Amanda Attanayake is an Editor of The Ramona Collective at Ramona Magazine for Girls. She lives in Melbourne in the leafy northern suburbs with her parents. Amanda has two amazing older sisters who are her idols, and a fabulous girl gang with whom she can knit, chat and be silly. Her body composition is probably 90% tea and 5% thoughts on Harry Potter. She loves listening to Radiohead on the tram and The Bugle at night. She is currently studying to be a physiotherapist and later hopes to travel the world and teach English overseas.

Posts contributed to by Amanda Attanayake

MEET: Emilia

Interview of Emilia by Amanda Attanayake // Being a teenager now is amazingly terrifying! There are so many things that concern me at the moment, women’s rights, climate change, inhumane  immigration laws -the list goes on- but hopefully if we can rally all young people and educate them on the issues that face us today

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Interview of Yasmin Benoit by Amanda Attanayake // I don’t think I ever did see myself represented in the media and that’s one of the reasons why I decided to take this path with modelling. I didn’t relate to characters purely based on them being a Black girl.

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Interview of Hannah Galbraith by Amanda Attanayake // I’m still such a foetus when it comes to creating my own work, but the first thing I’d probably say is that stay brave, stay vulnerable, stay inspired.

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Interview of Issy by Amanda Attanayake // My list of heroines is endless, from my friends, to all the women who have done good things in the world, including the quiet achievers who I may never hear of. I honestly believe everyone, at least initially, has something to offer the world and to inspire others with. 

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MEET: Ishita

Interview of Ishita by Amanda Attanayake // The majority of the women in my country are expected to leave jobs and work at home after getting married, and are often disrespected because their work seems to not add to the income. If women were paid for the care work and domestic labour that they do, they would make 39% of India’s GDP.

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MEET: Laura

Interview of Laura Bass by Amanda Attanayake //  Ever since I was a kid, my family has been telling me that I need to be a lawyer because I’m so good at arguing, that I may as well make money from it (unfortunately I can’t argue with that)!

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MEET: Teja

Interview of Teja Mae Godson by Amanda Attanayake // Every now and then I’ll come up against someone who thinks I don’t deserve to enjoy video games or certain films because I’m female. It can get tiring, but I’ve never really let it get to me much.

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MEET: Harriet

Interview of Harriet Murphy-Hoyle by Amanda Attanayake // I think the day-to- day sexism girls face is one of the most difficult parts, especially the way that it often gets trivialised.

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WOMEN WE LOVE: Frida Kahlo

Writing by Amanda Attanayake // Illustration by Freya Bennett // There are many things I love about Frida Kahlo. She was a woman, liberated sexually and politically, in the 30’s 40’s and 50’s. Kahlo wasn’t held back by convention or expectation; she simply did what she wanted.

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