writing by Aisling Grey // Photograph by Del Santana // When we feel frozen for what to do next, or how we can do something – anything; taking a big picture view can be useful.

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