April is a Wiradjuri-Scottish illustrator and educator currently living and working on the South-East coast of Australia (Yuin country). Some of April’s favourite things include: whippets, sea creatures, facial expressions, and working with young ones to realise their creative power.

Posts contributed to by April Phillips

The Name Game

Writing by Freya Bennett // Illustration by April Phillips // The butterfly effect this tradition has on society’s view of women is huge and the continual loss of the matriarchal line contributes to the devaluing of women and girls in society.


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The New Language Of Diet Culture

Writing by Elaine Mead // Illustration by April Phillips // I don’t want to be sat around at my future family gatherings, with young daughters and nieces resisting my mothers delectable, icing rich cupcakes, because of the language and images they will no doubt continue to be bombarded with, as I currently am.

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Being Bisexual in Only Hetero Relationships

Writing by Penny Schiereck // Illustration by April Phillips // Don’t let biphobic claims convince you, you can still be bisexual if you’ve only ever been in heterosexual relationships. You’re just as bisexual as you always were.

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Dating and Mental Health

Writing by Julia Anderson // Illustration by April Phillips // It may seem bold to bring up your mental health early on, but having that discussion sooner rather than later can be beneficial.

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Why I Was Obsessed With Feeding People

Writing by Sarah Rowe // Illustration by April Phillips // It’s one of the many ironies of anorexia; once you start allowing yourself food, your obsession with it slowly begins to subside.

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Adoption in Australia

Writing by Arion Amity // Illustration by April Phillips // The facts are simple: there are far more children going into the system per year than there is coming out. Why is that?

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