Alyssa Bedford is a poet, writer, and muralist studying for a BSBA. She has self published a collection of poetry and has a blog at She adores reading, mountain climbing, cheesecake, The Zolas, snuggling with cats, and seeing kindness in people.

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Hi Slut, I’m Prude

Writing by Alyssa Bedford // Photograph by Mara Saiz // I’m a virgin. I chose to wait because of personal desires and beliefs. You’re not a virgin? That’s awesome too.

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Loving Your Insides

Writing by Alyssa Bedford // Photograph by Zoila Molina // You are a marvel of nature; you carry a whole little universe inside of you (37.2 trillion cells, 100,000 miles worth of blood vessels, 206 bones, 640 muscles…shall I go on?).

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