Alessandra Scalogna born in Ragusa Italy  in 1983 and works in an accounting firm in the same city. Photography is her passion and represents a very personal way to free and detach herself from the rest. She loves to realize poetic images full of mystery to make anyone (or you) dream and provide new sensations. Check out her photos on Flickr, Photovogue, and Instagram.

Posts contributed to by Alessandra Scalogna

Is Love a Feeling or a Choice?

Writing by Kim Koelmeyer // Photograph by Alessandra Scalogna // Love can exist with and without feeling, but never without choice. Whether it’s in the early stages or decades down the track, every day together is another choice.

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He Still Sends Flowers

Writing by Jodie Matthews // Photograph by Alessandra Scalogna  // What do you do if you leave an unhappy relationship and your situation gets worse?

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Get Informed About the Pill: Part 2

Writing by Mikaela Felstead of OWN Health // Photograph by Alessandra Scalogna // If you are considering taking the pill for medical conditions like acne, here are some other options to try out before resorting to the pill.

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