Alice Fairweather is a slightly sassy Scorpio who loves cats, comfy jumpers, and cheese. She is currently living in the ‘burbs of Brunswick, studying media & film full time, while struggling to be a real adult part-time. Alice divides her attention between annoying her friends with pointless BuzzFeed quizzes, and consuming far too many TV shows on Netflix. She hopes to one day create meaningful art, while taking life advice from her mum, Lena Dunham, and Clueless.

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Interview of Amanda Whitley by Alice Fairweather // I actually published my first magazine when I was 11 and it was called ‘Wombat’, so I’ve always, always, wanted to have my own magazine!

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Interview of Bonnie Scott by Alice Fairweather // We are all united in continuing to ensure that our sisters, our daughters and our granddaughters will have a better future. I am so proud when I think back on the history of what we’ve had to fight for, and what we’re still fighting for today.

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Q&A with AMPon

Interview of Lucy and Mya of ampON by Alice Fairweather // I think ampON is about not taking any shit from anyone, and saying what you have to say, and being completely unapologetic for it.

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Interview of Jacinta Gonzalez by Alice Fairweather // I always think it’s so interesting because when I was young I rejected being a woman, because I wanted to be more like my brothers. But then when I got older I completely switched, and I just thought ‘I’m fucking awesome for being a woman and I’m going to embrace it’, and finally I have!

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Interview of Steph Tzanetis by Alice Fairweather // I believe that I’m a passionate person, that’s what I feel driving me behind everything I do, especially my work! I actually consider myself a bit of an introvert in many ways, maybe what you would call an outgoing introvert?

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WOMEN WE LOVE: Billie Jean King

Writing by Alice Fairweather // Billie Jean King’s personal achievements on and off the court were recognised in 2009, when she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At the tender age of 73, King still uses her voice to silence the haters of this world, making it loud and clear that feminism and acceptance come first and foremost in sport, and in life.

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MEET: Stella

Interview of Stella Collins by Alice Fairweather // Girls certainly haven’t had the same rights as boys, so I think to me, being a girl means that you can fight to make a difference, for yourself and others!

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