Arianna Ceccarelli is a 21 years old Italian girl who live in Rome. She’s been taking photos for 4 years and loves portrait, fashion, and conceptual photography. Follow her on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Posts contributed to by Arianna Ceccarelli

Check Your Privilege

Writing by Rinny Power // Photograph by Arianna Ceccarelli // While this article has been a bit depressing, I hope that you can identify the privileges that you experience and act accordingly

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Six Poems

Poems by Elizabeth Axley // Photograph by Arianna Ceccarelli

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Confessions Of A Curvy Woman

Writing by Nadia Fragnito // Photograph by Arianna Ceccarelli // Surely I’m not the only woman whose weight and body shape has seesawed throughout her life. So I hope you can relate to this when I reveal that my unhappiest times have been when I’ve been at my skinniest.

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Writing by Sophie Nicolas // Photographby Arianna Ceccarelli // YOUR BODY TYPE DOESN’T DEFINE YOU AS A HUMAN BEING. Your core values are what truly matters; your kindness, strength, loyalty, generosity. Skinny shaming is wrong. Fat shaming is wrong. Let’s put body shaming to rest and spread more kindness than criticism.

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A Letter To My Future Husband

Writing by Savannah Mullings-Johnson // Photograph by Arianna Ceccareli // You should know that I am an intersectional feminist but let’s be honest, if we got married, so are you. Being a feminist does not mean that I hate men, I mean seriously?

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