Andy Reyes lives in Mexico City, she is 24 years old. Andy is a makeup artist who loves writing as it helps express her emotions. Her dream is to study journalism. Her best friend is… her dad.

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Immigrants in America Part 2

Writing and interview by Andy Reyes // Here in the land of migrants, white people tend to make you less or discriminate against you because of your skin color and how you dress, even among Latinos.

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Immigrants in America

Writing and photographs by Andy Reyes // Gregorio Mendoza, is a restaurant worker in Texas. He decided to travel illegally to the United States to improve his economic life and to be able to give his family a home and education. He’s been working in this restaurant for 17 years.

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Writing by Andy Reyes // Photograph by Lais Azevedo // Abortion should not be illegal. It is a human right and the laws have to be thoroughly analyzed so that more women have that right to choose what to do with their own bodies.

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Speaking Of Carrie

Interview of Melissa Stokoski and Elyse Brandau by Andy Reyes // Speaking of Carrie is an incredible podcast based in New York City and presented by comedians Melissa Stokoski and Elyse Brandau, where, along with some cool guests, they talk about their favorite episodes of Sex and the City.

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Anxiety After Trauma

Writing by Andy Reyes // photograph by Marat Safin // CW: Mention of rape and murder

Sometimes my friend comes to visit me in my dreams. I would like people to know that some wonderful people were here, if only for a while. 

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A Mi Padre

Writing by Andrea Reyes // photograph by Catarina Inacio // I was growing up and I watched as my parents’ marriage was dying. I grew up as a repressed girl and with the absence of my father, it was worse, I did not miss him so much but I felt that emptiness, as I entered the adult stage of my life.

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